Stargate SG-1

A military unit uses an ancient archway to travel the universe and battle alien parasites in this cult sci-fi adventure based on the 1994 film `Stargate.' Curmudgeonly Col. Jack O'Neill teams with an archaeologist, an astrophysicist and an alien to combat the Gou'ald, a serpentine species that requires humanoid hosts. The series began on Showtime in Jul (more…)

Season 7, Episode 22 Lost City

First Aired: March 19, 2004

Conclusion. O'Neill's mind succumbs to the stress of the Ancients' knowledge, while his team makes a startling discovery about the Lost City. Back in the Milky Way, Anubis (David Palffy) prepares his armada for an all-out assault on Earth. Dr. Weir: Jessica Steen. Bra'tac: Tony Amendola. Vice President Kinsey: Ronny Cox.

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