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2003, TV Show

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Latest Episode: (Dub) So Long Sonic

May 06, 2006 Season 3 Episode 78 watch on Hulu (Free)

Exciting conclusion to Sonic X.

(Dub) A Fearless Friend

Apr 29, 2006 Season 3 Episode 77

Sonic and Shadow transform into Super Sonic and Super Shadow.
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(Dub) The Light in the Darkness

Apr 22, 2006 Season 3 Episode 76

Amy tries to rescue Sonic.
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(Dub) Agent of Mischief

Apr 15, 2006 Season 3 Episode 75

Sonic's fleet attacks the planet.
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(Dub) Eye Spy

Apr 08, 2006 Season 3 Episode 74

Cosmos signals the Metarex.
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(Dub) The Cosmo Conspiracy

Apr 01, 2006 Season 3 Episode 73

Tails runs away with Cosmo.
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(Dub) Zelkova Strikes Back

Mar 18, 2006 Season 3 Episode 72

The Blue Typhoon arrives at a planet.
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(Dub) Hedgehog Hunt

Mar 11, 2006 Season 3 Episode 71

Sonic and the gang are stranded on an alien planet with the Chaotix.
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(Dub) Terror On the Typhoon

Mar 04, 2006 Season 3 Episode 70

The Blue Typhoon comes under attack from the Metarex fleet.
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(Dub) The Planet of Misfortune

Feb 25, 2006 Season 3 Episode 69

Tails and Cosmo accidentally set off a love trap that was set by Amy for Sonic.
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(Dub) A Revolutionary Tale

Feb 18, 2006 Season 3 Episode 68

Shadow fights alongside the rebels and they are able to force the Metarex to retreat.
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(Dub) Testing Time

Feb 11, 2005 Season 3 Episode 67

Black Narcissus lures Cosmo and Chris into his base.
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(Sub) Crossing the Galaxy Corridor!

Aug 18, 2010 Season 3 Episode 66

As they travel through the Intergalactic Cloister, SOnic an dhte others run into and battles Yellow Zelkova.
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(Dub) Mission: Match up

Dec 03, 2005 Season 3 Episode 65

Vector comes up with a scheme to play match maker for Cosmo and Tails.
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(Dub) A Metarex Melee

Nov 26, 2005 Season 3 Episode 64

Sonic squares off with Dark Oak and his army of Metarex.
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