A wildly inventive chronicle of life---and death---at Boston's run-down St. Eligius Hospital carved a distinctive niche with an often surrealistic mix of gritty drama and dark humor. Superbly written and blessed with a fine cast that included future Oscar winners Denzel Washington and, occasionally, Helen Hunt, this most-eccentric medical series was also one of TV's most mature and imaginative hours. High point: the two-part 1986 story `Time Heals,' weaving flashbacks of long-time employees.

Active Cast

Ed Flanders Dr. Donald Westphall
William Daniels Dr. Mark Craig
Norman Lloyd Dr. Daniel Auschlander
Ed Begley Jr. Dr. Victor Ehrlich
David Morse Dr. Jack Morrison
Howie Mandel Dr. Wayne Fiscus
Denzel Washington Dr. Phillip Chandler
Eric Laneuville Orderly Luther Hawkins

Former Cast

Cynthia Sykes Dr. Annie Cavanero
G.W. Bailey Dr. Hugh Beale
Kavi Raz Dr. V.J. Kochar
Kim Miyori Dr. Wendy Armstrong
Ellen Bry Nurse Shirley Daniels
Mark Harmon Dr. Robert Caldwell
Paul Sand Dr. Michael Ridley
Stephen Furst Dr. Elliot Axelrod
Sagan Lewis Dr. Jaqueline Wade
Byron Stewart Orderly Warren Coolidge
Saundra Sharp Nurse Peggy Shotwell
Helen Hunt Clancy Williams
Alfre Woodard Dr. Roxanne Turner