Spider Riders

  • 2006
  • TV Show
  • TV-Y7

An animated series about a young boy who stumbles upon a world inhabited by giant spiders.

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Arachna Power Season 2, Episode 26 Paid

With the Spider Riders devastated, all eyes turn to Hunter as the last hope for the Inner World. But even Hunter and Shadow seem too weak to pose any threat to Mantid and his plans for revenge.

Faces of Fear Season 2, Episode 25 Paid

Using Oracle's stolen power, Mantid createss his glowing Ark of Destiny, enticing Hunter into another futile attack. Mantid repels him easily, revealing his motivation for destroying the Inner World. Facing yet another devastating attack from the Ark, Old Quake performs a transformation of his own, calling out his Spider, Dagger, and changing into his younger self; the Hero Quake.

Ark of Destiny Season 2, Episode 24 Paid

Desperate to confront Mantid before the Oracle's sun goes dark for good, the Spider Riders journey to Mantid's Citadel led by Grasshop. Once inside, the team splits up; Lumen, Grasshop and Sparkle go to see Grasshop's family, Igneous and Magma hold off the palace guards, while Hunter, Quake, Corona and Aqune confront Mantid.

Welcome Back Season 2, Episode 23 Paid

Buguese and the Spider Riders barely have time to realize Mantid betrayed them all before Mantid uses Oracle's stolen power to make himself a godlike being. Turning his back on the Invectid people, he teleports away to deal with the Spider Riders once and for all. When he commands them to kneel before him, only Grasshop agrees, hoping to trade his life for those of his friends.