A new crew boards a revamped USS Enterprise in the first spin-off from the '60s cult classic. Set some 70 years after the Capt. Kirk era, the syndicated sequel follows the seven-year trek of Capt. Jean-Luc Picard and his colorful subordinates (including a Klingon!) as they encounter new life forms and foes, including the Borg, Q and the Ferengi. Picard and his sidekicks would continue their voyages in a series of theatrical films.


Guest Stars

Brian Bonsall
Alexander, Alexander Rozhenko
Majel Barrett
Lwaxana, Lwaxana Troi, Lwazana
Elizabeth Dennehy
Lt. Cdr. Shelby, Lt. Commander Shelby
James Cromwell
Prime Minister Nayrok, Shrek
Jerry Hardin
Radue, Samuel Clemens
Ashley Judd
Ens. Lefler, Lefler
2 Episodes (2003-2003)
Marc Alaimo
Cdr. T-Bok, Gul Macet
Daniel Davis
Moriarty, Prof. Moriarty
James Sloyan
K'Mtar, Setol/Adm. Alidar Jarok
Eric Menyuk
Assistant, Traveller
Richard Allen
Noe, Tamarian Officer
2 Episodes (2003-2003)
Ben Vereen
Dr. La Forge
Bob Gunton
Capt. Benjamin Maxwell
Fionnula Flanagan
Dr. Juliana Tainer
James Doohan
Montgomery `Scotty' Scott
Jean Simmons
Adm. Nora Satie
Jim Norton
Albert Einstein
Kelsey Grammer
Capt. Bateman
Matt Frewer
Berlinghoff Rasmussen
Mick Fleetwood
Antidian Dignitary
Paul Sorvino
Dr. Nikolai Rozhenko
Terry O'Quinn
Adm. Pressman
Sam Anderson
Assistant Manager
Ryan Reid
Transporter Technician