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Tonight's TV Hot List: Friday, Jan. 2, 2009

Lindsay Price and Andrew McCarthy, Lipstick Jungle

Lipstick Jungle
9 pm/ET NBC
Natasha Bedingfield guest stars in tonight's episode and drives a wedge between Shane and Wendy.

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Stargate Atlantis' Jewel Staite on the End of the Show

Jewel Staite

Stargate Atlantis is coming to an end on Jan. 9, and before Stargate fans blast off into the new Universe series (beginning with a two-hour movie early in 2009), asked Jewel Staite to help us countdown to the end of Atlantis by telling us what it was like to play Dr. Jennifer Keller, who she bonded with most in the cast and much more. Congrats on your Gemini Award (Canadian version of Emmys) nomination! Can you tell us about your experience filming the episode "Missing," and did you know it was special right away?
Jewel Staite: Well, I knew it was freezing cold and rainy right away! This was the first "Keller-heavy" episode we filmed, so I was excited that I finally could do some serious acting-in-peril, which is secretly every actor's fantasy. But the whole episode was shot outside in the forest, and it wasn't exactly summer time, so there were a lot of layers involved — and I mean thermal layers, not acting layers! Luckily, Rachel Luttrell (Teyla), who co-starred with me in that episode, is such a joy to work with, and she has a wickedly sarcastic sense of humor that kept me going during those long days. I'm so pleased I was nominated for that episode, but a lot of the credit goes to the director, Andy Mikita, who has such a way with actors; he just lets you run with it and trust your own instincts, and I think that's why a lot of actors in his episodes tend to shine a bit more than usual. So, thanks, Andy! On Firefly, you played an ultra-sweet (reluctant) tomboy — what did you like most about now playing a very brainy beauty, Dr. Keller?

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Tonight's TV Hot List: Friday, Nov. 21, 2008

Jennifer Love Hewitt and David Conrad, Ghost Whisperer

Ghost Whisperer
8 pm/ET CBS
In the previous episode, a man died in an accident and, as his spirit stepped into the light, Jim's spirit entered the man's body. Now the man (played by David Conrad) wakes up in the hospital with amnesia.

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Tonight's TV Hot List: Friday, Oct. 24, 2008

Constantine Maroulis and Wayne Brady, Don't Forget the Lyrics

Don't Forget the Lyrics!
9 pm/ET Fox
Fans of American Idol will want to make sure they tune in to tonight's competition, as it features Constantine Maroulis, the rock vocalist who finished sixth on the talent show's fourth season.

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X-Files' Mitch Pileggi Gramps it Up for Supernatural

Mitch Pileggi by Sergei Bachlakov/The CW

Its the hour that might drop the collective jaw of Supernatural fans who think they have the CW series mythology all figured out In the Beginning airing this Thursday at 9 pmET guest-stars Mitch Pileggi as Samuel Campbell the Winchester boys maternal grandfather The Back to the Future-esque tale finds Dean face-to-face with not only Gramps but also his would-be parents as light is shed on the dark truth about That Night TVGuidecom invited Pileggi to preview his visit reflect on his least-appreciated TV role and ponder the prospects for X-Files 3 Matt MitovichTVGuidecom How did the Supernatural opportunity come to you Was it a case of someone knowing someone who knows youMitch Pileggi I had worked with [Supernatural creator] Eric Kripke on another series Tarzan some years ago He told me he had been looking for something for me to do on the show but he wanted to wait for the right role This came up they called me and there was no hesitationTVGui read more

Michael Shanks on His Return Trip to Atlantis

Michael Shanks by Mike Ruiz/SCI FI

Since Stargate SG-1 closed its portal Michael Shanks has popped up on such non sci-fi shows as 24 and Burn Notice On Sept 26 he steps back into his sorely missed role of whimsical archaeologist Daniel Jackson to guest on Stargate Atlantis which ends its five-year run in January to be resurrected in TV movieDVD form Ileane RudoplhTV Guide Is this two-parter your first time guesting on Atlantis Michael Shanks Ive never actually been on Atlantis since the pilot but I always bugged the guys about it My character spent seven years on the show looking for the lost city of Atlantis and they even made a gag about the fact that he was dying to go but wasnt allowed toTV Guide Why is Daniel thereShanks He comes to find a secret lab that contains important technology Then a batch of unexpected villains shows up Lets just say Daniel has a history with them TV Guide He has to work with the annoying Dr Rodney McKay David Hewlett Producer Joe Mallozzi compar read more

