New York City's unflappable, charismatic deputy mayor makes his clueless boss look good in this sharply written, well-played sitcom. Parkinson's disease forced Michael J. Fox to leave the show in 2000, the year he won the Emmy as Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series. He was replaced by Charlie Sheen, who stayed with the show until its end in 2002.

Active Cast

Barry Bostwick Mayor Randall Winston
Alan Ruck Stuart Bondek
Richard Kind Paul Lassiter
Michael Boatman Carter Heywood
Deborah Rush Helen Winston

Former Cast

Michael J. Fox Michael Flaherty
Charlie Sheen Charlie Crawford
Heather Locklear Caitlin Moore
Connie Britton Nikki Faber
Carla Gugino Ashley Schaeffer
Jennifer Esposito Stacy Paterno