Sandy, SpongeBob and the Worm
12:17 — A large worm is terrorizing Bikini Bottom and SpongeBob is terrified of it. Sandy thinks SpongeBob is chicken and drags him out into the wilderness to (more…)
Missing Identity
12:59 — It is the 25th anniversary of Plankton's first attempt to steal the Krabby Patty Secret Formula. The entire Krusty Krab crew is on its guard, and foil (more…)
Patrick Smartpants
12:34 — During a day of jelly fishing, Patrick gets conked on the head and loses consciousness. When he comes to, the starfish is suddenly speaking in complet (more…)
All That Glitters
12:21 — During an intense day on the job, SpongeBob's spatula breaks mid patty-flip. With his favorite kitchen implement out of commission, SpongeBob searches (more…)
To Save a Squirrel
12:37 — SpongeBob and Pat stow away on one of Sandy's extreme wilderness expeditions. But when they get accidentally left behind, they must band together in (more…)
The Great Snail Race
12:53 — Squidward gets a pure-bread snail, Snelle, and decides to race her in the snail races. SpongeBob becomes competitive and enters Gary, coaching him to (more…)
Shellback Shenanigans
12:37 — Plankton masquerades as Gary to steal the Krabby Patty formula.
Squidbob Tenaclepants
12:05 — Sandy's experimental teleportation device malfunctions, melding SpongeBob and Squidward into one body.
To Love a Patty
12:23 — SpongeBob has trouble saying Goodbye to the most perfect Krabby Patty he has ever cooked up.
No Hat for Pat
12:31 — Patrick is sick of all of his friends not being able to play with him because they have to put on their Krusty Krab hats and go to work.
Tea At the Treedome
12:41 — When SpongeBob meets Sandy Cheeks for the first time, she invites him over to her glass enclosed home. SpongeBob finds the bio dome is full of air, s (more…)
No Weenies Allowed
13:04 — SpongeBob and Sandy are enjoying a day at the beach when they come across the Salty Spitoon, a rough and tumble hangout for real rugged folk. Sandy m (more…)
Spongebob Meets the Strangler
13:26 — SpongeBob catches someone littering and turns him in to the police - but it's the Tattletale Strangler! He escapes custody and disguises himself as S (more…)
13:15 — When the mysterious "hooks" (fishing, that is) suddenly appear in Bikini Bottom, Mr. Krabs warns SpongeBob to stay away from them.
Pranks Alot
12:38 — SpongeBob and Patrick invest in some magic "invisible spray" at the local prank shop. They strip down and spray themselves - the stuff really works! T (more…)
Sing a Song of Patrick
12:27 — SpongeBob helps Patrick get his song some air time at the local radio station.
Roller Cowards
12:26 — The scariest roller coaster ever has just opened at Bikini Bottom's amusement park. At first SpongeBob and Patrick are determined to ride it, but the (more…)
Keep Bikini Bottom Beautiful
12:36 — Squidward cleans up the city of Bikini Bottom with "help" from SpongeBob.
13:03 — It's another day at the Krusty Krab when a random customer makes a purchase that causes Mr. Krabs to earn his one millionth dollar! To celebrate, he (more…)
Pet Sitter Pat
12:39 — SpongeBob asks Patrick to pet-sit Gary while he's away at his Grandma's birthday party.
The Cent of Money
12:39 — Mr. Krabs uses Gary to find spare change.
A Pal for Gary
12:39 — SpongeBob brings Gary a pet that terrorizes him.
Karate Star
12:40 — Pat learns just enough karate to wreak havoc in Bikini Bottom.
12:29 — Sandy and SpongeBob get into a fierce competition doing extreme underwater sports.
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  • Premiered: July 17, 1999
  • Rating: TV-Y
  • Premise: A chipper sea sponge and his nautical neighbors make waves in the deep-sea city of Bikini Bottom in this clever and playful kiddie cartoon aimed at preschoolers. SpongeBob's acquaintances include goofy starfish Patrick, cheerful squirrel Sandy Cheeks (who… (more)

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