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Dec 11, 2013 Season 17 Episode 10 watch on (Paid)

When Wendy tries to fix one of her girlfriends up with Butters, she ends up in the counselor's office.

Red Sleigh Down

Dec 11, 2002 Season 6 Episode 17

When Cartman has to score one big "nice" to be eligible for Christmas presents, he joins up with Santa, Mr. Hankey and Jesus in an attempt to bring Christmas to the downtrodden citizens of Iraq.
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My Future Self 'n' Me

Dec 04, 2002 Season 6 Episode 16

When a 32-year-old man claiming to be Stan from the future shows up in South Park, young Stan is forced to come to terms with the loser he will become.
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The Biggest Douche In the Universe

Nov 27, 2002 Season 6 Episode 15

When a famous psychic fails to help him exorcise Kenny from his body, Cartman and Chef travel to the moors of Scotland, where Chef's mom tries a little of her own voodoo magic on him.
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The Death Camp of Tolerance

Nov 20, 2002 Season 6 Episode 14

Mr. Slave and Lemmiwinks make their debut as Mr. Garrison desperately tries to get fired from his new job as the boys' 4th-grade teacher.
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The Return of the Fellowship of the Ring to the Two Towers

Nov 13, 2002 Season 6 Episode 13

The boys embark on a mission to return "The Lord of the Rings" to the Two Towers Video Store but their parents try to stop them to get back the "precious" porno they accidentally left in the box.
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A Ladder to Heaven

Nov 06, 2002 Season 6 Episode 12

The boys have to find a way to reach Kenny before they lose their chance at untold candy riches with a ladder to heaven.
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Child Abduction Is Not Funny

Jul 24, 2002 Season 6 Episode 11

In an effort to protect their children from kidnappers, the parents of South Park hire the owner and operator of the local City Wok to build a Great Wall around the city.
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Bebe's Boobs Destroy Society

Jul 17, 2002 Season 6 Episode 10

Cartman gets kicked out of the gang when Bebe develops boobs and the boys lose their minds, threatening their friendships and society as we know it.
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Free Hat

Jul 10, 2002 Season 6 Episode 9

The boys campaign to save movies from directors hell-bent on "improving them" while the townspeople are consumed with their own crusade to free a convicted baby killer.
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Red Hot Catholic Love

Jul 03, 2002 Season 6 Episode 8

A sexual-abuse scandal involving priests hits South Park and is taken all the way to the Vatican. In absolutely no connection, Cartman craps out of his mouth.
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Simpsons Already Did It

Jun 26, 2002 Season 6 Episode 7

Professor Chaos returns with brand new evil schemes to wreak havoc on South Park. Unfortunately, the Simpsons have already done them all.
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Professor Chaos

Apr 10, 2002 Season 6 Episode 6

When Cartman, Kyle and Stan fire Butters as their friend, Butters' rejection causes him to uncover a deep, dark part of him that he never knew existed: Professor Chaos.
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The New Terrance and Phillip Movie Trailer

Apr 07, 2002 Season 6 Episode 5

The boys will stop at nothing to watch the new Terrance and Phillip movie trailer. Even if it means sitting through thirty minutes of "Russell Crowe: Fightin' Round the World."
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Fun With Veal

Mar 31, 2002 Season 6 Episode 4

When the boys learn where veal comes from on a field trip to the local slaughterhouse, they calf-nap all of the baby cows in town and blockade themselves in Stan's bedroom.
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Freak Strike

Mar 20, 2002 Season 6 Episode 3

When the boys learn that talk shows offer special assistance to grossly disfigured people, they immediately sign Butters up as a guest with a strange deformity.
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Mar 13, 2002 Season 6 Episode 2

When the boys hit the slopes of Aspen, Stan gets challenged to a ski race and must win in order to save the youth center, get the girl and free the trapped spirits of the Wakacha Vampire Indians.
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Jared Has Aides

Mar 06, 2002 Season 6 Episode 1

As the country becomes obsessed with a popular program for losing weight, the boys see their opportunity to become sponsored by a major restaurant chain.
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