Robert B. Parker's cultured Boston cop-turned-PI probes cases with his brooding, enigmatic pal, Hawk (later spun off into the `A Man Called Hawk' series). Various lady friends also helped the sensitive sleuth, notably guidance counselor Susan Silverman and ADA Rita Fiori. Parker was a consultant for this series. `The business of television,' he wrote in TV Guide, `is to put on good television, not to replicate my books.' And `Spenser: For Hire' was indeed good television.

Guest Stars

John Seitz
Capt. Warren Sears, Fallon
Kate Burton
Randy, Randy Lofficier
Louis Zorich
Jack Delroy, Manuel Almeida
Trey Wilson
Det. Vogel, Jack Weller
Stephen Joyce
Ed Farady, Michael Kelly
Celeste Holm
Rose O'Keefe
Cherry Jones
Tracy Kincaid
Dylan Baker
Sam Reynolds
Eriq La Salle
Jeffrey Miller
Philip Bosco
David McVane
Tim Guinee
Kevin Moran