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Sprawling dramatization of James A. Michener's novel about the U.S. space program, with a solid cast (headed by James Garner) entangled in military in-fighting and various romances.

Space 1999 Season 2
The second series of the space drama again features encounters of a compelling and visually stunning alien kind in deep space when a group of brave ex (more…)
To Boldly Go: Lamb Chop in Space
Watch what happens when a team of Londoners decided to mount a lamb chop to a high-altitude balloon.
Astronauts Stick GoPro in Water Bubble
Astronauts on the International Space Station had a little fun by placing a camera inside a bubble of floating water.
6-year-old boy on a mission to save NASA
There was an outpouring of support for 6-year-old Connor Johnson and his mission to save NASA, after his story ran on 9News, NBC s affiliate in Denver (more…)
ISS sends Nightly News a photo
The crew at the International Space Station snapped a picture from up high of the neighborhood where a home in Australia has been recognized as the wo (more…)
Can the ISS photograph a home from space?
A home in Australia decked out in half a million Christmas lights has set a world record so Nightly wondered if we could photograph it from above (more…)
India launches mission to Mars
India has launched its first rocket to Mars. It is spending 72 million dollars trying to become the first Asian nation to reach the Red Planet. But t (more…)
The view from Saturn
A NASA spacecraft has been sending back pictures of the Earth from Saturn, offing a glimpse of home from 900 million miles away. NBC s Brian Williams (more…)
New bill would protect Apollo landing sites
The Apollo Lunar Landing Legacy Act would establish a National Historical Park on the moon, and protect areas where Apollo missions left footprints, o (more…)
Asteroid to zip past Earth on May 31
The giant asteroid, named 1998 QE2, will fly by at an estimated 3.6 million miles from Earth. NBC s Brian Williams reports.
Spectacular photos capture sun eclipse
The dazzling ring of fire seen in the Australian Outback was produced when the moon moved between the Earth and the sun. NBC s Brian Williams report (more…)
Meteor witness: ‘It blew the vents out of my bathroom’
NBC s Tom Costello spoke with Canadian hockey player Michael Garnett about what he saw and felt when a meteorite struck near his apartment in Chelyabi (more…)
Asteroid could have been ‘regionally catastrophic’
Astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson, director of the Hayden Planetarium, speaks to NBC s Lester Holt about the meteor and asteroid that approached Eart (more…)
Unworldly coincidence: two space rocks whiz by Earth
Traveling at 33,000 mph, a massive meteor hit the Earth s atmosphere creating a giant shockwave that blew out windows of glass, injuring nearly 1,000 (more…)