Wed Oct 7 12:16pm
The Red Badge of Gayness(Season 3, Episode 14) COMEDY

The town holds its annual reenactment of a Civil War battle, and Cartman suits up for the Confederacy with visions of glory.

I’ll Watch52 Watching
Wed Oct 7 12:48pm
Quintuplets 2000(Season 4, Episode 4) COMEDY

The South Park media showers attention on a family with quintuplets that moves into the area, and Cartman befriends one of the new residents. Meanwhile, Kenny's mom tries to cash in on the excitement by planning a multiple birth of her own.

I’ll Watch64 Watching
Wed Oct 7 1:20pm
The List(Season 11, Episode 14) COMEDY

The boys discover a secret list compiled by their female classmates that rates them according to looks.

I’ll Watch72 Watching
Wed Oct 7 1:52pm
A Million Little Fibers(Season 10, Episode 5) COMEDY

Oprah picks Towelie's memoir for her book club, but his account is found to be less than truthful. Soon, the public derision lures Towelie off the wagon.

I’ll Watch52 Watching
Wed Oct 7 2:23pm
Fat Camp(Season 4, Episode 15) COMEDY

Cartman is sent to a camp for obese youngsters by concerned family and friends. Meanwhile, Kenny has his own hit TV show, “Krazy Kenny.” Also, Chef talks to the boys about prostitution.

I’ll Watch60 Watching
Wed Oct 7 2:54pm
HUMANCENTiPAD(Season 15, Episode 1) COMEDY

The 15th season begins with the launch of a revolutionary tablet computer, though Cartman is feeling left out of the technology craze.

I’ll Watch434 Watching
Wed Oct 7 3:25pm
Here Comes the Neighborhood(Season 5, Episode 12) COMEDY

Kyle, Stan, Kenny and Cartman have a run-in with Token, the town's only rich kid. In retaliation, Token encourages other wealthy people to move into the neighborhood.

I’ll Watch58 Watching
Wed Oct 7 7:00pm
Up the Down Steroid(Season 8, Episode 2) COMEDY

Steroids become an issue as Timmy, Jimmy and Cartman train for a sporting event.

I’ll Watch79 Watching
Wed Oct 7 7:30pm
Pinewood Derby(Season 13, Episode 6) COMEDY

Randy pulls out all the stops to make sure that Stan wins first place in the annual Pinewood Derby.

I’ll Watch42 Watching
Wed Oct 7 8:00pm
Royal Pudding(Season 15, Episode 3) COMEDY

Canadian-born Ike shares his country's obsession with a royal wedding and offers his services when the princess-to-be is abducted.

I’ll Watch251 Watching
Wed Oct 7 8:30pm
Cat Orgy(Season 3, Episode 7) COMEDY

Shelly baby-sits Cartman.

I’ll Watch33 Watching
Wed Oct 7 9:00pm
Marjorine(Season 9, Episode 9) COMEDY

The boys decide to fake Butters' death and resurrect him as a girl.

I’ll Watch71 Watching
Wed Oct 7 9:30pm
The Tale of Scrotie McBoogerballs(Season 14, Episode 2) COMEDY

After being assigned to read a book that was once banned, the boys are inspired to collaborate on one of their own.

I’ll Watch81 Watching
Wed Oct 7 10:00pm
Stunning and Brave(Season 19, Episode 1) COMEDY

In the Season 19 premiere, the boys show their respect for Caitlyn Jenner when a new principal makes them atone for their history of prejudice.

I’ll Watch189 Watching
Thu Oct 8 12:31am
Where My Country Gone?(Season 19, Episode 2) COMEDY

Mr. Garrison is fed up with undocumented immigrants, and proposes building a wall to keep them out.

I’ll Watch153 Watching
Thu Oct 8 3:05am
The Ungroundable(Season 12, Episode 14) COMEDY

In the 12th-season finale, vampire sightings at school anger the Goth kids, who are upset when they become indistinguishable from the bloodsucking interlopers in the eyes of their peers.

I’ll Watch62 Watching
Thu Oct 8 3:35am
Make Love, Not Warcraft(Season 10, Episode 8) COMEDY

The gang attempts to save the online game World of Warcraft after it is taken over by a renegade gamer.

I’ll Watch153 Watching
Thu Oct 8 4:05am
Erection Day(Season 9, Episode 7) COMEDY

Jimmy has trouble controlling his hormones right before the big talent show.

I’ll Watch33 Watching
Thu Oct 8 6:56pm
Freak Strike(Season 6, Episode 3) COMEDY

The gang decides to put Butters up as a guest on a talk show thinking that they will get special favors.

I’ll Watch70 Watching
Thu Oct 8 7:28pm
Cow Days(Season 2, Episode 13) COMEDY

During South Park's annual rodeo, the boys compete in a bull-riding contest. Meanwhile, the cows find religion.

I’ll Watch49 Watching
Fri Oct 9 12:04am
Bass to MouthNew(Season 15, Episode 10) MTV

A hacker wreaks havoc with gossipy Web posts on a site called "The South Park Elementary Eavesdropper."

I’ll Watch281 Watching
Fri Oct 9 12:34am
Dead CelebritiesNew(Season 13, Episode 8) MTV

Kyle seeks help from paranormal experts when his little brother is haunted by ghosts.

I’ll Watch59 Watching
Fri Oct 9 1:04am
About Last Night...(Season 12, Episode 12) MTV

South Park residents join the rest of the country in celebrating the election of a U.S. president, who moves a new administration into the White House ahead of schedule.

I’ll Watch45 Watching
Fri Oct 9 1:34am
Christian Rock Hard(Season 7, Episode 9) MTV

Cartman puts together a band; Stan, Kyle and Kenny get into trouble for downloading music from the Internet.

I’ll Watch64 Watching
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