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Sat May 28 8:28am
Obama Wins!(Season 16, Episode 14) COMEDY

In the Season 16 finale, Cartman believes he can affect the outcome of the 2012 presidential election.

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Tue May 31 12:31am
Summer Sucks(Season 2, Episode 8) COMEDY

The mayor devises a plan to make the town's Fourth of July celebration memorable, despite a ban on fireworks; and Mr. Hat vanishes, causing Mr. Garrison to visit a therapist (voice of Jonathan Katz).

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Tue May 31 1:04am
Bloody Mary(Season 9, Episode 14) COMEDY

After his drunken-driving arrest, Stan's dad believes a visit to a bleeding statue of the Virgin Mary will cure his drinking problem.

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Wed Jun 1 12:34pm
Red Man's Greed(Season 7, Episode 7) COMEDY

The boys try to save the town from developers.

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Wed Jun 1 1:07pm
Elementary School Musical(Season 12, Episode 13) COMEDY

The boys are startled to learn that their popularity at school is waning when they fail to submit to the latest fad, which actually makes Butters cooler than they are.

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Wed Jun 1 1:39pm
Good Times with Weapons(Season 8, Episode 1) COMEDY

After buying some martial arts objects at a market, the boys turn into Japanese warriors to take on their enemy, Prof. Chaos.

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Wed Jun 1 2:11pm
My Future Self n' Me(Season 6, Episode 16) COMEDY

Stan is forced to look at his life 30 years in the future; Cartman tries to launch a new business.

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Wed Jun 1 2:43pm
Faith Hilling(Season 16, Episode 3) COMEDY

An evolutionary development poses a grave threat to humanity.

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Wed Jun 1 3:15pm
Dead Celebrities(Season 13, Episode 8) COMEDY

Kyle seeks help from paranormal experts when his little brother is haunted by ghosts.

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Wed Jun 1 3:46pm
Tsst(Season 10, Episode 7) COMEDY

Cartman's mom employs the Dog Whisperer to help curb her son's behavioral problems.

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Wed Jun 1 4:17pm
Kenny Dies(Season 5, Episode 13) COMEDY

Cartman discovers the benefits of stem-cell research.

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Wed Jun 1 4:48pm
The Tooth Fairy's Tats 2000(Season 4, Episode 1) COMEDY

Cartman impersonates the Tooth Fairy when he learns there's money to be made from harvesting the teeth of underprivileged kids. However, the leader of a dentists' organization sets out to stop him.

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Wed Jun 1 7:52pm
Free Hat(Season 6, Episode 9) COMEDY

The boys try to prevent filmmakers from remaking their movies, but their efforts are mistaken for a campaign for the release of an infamous criminal.

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Wed Jun 1 8:24pm
The Entity(Season 5, Episode 11) COMEDY

Kyle is embarrassed by his cousin, Kyle, and tries to think of ways to avoid him in front of his friends.

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Wed Jun 1 8:56pm
Two Days Before the Day After Tomorrow(Season 9, Episode 8) COMEDY

The town of Beaverton is flooded when a mammoth beaver dam breaks. Is global warming to blame? Only Stan and Cartman know for sure.

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Wed Jun 1 9:28pm
Do the Handicapped Go to Hell?(Season 4, Episode 9) COMEDY

The boys, scared by Priest Maxi's threats of eternal damnation, scramble to take part in Holy Communion and their first Confession in order to “save” themselves.

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Wed Jun 1 10:00pm
Probably(Season 4, Episode 10) COMEDY

Satan can't decide between his new boyfriend and his former beau, Saddam Hussein. Meanwhile, Cartman has discovered his evangelical side and tries to ensure the gang a passage to heaven.

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Wed Jun 1 10:30pm
Crack Baby Athletic Association(Season 15, Episode 5) COMEDY

Cartman hatches a plan to help babies who are born addicted to drugs.

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Thu Jun 2 12:31am
Starvin' Marvin in Space(Season 3, Episode 13) COMEDY

Starvin Marvin returns in a stolen U.S. spaceship, and enlists the boys to help feed his Ethiopian village. The CIA is among their pursuers.

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Thu Jun 2 1:04am
Quintuplets 2000(Season 4, Episode 4) COMEDY

The South Park media showers attention on a family with quintuplets that moves into the area, and Cartman befriends one of the new residents. Meanwhile, Kenny's mom tries to cash in on the excitement by planning a multiple birth of her own.

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Thu Jun 2 4:10am
Fantastic Easter Special(Season 11, Episode 5) COMEDY

Stan searches for the origins of egg decorating, and falls in with a strange society guarding an infamous secret.

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Fri Jun 3 7:37pm
Ike's Wee-Wee(Season 2, Episode 3) COMEDY

The boys try to circumvent a delicate surgical procedure set to be performed on Kyle's brother as part of a tradition begun by their Jewish ancestors. Meanwhile, Mr. Mackey is cut from his job after he botches a lecture on drugs.

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Fri Jun 3 8:09pm
The Death of Eric Cartman(Season 9, Episode 6) COMEDY

Butters believes he can talk to the dead.

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Sat Jun 4 3:00am
A History Channel Thanksgiving(Season 15, Episode 13) MTV

The boys learn what really happened at the first Thanksgiving—including an extraterrestrial presence—from a TV documentary.

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