• 1985
  • TV Show
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Sprawling dramatization of James A. Michener's novel about the U.S. space program, with a solid cast (headed by James Garner) entangled in military in-fighting and various romances.

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Death's Other Dominion Season 1, Episode 5 Nov 13, 1975 Free

Commander Koenig and his colleagues speed through space and time into a chilling world of ice - and meet former inhabitants of earth.

War Games Season 1, Episode 4 Nov 6, 1975 Free

Moonbase Alpha finds itself at war with an unnamed planet. The outcome is disastrous. Everything is wrecked. But can there be a future for the survivors on the aggressor planet?

Collision Course Season 1, Episode 3 Oct 30, 1975 Subscription

Intergalactic adventures of the Moonbase Alpha team. As the moon is on a collision course with a planet, Carter has an encounter with a beautiful woman.

If We Had No Moon Season 1, Episode 2 Dec 6, 2002 $1.99

Examine what life would be like if a major space collision with the Earth had not created its moon. Each day would last four hours, winds would blow with hurricane force, and Earth would be shrouded in a dense, toxic atmosphere.

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