Sons of Guns

2011, TV Show

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Latest Episode: Red Jacket Rises

May 16, 2014 Season 5 Episode 9 watch on (Paid)

Red Jacket finally finds their new home. In the midst of all the moving chaos, Will is commissioned to mount the only known functioning Hispano-Suiza to a motorcycle sidecar. Joe hires Flem to help with a forgotten weapon that fires suppressed darts!

Red Jacket Reloaded

May 09, 2014 Season 5 Episode 8

Will faces his biggest challenges yet deciding on a new home for Red Jacket and working on the world's largest civilian owned gun, the 155mm Russian D20. Kris gets hurt in the process. Charlie develops a suppressor for one of the fastest guns in the world.
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Bone-dry .50 Cal

May 02, 2014 Season 5 Episode 7

Will senses danger in the way a rare, water-cooled, 50 cal Browning machine gun is running. He steps in to keep the shooter safe, by rebuilding the powerful gun. Charlie defies Will by taking on a friendly bet. Will gives Joe an ultimatum.
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The Throwdown

Apr 25, 2014 Season 5 Episode 6

A request comes in to have a long-range rifle mounted on a vehicle that can drive deep into the swaps. Will wants to debut a prototype of RJF .308, but Joe thinks using the RJF 300 blackout makes more business sense so they have a build-off!
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Master Blaster

Apr 18, 2014 Season 5 Episode 5

Joe keeps trying to sell Will on making his building Red Jacket's new home. Will gets commissioned to attach a Mac 11 machine pistol to a Saiga-12 shotgun. Kris snaps and Joe is at the center of his rage. Will finds out about the AK-47 deal with Vince.
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Scorpion Strikes

Apr 11, 2014 Season 5 Episode 4

Will isn't sold on Joe's new building. A WWII 75mm Scorpion Tank pulls into the shop's parking lot demanding Will's attention. They soon find out that this Scorpion may have a lethal sting. Steph and Charlie team up to put the bite back in a Velo-Dog.
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Steel Tornado

Apr 04, 2014 Season 5 Episode 3

A former pro football player turned contractor hires Will to have a triple barrel 12 gauge demolition shotgun made. Joe's closed-door meetings and secret phone calls have everyone wondering what he's up to, and his new policies anger Steph and Kris.
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Mobil MAG-58

Mar 28, 2014 Season 5 Episode 2

Joe's new role as CEO causes tension in the shop. Will keeps focused on their newest challenge - a snowmobile with twin MAG-58s attached to it. Charlie works on a rare seven-foot long Japanese Jingal rifle. Joe goes it alone on a risky deal with Vince.
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Will Power

Mar 21, 2014 Season 5 Episode 1

After Red Jacket looses a lucrative contract, Will and Joe have a heart to heart about RJF's future. Will attempts to fit a 25mm Hotchkiss canon inside a pick up truck. Joe prototypes a flying drone, to fire remotely. Will is hand-delivered dreadful news.
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