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Apr 29, 2007 Season 1 Episode 12 watch on (Paid)

Dave tells Sean and Randy that his client, who owns the house where they're staying, is coming back earlier than expected and they all need to vacate within the week - which means it's time for a party. Randy is reluctantly given the job of ordering the food, and later gets harassed by the caterer. Sean and Dave meet up with Justin Siegel concerning Sean's music career, where Sean is advised that he needs to go to vocal boot camp or risk being overproduced. Afterwards, Dave takes Randy to an audition in the Lotus, struggling with the stick shift and nearly missing the meeting. Randy acknowledges that the audition process is always difficult for him, and that his last name doesn't make things any easier. Then it's back home for the big party! Sean's mother Alana is there, telling stories of Sean's antics in school, while Sean proves he hasn't changed much by throwing a girl into the pool and then jumping in after her. Meanwhile, guest Bai Ling talks with Randy about why the world cannot get along. Sean begins talking to his half brother Ashley Hamilton about the hardships of staying sober. As the party ends, hugs and kisses are thrown everywhere and Randy and Dave say their "I love you's" to one another as the party comes to an end. On moving day, Randy admits that he is a more carefree person thanks to Sean, and Sean responds that he’s not interested in living with other people ever again. In the end, despite losing his father, Randy claims that this was the best summer of his life.

S.W.A.T. (Spelling, Weintraub and Trouble)

Apr 29, 2007 Season 1 Episode 10

Premiere of the real-life series that looks at the wild days and even wilder nights of three friends living in the shadows of their famous parents--Randy Spelling, son of producer Aaron Spelling, Sean Stewart, son of rock legend Rod Stewart, and rising talent manager David Weintraub. The series kicks off as the threesome party at the trendy L.A. nightclub Mood to celebrate Randy's new movie. Then they drive off to their summer house with plans for months of hot women and hot times. But all is not perfect--Sean talks about his former problems with booze and drugs, which he hopes are now history.
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Moms of Hollywood

Apr 29, 2007 Season 1 Episode 9

Randy and Dave find an injured bird in front their home and Randy, upset that he is the only one who seems to care, calls 911 and waits until animal control arrives. He later gets a call from a woman at the animal control center and is told that the bird is fine and is in rehab which makes sense to Randy as he says, it is Los Angeles after all, and everyone is in rehab. At a restaurant later, the boys meet for dinner with Sean's sister Kimberly Stewart. Randy and Kimberly have a heart-to-heart about the hard time Randy is going through, and Kimberly recommends her therapist. The next day, Dave drags Randy to meet with Lotus representatives, who want the Sons to drive their Lotus Elise for publicity. There's just one problem the boys don't know how to drive a stick. What better time to learn? Afterwards they meet up with a producer, to discuss doing a biopic about Aaron Spelling. Randall's excited to be a part of the project. Later, the boys decide to create an authentic Indian meal for their mothers. As usual, Sean wants no part of the festivities and heads off to his therapist instead. When the mothers arrive and introductions are made, Alana Stewart is dismayed that her son isn't there. Eventually, Sean joins the party but manages to embarrass himself, and then leaves with his mother still in the house. The question is, where is he headed?
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The Odd Squad

Apr 29, 2007 Season 1 Episode 8

Hugh Hefner is hosting a hot party at Mood nightclub and just his luck, Randy gets sick. Spiritual advisor BaBa G comes over to release his negative energy and Dave decides that he should get treated by BaBa G as well, which is not so easy when he’s simultaneously working on his Blackberry. Afterwards, Dave and Randy meet up with a casting director who seems much more interested in talking about her book on spirituality. Afterwards, the Sons meet up with a celebrity gifter. Dave explains that once you’re somebody in Hollywood, the free gifts flow endlessly. The Sons spend the day at the beach. Later, Dave invites music producer JR Rotem to meet with Sean in hopes that JR could work on a track with him, and Sean unloads his fears about his career, claiming that his famous father always told him he would never succeed. Later on, The Sons go paintball fighting, where Dave’s cheating leads to a retaliatory head-on attack. That night, while Randy and Sean are reading lines for an audition, Sean and Randy stumble over the word celibacy neither has any idea of its meaning.
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Hi...Jack (#10)

Apr 29, 2007 Season 1 Episode 7

The Sons decide its time to give a Hollywood a break and head off to San Diego. In the hotel, a pillow fight between Dave and Randy quickly escalates to actual fighting, after which Randy concludes that he and Dave are dealing with a lot of friction. Later, Sean suggests to the other two that they have an alcohol problem, an accusation which Dave and Randy ignore. Spotting a bottle of hot sauce, Sean bets with Randy that he can gulp it all down, which unfortunately for Sean, he does. After throwing up in the bathroom, Sean helps himself to a bowl of ice cream, which Dave and Randy have mischievously planted with chili seeds. Back in Hollywood, friend Joser tells Randy that he suspects Sean of having had a relapse, and has planned to give him a drug test. Despite protests from Sean that he isn't on drugs, Joser decides to bring in his friend Jack Osbourne to participate in an intervention. Jack meets with Sean in the kitchen and the two connect over their remarkably similar backgrounds. Sean reveals to Jack that he afraid of being successful and that drug use was normal due to the abundance of drugs in his father's home growing up. Jack concludes that Sean needs to get help. Meanwhile, Randy goes on EXTRA to dispel rumors about his family. Watching it later with Dave, Randy is happy with the interview but will it be enough to help bring peace to the Spellings?
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Apr 15, 2007 Season 1 Episode 6

