A runaway spacecraft takes soldiers, scientists and civilians far from Earth in this sci-fi seriesa spawned from `Stargate SG-1.'


Guest Stars

Louis Ferreira
Col. Everett Young
41 Episodes (2009-2011)
Peter Kelamis
Adam Brody, Brody
12 Episodes (2010-2011)
Patrick Gilmore
Dale Volker, Volker
9 Episodes (2010-2011)
Jennifer Spence
Lisa Park, Park
8 Episodes (2010-2011)
Robert Knepper
6 Episodes (2010-2010)
Richard Dean Anderson
Gen. O'Neil, Gen. O'Neill, General O'Neill, Lt. Gen. Jack O'Neill
6 Episodes (2009-2010)
Michael Shanks
Daniel Jackson, Dr. Daniel Jackson
5 Episodes (2009-2010)
Julia Benson
Lt. Vanessa James, Vanessa James
5 Episodes (2010-2010)
Louise Lombard
Gloria, Gloria Rush
4 Episodes (2010-2010)
Kathleen Munroe
Amanda Perry, Dr. Amanda Perry
4 Episodes (2010-2011)
Christopher McDonald
Sen. Alan Armstrong
3 Episodes (2009-2009)
Rhona Mitra
Commander Kiva, Kiva
3 Episodes (2010-2010)
Tygh Runyan
Dr. Caine
3 Episodes (2010-2010)
Amanda Tapping
Col. Samantha Carter
3 Episodes (2009-2009)
Reiko Aylesworth
Sharon, Sharon Walker
2 Episodes (2010-2010)
Julia Anderson
Sgt. Vanessa James
2 Episodes (2009-2010)
David Hewlett
Dr. Rodney McKay
1 Episode (2011)
French Stewart
Dr. Andrew Covel
1 Episode (2011)
Kathleen Quinlan
Senator Michaels
1 Episode (2011)
Robert Picardo
Richard Woolsey
1 Episode (2011)
Suleka Mathew
1 Episode (2010)
Carlo Rota
Dale Strom
1 Episode (2009)
Mark Burgess
Jeremy Franklin
1 Episode (2010)

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