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Latest Episode: On the Precipice

Dec 12, 2008 Season 3 Episode 15 watch on (Paid)

The future always seems so far away, but it's here NOW. How can Chelsea start a new life in Paris when what she wants might be right here, right now? Where can Aiden and Kyla take their relationship next when now seems so perfect? And how can Spencer decide whether to spend the next four years away from Ashley if she's not even sure Ashley wants her here now?

Say It Ain't So, Spencer

Jan 27, 2006 Season 1 Episode 9

Ashley feels like she has lost Spencer when Spencer goes on a date with Aiden, and running to the arms of an old flame doesn't help. Clay hits some obstacles in his search for his birth-mother, and begins to feel like he has no "real" family or connection with his heritage.
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Shake, Rattle & Roll

Jan 20, 2006 Season 1 Episode 8

Ashley and Madison have another clash in the girl's locker room, and Madison ready for a little cellular revenge. Meanwhile, a basketball scout tries to lavish expensive gifts on Glen. The Carlin family experiences their first California earthquake, which shakes the foundation of their friendships and marriage.
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Under My Skin

Jan 13, 2006 Season 1 Episode 7

It's Spencer's turn for a little jealousy when Ashley makes a new friend, and Ashley thinks she is just being snobby. At school, Clay turns in a paper on James Baldwin and has a crisis of identity when he gets a "C" for his efforts. At home, Glen and Aiden arrange a poker game and almost lose their shirts to Arthur.
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Friends With Benefits

Dec 16, 2005 Season 1 Episode 6

Spencer and Ashley have a friendly competition for Aiden's affection, which gets a little out of hand. Clay and Sean have a night from hell as they are on their way back from the movies. When two dead bodies come into the ER, Paula and Arthur are forced to deal with the harsh realities of living in Los Angeles.
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Girl's Guide to Dating

Dec 10, 2005 Season 1 Episode 5

Spencer and Ashley ditch school and go to the beach, while back at campus, police suspect a weapon is floating around campus and put the school on lock-down. Now Clay, Glen, Aiden, Sean, and Madison are forced to spend some quality time together.
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First Time

Dec 02, 2005 Season 1 Episode 4

Ashley is making a documentary for a local film festival, dealing with people's first experiences with sex. When it comes out that Clay is a virgin, it seems like everyone has their own set of advice to offer.
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Put Out or Get Out

Nov 18, 2005 Season 1 Episode 3

Spencer is hanging out with her new friend Kelly… who unbeknownst to Spencer, wants to be more than just "friends." Ashley has family dinner at the Carlin's, doing her best to stir things up with Paula, Arthur, and Clay. Across town, Glen and Aiden find themselves stranded without a ride, as part of Madison's little games.
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Friends, Lovers, Brothers, & Others

Nov 11, 2005 Season 1 Episode 2

Ashley's estranged rock-star father, Raife Davies (Guest star C.C. DeVille of Poison), is coming into town to see her play at the local club Gray and while Aiden and Spencer are there to support her, they find themselves making music of their own with a little alcohol in their system.
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Secret Truths (Pilot)

Nov 04, 2005 Season 1 Episode 1

Spencer gets a surprising introduction to her new life in Los Angeles.
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