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Severance Season 1, Episode 18

Series finale: Having broken up as a couple, Matt and Emily decide they want to break up as a team as well. So Cheryl sends Matt out without Emily to defuse a crisis involving a distraught filmmaker, who makes racy videos (Henri Lubatti), and his equally distraught wife (Aimee Garcia), who runs the business. But one hostage situation soon becomes two, and Cheryl must call in reinforcements. read more

The Kids in the Hall Season 1, Episode 17

A hostage crisis at a juvenile-detention center is sparked by a sensitive, intelligent teen (Aldis Hodge) who demands that the facility remain open. But his plans to keep the inmates from being transferred to a more crowded facility are thwarted by a thuggish teen. Meanwhile, Matt and Emily must fill out partner-evaluation forms. One question asks whether there's any situation the two can't resolve, and Matt answers no, but he does so before this situation unfolds. read more

Ex-factor Season 1, Episode 16

A witness in a mob money-laundering trial is kidnapped from an FBI safe house, and the kidnapper demands a $2 million ransom from the federal government. The whistle-blower's heart condition adds to the tension, as does Cheryl's personal baggage in the case. She must work it with a former lover, a thorny situation not lost on Matt and Emily. read more

Lie to Me Season 1, Episode 15

A kidnapper snatches an 8-year-old from an amusement park, then sends TV networks a picture of the boy holding a sign saying: “Emily Lehman did this.” Emily has no idea who is responsible, but the trail eventually leads back to her past. Ali: Susan Gibney. read more

Road Trip Season 1, Episode 14

A polygamous cult leader (William Russ) abducts the 17-year-old runaway daughter of his first wife. The teen also happens to be one of his wives. It's a confusing situation, and a dangerous one, since the RV the “family” is traveling in is wired with explosives. Ruth: Saxon Trainor. Natalie: Bree Turner. Darah: Michelle Page. read more

Backfire Season 1, Episode 13

While dealing with two bank robbers who are threatening to kill a trainload of subway passengers, Matt is called away to a psychiatry office, where a patient has taken two doctors---a husband and wife---hostage. The hostage taker (Wayne Pere) is a schizophrenic who believes he's on the trail of a rogue CIA agent, and Matt has talked him down before, so he's confident he can do it again. Dr. Meredith Golden: Christina Chang. Dr. Bruce Golden: Christopher Bradley. read more

No Strings Season 1, Episode 12

An upstanding, well-regarded U.S. customs agent (Xander Berkeley) inexplicably takes three hostages---including his assistant and his best friend---at an inspection bay at the Port of Los Angeles. Meanwhile, Emily has been accepted for a special task force in Quantico, Va., and is disturbed by Matt's response. Ratana Sadka: Gwendoline Yeo. Lionel: James MacDonald. read more

December 12, 2006: Borderline Season 1, Episode 11

Oh, Mexico. Whenever it makes an appearance on TV, it never lets me down. I was loving the Wild West imagery tonight: From the camera's pan up toward the blazing sun between scenes to the traditional shot of the shack framed in the foreground by Emily’s hand at the ready beside her holster. I was half expecting a few tumbleweeds. Or maybe even some nice tavern-door swinging. But all jokes aside, the situation in which Matt and Emily found themselves tonight was pretty gritty. There was so much carnage, so much venom. I guess a change in location really did turn the tables, because everything seemed to be opposite from what it usually is. There was very little talking, reasoning or bargaining. There was a lot of shooting. Matt and Emily were not in control of the situation. The “bad guy," Felix, was just that: really, really bad. Downright villainous. Cheryl was not able to save the day. Overall, there were no warm and fuzzies coming from this episode at all. That said,... read more

December 5, 2006 Season 1, Episode 10

Angela was great tonight. Maybe even the best guest star of the season so far. She was a nice addition to the show because she actually made me see the hostage norms that I have come to take for granted in the last several weeks in a different light. Now I think I’ve written “Poor hostage taker” nearly every week, but it was new to hear it coming from the negotiation end. I suppose it’s a necessity for negotiators to keep some amount of emotion distance from the HTs, though. They can’t sympathize to the levels that Angela did; of course they have to choose the safety of the innocent bystander first. That said, maybe it is important to understand both the bad and the good in a criminal. Angela seemed to have a special talent for that. Even Matt and Emily pointed that out.And while her ability to empathize was touching, my jaw hit the floor at the audacity of her call to bring in an armored truck. Now I’ve been told once or twice that I’m a ... read more

November 28, 2006: Kids Today Season 1, Episode 9

Yes! I think this is the episode that Standoff fans have been waiting for. It was compelling from start to finish, hands down. I think that maybe what made it so intriguing was that it hit close to home. Of course, this situation isn’t something that most viewers have experienced personally (at least I hope not), but the pains of adolescence and school violence have become a very real possibility for kids today. Coincidentally, I was just having a conversation this afternoon about whether I would consider searching my child’s room when I have kids. While I know it’s a very serious invasion of privacy and breach of trust, it’s a tricky call to make when your child’s life could literally be at stake. I’m sure this was what Cary’s father was thinking as well when he decided to go to the FBI. How scary it must have been for him to find all those drawings and rants in his son’s room.His surprise over Cary’s plans, however, was not unique. I th... read more

