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Latest Episode: Handicar

Oct 15, 2014 Season 18 Episode 4 watch on (Paid)

Timmy's successful new car service makes him a lot of enemies.

South Park: The Poor Kid

Nov 16, 2011 Season 15 Episode 14

Kenny ends up in the foster care system after his parents are arrested.
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South Park: A History Channel Thanksgiving

Nov 09, 2011 Season 15 Episode 13

The boys are getting close to discovering the truth about the first Thanksgiving.
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South Park: 1%

Nov 02, 2011 Season 15 Episode 12

The 99% is ganging up on Eric Cartman.
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Broadway Bro Down

Oct 26, 2011 Season 15 Episode 11

After Randy takes Sharon to see a hit musical, he becomes Broadway's biggest fan.
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South Park: Bass to Mouth

Oct 19, 2011 Season 15 Episode 10

The kids' most scandalous secrets are being leaked on an outrageous new gossip website.
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South Park: The Last of the Meheecans

Oct 12, 2011 Season 15 Episode 9

Cartman joins the U.S. Border Patrol.
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South Park: Ass Burgers

Oct 05, 2011 Season 15 Episode 8

Cartman finds a unique way to cope with Asperger's Syndrome.
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South Park: You're Getting Old

Jun 08, 2011 Season 15 Episode 7

Just after Stan’s 10th birthday, his worldview starts to change and so do his friendships.
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South Park: City Sushi

Jun 01, 2011 Season 15 Episode 6

Butters is diagnosed with multiple personality disorder.
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South Park: Crack Baby Athletic Association

May 25, 2011 Season 15 Episode 5

Kyle gets in on the ground floor of Cartman's latest business venture, The Crack Baby Athletic Association.
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South Park: T.M.I.

May 18, 2011 Season 15 Episode 4

Cartman throws a fit when the boys' penis sizes are posted on the school bulletin board, and is sent to anger management therapy.
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South Park: Royal Pudding

May 11, 2011 Season 15 Episode 3

The Prince of Canada is about to take a Princess and Ike is obsessed with the Royal Wedding.
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South Park: Funnybot

May 04, 2011 Season 15 Episode 2

Jimmy hosts the Special Ed Department's First Annual Comedy Awards.
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South Park: HumancentiPad

Apr 27, 2011 Season 15 Episode 1

Kyle is intimately involved in the development of a revolutionary new product called HumancentiPad.
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