SpongeBob SquarePants

  • 1999
  • TV Show
  • TV-Y

A chipper sea sponge and his nautical neighbors make waves in the deep-sea city of Bikini Bottom in this clever and playful kiddie cartoon aimed at preschoolers. SpongeBob's acquaintances include goofy starfish Patrick, cheerful squirrel Sandy Cheeks (who lives in an air bubble) and grouchy Squidward.

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Wed Jun 20 3:00pm
Bummer Vacation; Wigstruck NIK

Mr. Krabs forces SpongeBob to take his first-ever vacation day, but the poor yellow guy doesn't know what to do with the free time. Later, SpongeBob starts wearing an old powdered wig, which everyone in Bikini Bottom deems ridiculous.

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Wed Jun 20 3:30pm
Sleepy Time; Suds NIK

SpongeBob discovers he has the power to visit friends and neighbors in their dreams, but his fellow residents are not happy about it. Also, a case of “suds” calls for a visit to the doctor.

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Wed Jun 20 4:00pm
Krab Borg; Rock-a-Bye Bivalve NIK

Mr. Krabs is accused of being a robot by his paranoid employees. Later, an abandoned clam is cared for by SpongeBob and Patrick, who did not realize how much work it would be.

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Wed Jun 20 4:30pm
Spy Buddies; Boat Smarts; Good Old Whatshisname NIK

SpongeBob and Patrick spy on Plankton; Squidward and SpongeBob demonstrate boating techniques; and Mr. Krabs offers a vacation to the first employee who can learn the name of every customer.

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Thu Jun 21 7:00am
Back to the Past; The Bad Guy Club for Villains NIK

SpongeBob and Patrick time travel in order to see younger versions of their favorite superheroes; SpongeBob and Patrick watch Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy square off against evildoers.

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Thu Jun 21 7:30am
The Good Krabby Name; Move It or Lose It NIK

SpongeBob and Patrick do advertising for the Krusty Krab; an eatery in Bikini Bottom faces demolition.

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Thu Jun 21 3:00pm
Eek, An Urchin!; Squid's Defense NIK

SpongeBob discovers a sea urchin in the Krusty Krab, so he tries to get rid of it. Also: Squidward sets out to learn karate.

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Thu Jun 21 3:30pm
Karate Star; That Sinking Feeling NIK

Patrick's new karate skills cause mayhem; SpongeBob and Patrick connect their homes via a tunnel, and this annoys Squidward.

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Thu Jun 21 4:00pm
Buried in Time; Enchanted Tiki Dreams NIK

SpongeBob and his pals get trapped in a time capsule; Squidward gets to live in the world of his dreams thanks to SpongeBob and Patrick.

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Thu Jun 21 4:30pm
Arrgh!; Rock Bottom NIK

Mr. Krabs leads a treasure hunt; SpongeBob unwittingly travels to Rock Bottom. Voices include Tom Kenny, Bill Fagerbakke.

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Fri Jun 22 7:00am
Squiditis; Demolition Doofus NIK

SpongeBob fears he's caught Squidward's illness, not knowing that Squidward was only faking it; Mrs. Puff enters SpongeBob in a demolition derby.

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Fri Jun 22 7:30am
Perfect Chemistry; Big Sister Sam NIK

Sandy and Plankton become close; Patrick's sister visits him.

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Fri Jun 22 3:00pm
As Seen on TV; Can You Spare a Dime NIK

Fame goes to SpongeBob's head after making a brief appearance on TV; an out-of-work Squidward begins to mooch off of his pals.

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Fri Jun 22 3:30pm
Born to Be Wild; Best Frenemies NIK

SpongeBob tries to protect the town from a biker gang. Later, Mr. Krab looks into a smoothie shop that is stealing his business.

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Fri Jun 22 4:00pm
The Bully; Just One Bite NIK

A bully at boating school calls SpongeBob out; Squidward takes his first taste of a Krabby Patty and becomes secretly hooked on them.

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Fri Jun 22 4:30pm
Bubblestand; Ripped Pants NIK

SpongeBob's unexpected gift for blowing bubbles annoys Squidward, who tries to top him; SpongeBob's efforts to impress Sandy Cheeks backfire when he rips his pants. Voices include Tom Kenny, Clancy Brown.

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Sat Jun 23 10:00am
Snooze You Lose; Krusty Katering NIK

Squidward is very tired and won't wake up, but SpongeBob doesn't want him to miss his big audition; a fancy party is held and Mr. Krabs caters it with his crew, but they might be out of their element with these wealthy customers.

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Sat Jun 23 10:30am
Tutor Sauce; Lost in Bikini Bottom NIK

SpongeBob gets driving lessons from Mr. Krabs; SpongeBob tries a shortcut to work, but he winds up getting lost.

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Sat Jun 23 11:00am
The Fish Bowl; Married to Money NIK

Sandy studies her pals' behavior, but this experiment does not go well; Mr. Krabs gets married to his true love: money.

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Sat Jun 23 11:30am
The Curse of Bikini Bottom; Squidward in Clarinetland NIK

SpongeBob and Patrick unintentionally infuriate the Flying Dutchman, so he turns them into ghosts; SpongeBob shares a locker with Squidward.

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Sat Jun 23 12:30pm
Shellback Shenanigans; Hide and Then What Happens NIK

SpongeBob has trouble finding Patrick when they play hide-and-seek; Plankton pretends to be Gary in an attempt to snatch a recipe.

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Sat Jun 23 1:00pm
Cave Dwelling Sponge; The Clam Whisperer NIK

A prehistoric Sponge is unfrozen and causes chaos all over town, and only SpongeBob can communicate with him; a flock of clams descend on Bikini Bottom and threaten to ruin the entire town.

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Sat Jun 23 1:30pm
Are You Happy Now?; Planet of the Jellyfish NIK

SpongeBob helps Squidward invent a joyful memory; SpongeBob and Sandy battle an evil jellyfish leader who replaces individuals with clones.

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Sat Jun 23 2:00pm
Doodle Dimension; Moving Bubble Bass NIK

SpongeBob and Patrick become trapped in an alternate dimension where anything they draw comes to life; Patrick and SpongeBob help Bubble Bass move out of his mother's basement.

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  • Premiered: July 17, 1999
  • Rating: TV-Y
  • Premise: A chipper sea sponge and his nautical neighbors make waves in the deep-sea city of Bikini Bottom in this clever and playful kiddie cartoon aimed at preschoolers. SpongeBob's acquaintances include goofy starfish Patrick, cheerful squirrel Sandy Cheeks (who… (more)

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