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Latest Episode: Handicar

Oct 15, 2014 Season 18 Episode 4 watch on (Paid)

Timmy's successful new car service makes him a lot of enemies.

South Park: Bloody Mary

Dec 07, 2005 Season 9 Episode 14

Stan is embarrassed when his dad gets pulled over for drunk driving. Randy believes that only one thing can save him from his "disease", a bleeding statue of the Virgin Mary in the next town.
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South Park: Free Willzyx

Nov 30, 2005 Season 9 Episode 13

The boys try to rescue their new friend Willzyx, a talking space whale, from the Denver Sea Park and with the help of MASA (Mexican Aeronautica y Spacia Administracion) get him home to the moon for $200.
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South Park: Trapped in the Closet

Nov 16, 2005 Season 9 Episode 12

Scientologists converge on Stan's house after he is identified as the reincarnation of L. Ron Hubbard. One A-lister locks himself in the closet and refuses to come out after Stan criticizes his "talent."
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Ginger Kids

Nov 09, 2005 Season 9 Episode 11

Cartman suffers from a mysterious and sudden on-set of the disease, Gingervitis.  Sick and tired of being ridiculed because he now has red hair, light skin and freckles, he rallies all ginger kids everywhere to rise up and assume their role as the master race.
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South Park: Follow That Egg

Nov 02, 2005 Season 9 Episode 10

In an effort to thwart her ex-lovers plans to get married, Mrs. Garrison leads the charge against gay marriage.
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South Park: Marjorine

Oct 26, 2005 Season 9 Episode 9

Butters must fake his death, dress up as a girl and infiltrate a slumber party, in order to retrieve a future telling device Cartman is convinced the girls have.
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South Park: Two Days Before the Day After Tomorrow

Oct 19, 2005 Season 9 Episode 8

A Global Warming State of Emergency is declared in South Park as the world's largest beaver dam breaks and floods the adjacent town of Beaverton.
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South Park: Erection Day

Apr 20, 2005 Season 9 Episode 7

The South Park Elementary School Talent Show is coming up and Jimmy can't wait to perform his comedy routine, but first he must find a way to gain control of his raging hormones.
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The Death of Eric Cartman

Apr 13, 2005 Season 9 Episode 6

Cartman is sure he's dead and Butters is sure Eric Cartman's ghost is haunting him. Together they attempt to make amends to all the people Cartman has wronged over the years.
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South Park: The Losing Edge

Apr 06, 2005 Season 9 Episode 5

The kids desperately want an end to the boring baseball season. The problem is, they keep winning.
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South Park: Best Friends Forever

Mar 30, 2005 Season 9 Episode 4

Kenny is the only one of his friends to get the newest, coolest portable gaming device and Cartman can't deal with it. Will they remain best friends forever?
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South Park: Wing

Mar 23, 2005 Season 9 Episode 3

The boys set up a talent agency and pool all their resources and impress their first client only to have another agency steal him away.
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Die Hippie, Die

Mar 16, 2005 Season 9 Episode 2

When hippie drum circles start popping up in people's attics and backyards the citizens of South Park have no choice but to turn to Eric Cartman for help.  In the onslaught of Hippie Jam Fest 2005, Cartman faces one of his greatest challenges yet:  to rid the world of Hippies once and for all.
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South Park: Mr. Garrison's Fancy New Vagina

Mar 09, 2005 Season 9 Episode 1

As Mr. Garrison enjoys his new womanly attributes after his sex change, the rest of the town gets in touch with their inner feelings too.
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