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I've been a fan of Stargate ...

Question: I've been a fan of Stargate SG-1 since the beginning, but I felt that the last two seasons were rather redundant (the natural end to the story occurred when the Gou'ald were defeated). The finale of Season 8 was a fitting end to the show in comparison to "Unending," the series finale. "Unending "didn't seem to conclude the series; there were no great character developments, and there were an awful lot of ponderous moments. Stargate: Atlantis should have taken over after SG-1's Season 8. Perhaps the declining ratings indicated this. What do you think of the entire show now that it has been concluded? Answer: This was never a show I watched with any particular regularity. I usually caught it at the start and end of the season when screeners were sent out, and I made a special point of checking in when my Farscape buddies Ben Browder and Claudia Black came aboard. I loved the fact that even when entire universes were at stake, the show never took itself that seriously. But the ... read more

Also at the Movies, Spike Lee and Stargaters

Spike Lee on Tuesday announced his plan to make a World War II film based on the novel Miracle at St. Anna, which focuses on the contribution of African-American soldiers who fought and died to liberate Europe.... A Dog's Breakfast, a comedy directed by David Hewlett and featuring fellow Stargate players Christopher Judge and Rachel Lutrell among its cast, will premiere on iTunes and Amazon's Unbox this Tuesday, before arriving on DVD in mid-September. read more

Amanda Tapping Eyes Stargate SG-1's Final (TV) Days

Amanda Tapping, Stargate SG-1

This Friday night, the members of Stargate SG-1 (8 pm/ET, on Sci Fi Channel) will get a shock when they discover that one of their own has been brainwashed by the evil Ori. Amanda Tapping, who plays gutsy astrophysicist Samantha Carter on the long-running series, spoke with us about SG-1's final tales and her transfer to Stargate Atlantis.TV Guide: What's this about Daniel Jackson becoming a Prior of the Ori? Amanda Tapping: I could tell you but then I would have to kill you. [Laughs] Poor Daniel has really been through it. He's ascended, and now he's a Prior. The Ori is a fundamentalist religious group, and Daniel gets tortured into their ways. It's a good team episode about us trying to save our f read more

Do you know why Stargate SG-1 ...

Richard Dean Anderson, Stargate SG-1

Question: Do you know why Stargate SG-1 isn't being renewed for a new season? I was an original fan of the movie, but didn't get into the series until Ben Browder made the leap from the still-missed Farscape. The occasional episodes I saw before that were usually not that great, but lately, with Claudia Black as Vala and with the new story lines, they seem pretty entertaining. I know that its ratings are supposedly down, but I was under the impression SG-1 was still a solid performer. This move seems even more incredible given the fact that Stargate Atlantis has been renewed. Why couldn't Sci Fi just say, "No more bugs-chasing-the-team episodes" (always the worst) instead of canning the series? Also, I know the studio that produces Stargate SG-1 is shopping for a new home. Do you think there's a chance someone else could pick it up? Maybe G4 or Spike? Answer: You may be relatively new to Stargate, but that makes you the exception. From what I gather, the main contributor to Stargate's ... read more

Okay, so this new credit-card ...

Question: Okay, so this new credit-card commercial with MacGyver has been driving me crazy! Richard Dean Anderson looks way too old for this commercial to be a simple collection of edited clips taken from the original MacGyver show from back in the '80s and '90s. Plus, I loved that show and do not remember those scenes at all. Is it possible that the actor, who is supposed to have retired from acting, actually filmed this commercial more recently? In the ads, he looks more like he did in the early seasons of his show Stargate SG-1. Am I crazy? Answer: I think the commercial is (in a word) priceless. And I'm not sure why you thought Anderson had retired from acting altogether. He was just tired of the Stargate series grind, and who can blame him? (He'll be making guest appearances on both SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis this summer.) This fun stunt was filmed expressly for this commercial campaign, not cobbled together from old MacGyver sequences ... read more

Stargate Atlantis Does any actor...

Stargate AtlantisDoes any actor have more fun with a role than David Hewlett? This week an injection of the Wraith enzyme turned McKay into the Neurotic with the Golden Arm. Determined to get a hold of the crystals to access the Stargate (and get reinforcements to rescue Sheppard and Co.), McKay shoots the enzyme into his arm and turns into Superwhiner, tossing aside the meatheads Ford assigned to guard him with the greatest of ease ("That's what happens when you back a brilliant scientist into a corner!"). Of course, highs must come down, and Big Rodney is in for a mighty fall when he enters withdrawal. Delirious with paranoia, he accuses Beckett of being jealous of his genius and demands that everyone stop whispering so loudly. "I feel not unlike the priest in the Exorcist," the Sco read more

I'm so glad to hear that ...

Question: I'm so glad to hear that Stargate SG-1 has been renewed for its 10th season. Can you confirm the rumor that Claudia Black will be back as a regular or the rumor that Amanda Tapping will be splitting her time between Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis?
Answer: Sorry, can't confirm these rumors. Last I heard, negotiations for both Stargate series were still going on. Keep checking our "Entertainment News" column for updates. (I will speculate, though, that the odds are excellent you'll be seeing more of Claudia Black's Vala on Stargate. ... read more


Sci Fi Channel has ordered new 20-episode seasons of both Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis, to begin airing next summer, says the Hollywood Reporter. With its 10th season, SG-1 becomes the longest-running sci-fi drama in U.S. television history and thus the steadiest date for millions of geeks science fiction-fantasy aficionados. read more

Speaking of homages, somebody...

Speaking of homages, somebody has been watching The Fly (or cramming some Kafka). Poor Sheppard caught a bug that nearly turned him into a bug after he was bit by a crazy lady under the influence of Beckett's retrovirus. First he outhustles Ronon in the corridors of the city, then he turns a sparring match with the sticks into an excuse to make a pass at Teyla (although why it took Beckett's virus strain to get Sheppard interested has yet to be explained). Once again, it's personality-change time in Atlantis. Weir tries to cheer up the manic Sheppard, but comforting words aren't her forte. "'We're going to beat this'?" Sheppard mimics incredulously. "You really suck at this whole bedside manner thing, but I appreciate the effort." (I would've been cheered just by the sight of Torri Higginson in a T-shirt, but then I've never morphed into an insect.) To be fair to Elizabeth, she doesn't have much to work with. Later on in the story, Sheppard greets her with "My read more

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Premise: A team of explorers journeys to the mythical lost city, which was transported from Antarctica to the Pegasus galaxy by the mysterious Ancients millions of years ago, in this spin off created by 'Stargate SG-1' scribes. The mission uncovers astounding technology---as well as the notorious species known as the Wraith.



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