Capt. Kirk, Mr. Spock, Dr. McCoy and the USS Enterprise crew seek out new civilizations in this seminal sci-fi series. The ship's five-year mission may have only lasted three seasons on NBC, but its impact has proved timeless. By the 1970s, its rabid fans---dubbed Trekkers---turned the show into a pop-culture phenomenon and syndication juggernaut that yielded a merchandising boom, a number of hit sequel and prequel spin-off TV series, a successful movie franchise and even a children's cartoon.


Guest Stars

Lieutenant Kyle, Lt. Kyle
5 Episodes (2001-2001)
Capt. Pike, Pike
Injured Pike, Mr. DePaul
Mea 3, Philana, Tholian Voice
Malachi Throne
Commodore Mendez, Mendez
Mr. Atoz, Septimus
Hacom, Marak Scholar
Tracey, Van Gelder
Melakon, Sevrin
Hanar, Tormolen
Tongo Rad, Watson
Koloth, Trelane
Romulan Commander, Sarek
Giotto, Wesley
Helmsman Spinelli, Singh
Lieutenant Kevin Riley, Riley
Guard, Lt. Galloway
Barber, Creature
Lieutenant Palmer, Lt. Palmer
O'Herlihy, Rizzo
DeSalle, Lt. DeSalle
Marlena Moreau
1 Episode (2001)
Crewman Green
Ambassador Fox
Dr. Arthur Coleman
Commissioner Ferris
Adm. Fitzpatrick
Crewman Darnell
Yeoman Tamura
Portmaster Stone
Lt. Rodriguez
Wyatt Earp
Cloud William
First Lawgiver
Colonel Fellini
Johnny Behan
Lt. Thompson
Dr. Janice Lester
1 Episode (2001)
1 Episode (2001)
Master of Games
Guardian of Forever
Yeoman Atkins
Ens. Freeman
Robert Johson
Gorn Captain
Prof. Starnes
Lt. Farrell
Dr. Harrison
Yeoman Tankris
King Duncan
Stella Mudd
Genghis Khan
Col. Green
M-113 Creature
Spec. Robert Tomlinson
Herman No. 2
Herman No. 1
Yeoman Ross