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Latest Episode: Race Around the World, Part 2

Mar 15, 1968 Season 1 Episode 52 watch on Hulu (Free)

The richest man in the world has offered a mountain of gold and the hand of his lovely daughter as first prize. Join Speed in the grandest of grand finales in the final episode of the Classic Speed Racer television series.

The Desperate Racer

Feb 09, 1968 Season 1 Episode 42

Speed Racer is all revved up for the distinguished Southern Hemisphere Pineapple Grand Prix in which the drivers must carry a pineapple in their car as they cross the finish line.
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Crash in the Jungle, Part 1

Jan 19, 1968 Season 1 Episode 35

Days before the Trans Africa Grand Prix, Speed Racer meets a professor investigating the local legend of huge monsters that inhabit a mysterious island. Little does Speed know that he too will soon come face to face with unexpected creatures.
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The Car Hater

Dec 15, 1967 Season 1 Episode 26

Speed and Trixie befriend Janine, a young girl whose ambition is to be a race car driver. But her father, Mr. Trotter, hates cars and will do anything to keep his daughter away from them - including sabotage.
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The Fastest Car on Earth, Part 2

Nov 25, 1967 Season 1 Episode 21

In a daring and thrilling finale, Speed must use all his will power and determination and racing skills (and a little help from Pops) to win the race against the fastest car on earth.
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The Fire Race, Part 2

Nov 11, 1967 Season 1 Episode 17

Speed competes in the Fire Festival Racer through the mountainous terrain of the country Kapecapek where he meets Kabala, a Kapecapek native regarded as one oft he best and most dangerous racers in the world.
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The Most Dangerous Race, Part 3

Oct 21, 1967 Season 1 Episode 11

Speed teams up with the mysterious Racer X and a newly designed Mach 5 in their efforts against the trickiest team of daredevil drivers ever assembled in the most dangerous race in the world!
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The Race Against the Mammoth Car, Part 1

Oct 14, 1967 Season 1 Episode 7

It's a rare race called the No Limit World Race. Any type of car in the world may enter. Inspector Detector is on the trail of thieves who have stolen $50 million in gold bars.
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