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Mar 15, 1968 Season 1 Episode 52 watch on Hulu (Free)

The richest man in the world has offered a mountain of gold and the hand of his lovely daughter as first prize. Join Speed in the grandest of grand finales in the final episode of the Classic Speed Racer television series.

The Trick Race

Mar 08, 1968 Season 1 Episode 50

It’s been one year since Speed Racer beat the car acrobatic team, and now they want revenge! Meanwhile, the syndicate, International Spies, led by Mr. Supremo, plans to get rid of Speed’s protector, Racer X.
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The Car in the Sky

Mar 01, 1968 Season 1 Episode 49

Speed needs to compete in one more Grand Prix in order to qualify for the world championship. En route to the qualifying race, his plane crashes on a remote island and the Mach 5 is damaged.
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Junk Car Grand Prix

Mar 01, 1968 Season 1 Episode 48

In honor of his missing daughter, Baron Von Vondervon puts up a huge amount of money for the Junk Car Grand Prix, a race in which the competing cars must be constructed from piles of junk and only female drivers may enter.
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Car with a Brain

Feb 23, 1968 Season 1 Episode 47

From somewhere in the hills of Scotland, a mad scientist, Dr. McFife, unleashes a monster car with a brain and no one is safe.
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Motorcycle Apaches

Feb 23, 1968 Season 1 Episode 46

Speed is asked to help the Office of Space Development to get a shipment of Uraniumtane through to the International Space Development Base which is being built somewhere in “the American West”.
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The Great Car Wrestling Match

Feb 16, 1968 Season 1 Episode 45

Speed enters a dangerous car wrestling match in which heavily armed cars try to smash each other to bits.
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Race the Laser Tank

Feb 16, 1968 Season 1 Episode 44

Speed Racer has just won the Great Eastern Central Grand Prix when he is fired on by unknown assailants. Later, after arriving in Hawaii for his next race, he is still being pursued by a gang of criminals wanted by the International Secret Service.
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The Dangerous Witness

Feb 09, 1968 Season 1 Episode 43

On the way to the Hong Kong International Grand Prix, Speed Racer is witness to a horrible crime and is thrust into a world of international espionage and intrigue.
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The Desperate Racer

Feb 09, 1968 Season 1 Episode 42

Speed Racer is all revved up for the distinguished Southern Hemisphere Pineapple Grand Prix in which the drivers must carry a pineapple in their car as they cross the finish line.
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The Car Destroyer

Feb 02, 1968 Season 1 Episode 41

It’s one of those rare times when Speed Racer is at a race as a spectator and not as a participant. All of sudden the race cars start up by themselves and smash through the guardrails, speeding off without their drivers!
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The Man Behind the Mask

Feb 02, 1968 Season 1 Episode 40

Speed Racer and Trixie are on their way to the North American Grand Prix when the plane they are flying in is hijacked bu a band of masked men.
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The Secret Invaders, Part 1

Jan 26, 1968 Season 1 Episode 38

The exotic city of Ambrocia hosts the world famous Mystic Grand Prix. A gang of terrorists plan a take over the country, deposing the ruling monarchy, Prince Snowier and Princess Gracious. The mysterious RacerX foils the assassination plot.
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Crash in the Jungle, Part 2

Jan 19, 1968 Season 1 Episode 36

Speed uncovers a diabolical scheme involving human and animal mutations, warring political factions and the evil General Smasher - all of which Speed has to deal with before he competes in the race.
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Crash in the Jungle, Part 1

Jan 12, 1968 Season 1 Episode 35

Days before the Trans Africa Grand Prix, Speed Racer meets a professor investigating the local legend of huge monsters that inhabit a mysterious island. Little does Speed know that he too will soon come face to face with unexpected creatures.
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