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Jan 22, 1995 Season 1 Episode 11 watch on (Subscription)

When high-voltage villain Electro comes out of hiding to pursue his former classmate Sally, Spider-Man needs help from his friends to save her.

Spider-Man Dis-Abled

May 13, 1995 Season 1 Episode 10

When Peter videotapes Silver Sable attacking the city's mayor and a man named Tremaine, Spider-Man uncovers the truth behind the plot.
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Flash Memory

May 06, 1995 Season 1 Episode 9

Dr. Zellner tests his new smart drug on students at the university, which has dangerous side effects for Peter's adversary Flash Thompson.
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Tight Squeeze

Nov 20, 1994 Season 1 Episode 6

After Spider-Man foils a robbery attempt by the criminal group Pterodax, the gang sets a deadly trap for the web-slinger.
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Keeping Secrets

Sep 24, 1967 Season 1 Episode 5

Spider-Man battles a female thief named the Talon. He later learns her true identity: Cheyenne Tate -- the girl Harry has been dating.
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Sword of Shikata

Dec 18, 1994 Season 1 Episode 4

When wealthy animal collector Richard Damien hires a master martial artist to capture Spider-Man, Mary Jane shows up to help Spidey.
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Royal Scam

Nov 27, 1994 Season 1 Episode 2

Spider-Man finds himself in trouble with the FBI after being tricked by Kingpin into stealing a valuable microchip.
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Heroes and Villains

Aug 16, 2003 Season 1 Episode 1

Despite residents' protests, Oscorp plans to raze Villeroy Towers. When Turbo Jet tries to save the homes by stealing, he's confronted by Spider-Man.
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