November 21, 2006: Heroine Season 1, Episode 8

Wow. Tonight was hostage-tacular. We had Anya and Eddie, the mother and son at the church, the man on the bus, and then Anya and Graham. It was an outright action bonanza!I have to confess, I jumped the gun and was disappointed that the Anya storyline appeared to be morphing into a Fatal Attraction situation. Luckily, it took a relatively fresh turn. The hostage became the hostage taker. Interesting. It surprised me that I’ve never really wondered what happens to the victims after each ordeal we witness in these episodes. But, yeah, it’s not hard to see how the victims could come undone after all the dust settles. I found myself thinking, “Poor Anya,” which was a lovely break from my usual “Poor, tormented HT” thoughts. (Though I should point out that by the end, Anya was the hostage taker, so I guess I really couldn’t go a whole episode without feeling sympathy for the criminal.) I’m still not entirely sure that Graham wrote that m... read more

November 14, 2006: Man of Steele Season 1, Episode 7

Tonight’s episode was most notable for its surprising portrayal of the guest stars. Few acted or spoke exactly as one might expect based on their physical appearances.First we had Doug, who looked like he just stepped out of a Harley convention. He was splattered with blood and appeared to be one of the most brutal hostage takers we’d seen yet. But then we found out that all of this — the shooting, the car chase, the standoff — was because he wanted to adopt a baby. And the actual image of his struggle was even more interesting. When Doug held the baby with such tenderness, it was a striking juxtaposition of large and small, world-weary and innocent.Then there was Avery Steele. At first glance, I wrote him off as another “shock jock” hoping to out-outrageous Howard Stern. But wait, there was a catch! This guy actually had a social conscience. He wasn’t using his antics to exploit beautiful women or the mentally impaired. No, his ultimat... read more

November 7, 2006: One Shot Stop Season 1, Episode 6

Now, I don’t want to alarm anyone, but my psychopathic-killer instincts are frighteningly good. At the start of the episode, I had a hunch that this new string of shootings was not coming from the real G.L.A. If I were a detective and I started off the case summary by saying the suspect was breaking from a pattern he’s followed for decades, I might spy a red flag. The shootings had “copycat” written all over them. I also knew that Captain Bayless was a goner. His suave attitude and eagerness to appear the hero pretty much signed his death certificate. And while I didn’t find his death all that surprising, seeing it happen was still a pretty raw experience. And, man, so was Cheryl’s reaction to it. It’s understandable that she’d feel responsible, since she let him continue with the ill-advised press conference. But I found myself laughing incredulously when she suggested killing Donald to satisfy the demands of the real G.L.A. The lady has ... read more

October 31, 2006: Life Support Season 1, Episode 5

This episode started with a situation we’re used to seeing in great hospital shows like Scrubs and Grey’s Anatomy — the eccentric surgeon and his unique pre-op routine. But Dr. Wayne’s approach certainly added a new twist. Now, I doubt this is the first time we’ve ever seen doctors listen to rock music in the operating room, but there was something so disturbing about the way he gleefully tossed that pitcher of ice on the poor heart-bypass patient. Don't get me wrong, I definitely understand how "Dr. Feelgood” can make one lose one’s head, but maybe that’s why it should be reserved for cleaning the apartment on a Sunday afternoon — not for the O.R.Of course, in this episode nothing was as it should be in the hospital. Poor M.J. was fighting for the life of his dying sister. Matt was losing his cool and letting his childhood trauma affect his work. There was a strange naked man lying on a stretcher who nearly caused the hostage rescue tea... read more

Partners in Crime Season 1, Episode 4

A clever male-female bank-robbing team keep their relationship a secret. It's part of their MO, and it works well until one holdup goes awry and becomes a hostage standoff. But the negotiation goes awry as well, and the woman ends up taking Emily hostage. read more

Shanghai'd Season 1, Episode 3

An international crime-syndicate kingpin's 10-year-old daughter is kidnapped, and he doesn't appreciate the CNU's involvement in the case. Nor does the FBI agent who has been wiretapping the guy. Meanwhile, Emily's just a bit jealous of Matt's history with Cheryl. read more

Circling Season 1, Episode 2

An air-traffic controller (Tim DeKay), on edge following a crash he might have caused, takes his fellow controllers hostage as they're working. His demand: He wants the NTSB tapes, which he thinks will prove he wasn't responsible for the crash. And there's something else bugging him, too. Meanwhile, Matt and Emily try to sort out their relationship, but Cheryl just wants them to end it. Joe Suser: Joe Spano. Cathy Barnes: Stacy Edwards. read more

Pilot Episode Season 1, Episode 1

In the series pilot, Matt (Ron Livingston) discloses his relationship with Emily (Rosemarie DeWitt) as a negotiating ploy with a hostage taker. It works since the crisis ends peacefully, but it also strains their romance. And their boss (Gina Torres) wants to break them up. But before that can happen, a young man in Islamic garb with bombs strapped to his chest takes over an L.A. coffee shop. read more

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Premise: In this drama, a secret romance between two FBI crisis negotiators is outed by one of them, and the couple must deal with the strain the disclosure puts on their relationship, both personally and professionally. They also have to deal with the fallout from coworkers and their boss, who wants to split them up. Trouble is, they work better as a team.



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