So You Think You Can Dance

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In the Dressing Room: Episode 1
03:13 — Cat is going for a Siouxie Sioux look.
2011 Dance Tour: Mitchell
00:45 — Mitchell looks forward to perform in his hometown.
Recap: Season 11 Finale
01:25 — Despite three worthy Top 4 competitors, Ricky Ubeda was crowned America's favorite dancer, bringing another season of SYTYCD to a close.
Top 18: Recap
01:35 — Watch an exclusive interview with the judges and the eliminated dancers - Stanley and Jourdan - here!
2011 Dance Tour: Sasha
00:35 — Sasha looks forward to the memories of the tour.
Top 4: Jessica Richens
02:15 — Jessica has won over the judges and the audience in what she can only describe as "a mind blowing experience."
Earth Day Tip
00:21 — Check out this green tip from Nigel Lythgoe of "So You Think You Can Dance."
Top 4: Zack Everhart
02:16 — Self-professed "small-town tapper" Zack still feels like his entire SYTYCD experience has been a dream.
Meet Jessica
00:25 — She is 30 years old from Japan and she loves contemporary dance.
Meet Edson
00:25 — He is 24 Years old from Mission, TX and he loves contemporary dance.
2011 Dance Tour: Jordan
00:50 — Jordan looks forward to starting her career after the tour.
2011 Dance Tour: Clarice
00:50 — Clarice will get an agent and audition for everything.
Top 4 Dancer Reactions: Guys
01:30 — Ricky and Zack are headed to the finale!
2011 Dance Tour: Caitlynn
00:55 — Clarice is most excited about meeting all the fans.
The Best of Jason Derulo
01:00 — Season 12 highlights of Jason Derulo on the So You Think You can Dance judging panel!
Top 18 + Elimination: Recap
01:15 — The judges give their opinions on the two contestants from the Top 18 that were eliminated. Moises and Burim say their goodbyes for now but not foreve (more…)
Meet Your Dancers!
02:39 — Here's a little taste of what is to come from your top 20 performers!
Top 20: Recap
01:45 — Re-live the excitement in this recap of the So You Think You Can Dance Season 12 "Top 20" live performance show.
The New Look of Season 12!
01:40 — An exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the new SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE stage.
Celebrating 10 Years of Dance!
01:00 — Happy Birthday, SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE! We celebrate the show's 10th anniversary on TUE JUL 21. Here's a little sneak peek!
Season 12 Auditions: Team Street
01:05 — Are you Team Street?! Get a glimpse of what the street dancers are bringing to the competition this season!
Team Street Tip #3
00:20 — Team captain tWitch offers a piece of advice to his street dancers. Tip #3, Stay open!
Team Stage Tip #1
00:15 — Team captain Travis Wall offers a piece of advice to his stage dancers. Tip #1, find ways to challenge your body and mind.
Still Rolling: Top 20 Perform Again
02:15 — Stay tuned for the drama after the credits roll as Nick and Malene became the first eliminated contestants of the season!
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