Mega Buzz on NCIS, Lost, 90210, Stargate & More

NCIS by Eric McCandless/CBS, Lost courtesy ABC and Jason Priestley by Mathew Imaging/

Senior editors Matt Mitovich and Mickey OConnor answer your questions E-mail us your own spoilery needsYou are doing a terrific job with Mega Buzz but nowhere have I seen anything mentioned about NCIS and the paper the new director took out of a file I thought it was his own and destroyed Can you scoop the significance of it Al Matt First of all Al thank you for the kind words about the column Mickey and I find great joy and take tremendous pride in it As for your query you impressed the heck out of NCIS executive producer Shane Brennan Yes the paper is significant very significant and yes it did come out of the directors personal file he tells the Buzz Will we find out what it really means Yes This season Maybe Will it shed new light on Director Vance You betcha Im wondering why Gabrielle Carteris was not approached to appear on 90210 KristiWill Jason Priestley appear on the new 90210 Brandon-and-Kelly fans would like hi read more

I'm writing because of the ...

Question: I'm writing because of the cancellation of Stargate: Atlantis. I know this show isn't on your radar, and that the "cancellation blues" is an all-too familiar refrain, but I hope you'll hear me out. I get that television is a business, I really do. In the case of Stargate: Atlantis, it's actually a franchise. But what was once a strength has now led to the show's demise. The franchise released two successful straight-to-DVD movies for SG:A's predecessor (SG-1) and is therefore encouraged about the ROI (return on investment) for SG:A movies. There's also a shiny new third show in the works, designed to "bring...younger viewers" to the franchise. It was greenlit the day after SG:A was cancelled. Honestly, why bother waiting a day? Just put both announcements in the same press release, because the connection is crystal clear. There's only room for one Stargate show in the universe, and Sci Fi (yes, I'm having Farscape flashbacks), MGM and SG:A's own creators sat down and made a ... read more

Stargate Series Gets New Universe

Stargate Atlantis by Eike Schroter/Sci Fi Channel Photo

Stargate fans, rejoice! Sci Fi has just announced plans to order a third iteration in the hit franchise, beginning with a two-hour movie. Stargate: Universe will premiere early next year and then slide into a regular hourly slot in the summer. This is welcome news for long-time fans – the show has been on in some form since 1997 – since Stargate Atlantis was not picked up for another season, says The Hollywood Reporter .Universe will introduce a team of explorers who find an ancient unmanned ship called the Destiny. For some reason, they cannot return to Earth, so the crew must fend for themselves aboard the ship. Sounds familiar, right Battlestar Galactica fans?The head of Sci Fi, Dave Howe, is hoping to bring a newer, younger audience to the franchise especially due to the fact that Star Trek: Enterprise repeats are faring well, and BSG will be signing off in 2009. He says, "There's an opportunity to keep the space opera as part of our programming strategy." The series ... read more

Stargate's Robert Picardo Conquers Space Again

Robert Picardo by Eike Schroter/Sci Fi Channel

One of the best parts of Stargate Atlantis Fridays 9pmET Sci Fi fifth season has been the unlikely ascent of Robert Picardos uptight Richard Woolsey to team leader Woolsey is a stick-in-the-mud but Picardos good humor about his eclectic career China Beach The Wonder Years Star Trek Voyager etc proves hes quite the opposite G J DonnellyTV Guide Describe WoolseyRobert Picardo Hes a bureaucrat trying to reinvent himself as a leader Weve seen examples in various governments where that hasnt always succeeded Hes a Monday-morning quarterback who is now on the fieldTV Guide How does Atlantis compare to VoyagerPicardo Trek is probably more cerebral and philosophical Stargate does seat-of-the-pants adventure and humor better Having done both its great to be a part of more freewheeling storytellingTV Guide Any pet peeves about spacePicardo [On Trek] my pet peeve was there were no zippers Or pockets On Stargate I not only have pockets but I h read more

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