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2003, TV Show

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Latest Episode: (Sub) The Place where Planets are Born

Aug 17, 2010 Season 3 Episode 78 watch on Hulu (Free)

After the galaxy is saved, Sonic and his friends recalls memorable moments and anticipate their future.

(Dub) A Fearless Friend

Apr 28, 2006 Season 3 Episode 77

Sonic and Shadow transform into Super Sonic and Super Shadow.
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(Sub) Battle! Dark Oak

Aug 17, 2010 Season 3 Episode 76

After Sonic falls into the watery planet, the gang struggles for a way to rescue him and defeat Dark Oak.
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(Dub) Agent of Mischief

Apr 14, 2006 Season 3 Episode 75

Sonic's fleet attacks the planet.
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(Dub) Eye Spy

Apr 07, 2006 Season 3 Episode 74

Cosmos signals the Metarex.
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(Sub) The True Form of the Metarex!?

Aug 17, 2010 Season 3 Episode 72

The Blue Typhoon arrives at a planet, but Yellow Zelkova attacks the Blue Typhoon.
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(Dub) Hedgehog Hunt

Mar 10, 2006 Season 3 Episode 71

Sonic and the gang are stranded on an alien planet with the Chaotix.
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(Sub) The Eggman Armada Appears!

Aug 17, 2010 Season 3 Episode 70

Sonic and company are engaged in a fierce battle against Metarex, who with Eggman on their side.
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(Dub) The Planet of Misfortune

Feb 24, 2006 Season 3 Episode 69

Tails and Cosmo accidentally set off a love trap that was set by Amy for Sonic.
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(Dub) A Revolutionary Tale

Feb 17, 2006 Season 3 Episode 68

Shadow fights alongside the rebels and they are able to force the Metarex to retreat.
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(Dub) Clash in the Cloister

Feb 03, 2005 Season 3 Episode 66

Sonic realizes that they will never match this Metarex's brawn.
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Chaotix' Electric Shock Love Tactics

Aug 17, 2010 Season 3 Episode 65

Vector notices the growing relationship between Tails and Cosmo, and attempts to get the two closer.
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(Sub) Clash! Sonic Vs. Shadow

Aug 17, 2010 Season 3 Episode 64

The fight between Sonic and Dark Oak starts. While a Metarex armada, led by Red Pine, is approaching.
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(Dub) Station Break-In

Nov 18, 2005 Season 3 Episode 63

Sonic and Eggman must join forces.
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(Sub) Secret of the Underground Canyon

Aug 17, 2010 Season 3 Episode 62

After the battle with Metarex's Scarship, the Blue Typhoon crashes onto a strange planet.
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