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Redskins Fan Loses Bet, Has To Eat Part Of His Beard
Kids, this is why you don't bet on sports. Especially the Redskins. Who is ...
Some Bad Ass Gopro Footage From 2015
All those crazy kids doing the dew.
Dog Loves Watching Football
Do you think he is rooting for the Wild Cats?
High School Basketball Player Hits Unbelievable Full Court Shot To Win The Game
Amazing. The kid's name is Oman Oman and this happened in Austin, Texas.
This Video Illustrates Just How Powerful Spinning Techniques Can Be In MMA
There were some brutal knockouts included in that compilation. Whoa.
Quarterback Scrambles For Game-Winning Touchdown
Craig Billington of Genoa-Kingston High School in Illinois runs for an amaz...
Dog Gets His Ankles Broken After Baller Unleashes Killer Crossover
To be fair, it's impressive that the dog can play basketball in the first p...
Can Alex Rodriguez Do Anything Right? Baseball's Most Hated Man Breaks Monitor
Baseball's villain apparently wants to become football's villain as well.
Looks Like This Skydiver’s Going To Be Hanging Out A While
Kind of curious how he got out of this. For licensing inquiries please ema...
Longboarding: Canadian Style
At least when you hit your head it s already getting iced.
Possibly The Luckiest Shot Ever
That was impressive yet totally unrepeatable.
It Turns Out That UFC Fans Are Just A Bunch Of Hat Thieves
I didn't realize that hats getting stolen is an epidemic in the UFC.
Try Not To Backflip Onto Your Face
Could have been worse, could have stabbed himself with a pole.
World's Worst Trainers Drop Injured Soccer Player Multiple Times
Sure, that soccer player was probably faking his injury, but that was still...
How A Blind Person Watches Hockey
Come on, the Red Wings?
This Wont End Well
Made you look.
Miami's Eight-Lateral Miracle To Beat Duke Will Go Down As The Play Of The Year
That is one of the most astonishing things I've ever seen on a football fie...
Shockingly Boneheaded Moment College Basketball Player Purposely Trips Referee
Not only was Jarmal Reid ejected, he also faces a four-game suspension.
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