A conflicted New Jersey crime boss seeks therapy to cope with mob and family pressures in this addictive, stunningly original drama, which can be chillingly violent, wrenchingly moving or darkly funny. Well deserving of its many Emmys and other awards, this HBO masterwork created by Garden State native David Chase has become Sunday-night appointment viewing, with passionate fans mostly carping about waiting ridiculously long stretches (more than a year) for new seasons of original episodes.

Active Cast

James Gandolfini Anthony Soprano
Lorraine Bracco Dr. Jennifer Melfi
Edie Falco Carmela Soprano
Michael Imperioli Christopher Moltisanti
Jamie-Lynn Sigler Meadow Soprano
Dominic Chianese Corrado `Uncle Junior' Soprano
Robert Iler Anthony Soprano Jr.
Steven Van Zandt Silvio Dante
Tony Sirico Paulie `Walnuts' Gualtieri
Vincent Curatola Johnny `Johnny Sack' Sacramoni
Steven R. Schirripa Bobby `Bacala' Baccalieri
Jerry Adler Herman `Hesh' Rabkin
Frank Vincent Phil Leotardo
Julianna Margulies Julianna Skiff
Kathrine Narducci Charmaine Bucco
Max Casella Benny Fazio
Ray Abruzzo Little Carmine Lupertazzi

Former Cast

Vincent Pastore Salvatore `Big Pussy' Bonpensiero
Drea de Matteo Adriana La Cerva
Robert Patrick David Scatino
Joe Pantoliano Ralph Cifaretto
Steve Buscemi Tony Blundetto
Robert Loggia Michele `Feech' La Manna
Tony Lip Carmine Lupertazzi