Dave takes Sean to visit a new vocal coach, who accuses Sean of smoking too much which Sean denies. Sick of all the antics, Sean later tells Dave that he's done with exercises he's ready to record, despite the fact that his father's disapproval continues to haunt him. That night, Sean, his mother Alana and his sister, Ruby, meet with the other boys at Geisha House where Alana is mistaken as Sean's date, much to her amusement! Later that night, everyone goes to the nightclub Lobby, and Sean quickly wants to leave. When Alana wants to stay, Sean yells at his mother, who covers up the hurt. Later, Sean reviews his AA meeting and then meets up with the boys afterwards. He tells Randy and Dave that they party too much and the temptation of alcohol is too much for him. That night they attempt to unwind in yet another club, where Sean succumbs to temptation and starts downing alcohol left and right. The next day, Randy and Dave hire a recovering alcoholic-turned-guru to help Sean. He confides in his friends that he sometimes feels alone, and the pressures of Hollywood are sometimes too much for him to handle. He admits that his substance abuse has hurt him but at the same time, hopes he can learn from his errors and move on. But will he?
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Making of a Male Actor

Apr 15, 2007 Season 1 Episode 5

Things are looking up for Randy as he learns that he's snagged a role in the environmental-themed movie Cosmic Radio indie director and producer Stephen Savage, and is excited to be part of a movie with an honorable message. Afterwards, the Sons do a radio interview with actor C. Thomas Howell about growing up with celebrity fathers, in which Sean says that he got his record deal on his own, and Randy agrees that there's a big misconception that they ride on their father's coattails without the talent. Sean adds that it's hard to figure out who his real friends are because people's intentions are not always the best. On the road to Idyllwild, where Randy's film is being shot, Randy is dismayed by all the dialogue he's got left to learn for the part. In rustic Idyllwild, Dave and Randy check into the humble Fireside Inn. At dinner, Stephen Savage, Randy, and Dave discuss the film, which. Savage compares a Quentin Tarantino film complete with an amazing cast. The next morning, Randy has a tough time finding clothes that fit within the low budget wardrobe, and then later flounders as he attempts to read his lines, distracted by protestors. Nonetheless, the director proclaims that it's a wrap, claiming he can work with what he has. This bothers Randy, and Dave tries to cheer him up by telling him that he looks good. Meanwhile in L.A., Sean is happily putting the moves on a young lady in the pool. But how far will his antics go?
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Night Father

Apr 08, 2007 Season 1 Episode 4

Dave returns home after spending several days with the Spelling family as they deal with the death of patriarch Aaron Spelling. Later, Sean discusses his music career with his father, Rod Stewart. Later on, he confides to his friend Joser that he thinks others, including his father, do not think he can succeed as a singer, to which Joser replies that it's really up to Sean to believe that he can do it. Meanwhile, David tends to his clients, including the rapper Kurupt, also an aspiring actor and a colleague of Snoop Dogg. Elsewhere, Dave talks to Randy about his sister Tori's behavior during their father's funeral and the bitter feud between Tori and their mother, Candy. All three Sons meet up at a restaurant where things get silly, and tensions are broken with a mock food fight. Dave and Randy decide to visit Aaron Spelling's star in the Walk of Fame. When they return home, Dave and Randy are told by Sean that he has hired hookers!
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Miami Place

Apr 08, 2007 Season 1 Episode 3

Dave and Randy have their first official barbecue at the house and Sean wants no part of it. Guests begin to arrive including actress Bai Ling and a ditzy woman named Theresa who claims to be Quentin Tarantino's girlfriend, with whom Sean later has a startling run-in. Meanwhile, Bai Ling tells Randy and Dave that she’s from the moon! Later that night, Randy is surprised to find Theresa in his bed and sends her off with cab money. The next day, Randy and Dave take off for Miami, deciding that what they both need is a nice, relaxing stay in a swank penthouse. Feeling ill, Sean stays behind only to find out that what he’s got may be more serious than he’d like it to be. Meanwhile, Randy learns of his father’s worsening health on television and after contemplating what to do, decides to let go and have a good time that night only to run into a gossip who seems to know everything about the Spellings.
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Lost Vega$

Apr 01, 2007 Season 1 Episode 2

The boys decide to leave the glitz and glamour of Hollywood and plan a trip in Sin City. When Sean tells his mother, Alana, that he is going to hire a hooker, she replies with her usual, Oh Sean! After landing in Las Vegas, Sean immediately heads for the tables, where his luck starts off strong but quickly runs out as does his money. The boys and friends eventually meet up at the lavish Nine Restaurant for what should have been a nice and peaceful meal. But when you're with the Sons, things don't always work that way. A heated argument ensues between Randy and Sean, and Randy takes off. The next morning, Randy gets a startling phone call his father Aaron's health is not improving, shocked he makes a bold gesture of love. Later, Sean and Randy make up for their fight, and Randy gets some much-needed alone time as he takes the others golfing, where Sean shows off his golfing skills, or lack thereof. There's still time for the Sons to celebrate Sin City in its fullest before Sean exclaims, I hate Vegas!
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