A gripping postapocalyptic horror story based on the 1978 novel, with a strong cast (including Rob Lowe in a particularly compelling performance as a deaf man). It portrays the battle between good and evil in an America that has been decimated by a virulent plague, killing all but a handful of people. King conjured up monster ratings with `The Stand,' along with an Outstanding Miniseries Emmy nomination.


Gary Sinise Stu Redman
Molly Ringwald Fran Goldsmith
Jamey Sheridan Randall Flagg
Laura San Giacomo Nadine Cross
Bill Fagerbakke Tom Cullen
Adam Storke Larry Underwood
Rob Lowe Nick Andros
Ruby Dee Mother Abigail
Miguel Ferrer Lloyd Henreid
Corin Nemec Harold Lauder
Matt Frewer Trashcan Man
Stephen King Teddy Weizak