2011 Dance Tour: Mitchell
00:45 — Mitchell looks forward to perform in his hometown.
Top 4 Dancer Reactions: Girls
01:45 — Jessica and Valerie are headed to the finale!
Recap: Season 11 Finale
01:25 — Despite three worthy Top 4 competitors, Ricky Ubeda was crowned America's favorite dancer, bringing another season of SYTYCD to a close.
2011 Dance Tour: Ricky
00:40 — Ricky looks forward to perform for everyone who has been so supportive.
G-Series Interview: Final 3
02:14 — The Final 3 contestants talk about making it the the finale.
Top 18: Recap
01:35 — Watch an exclusive interview with the judges and the eliminated dancers - Stanley and Jourdan - here!
2011 Dance Tour: Sasha
00:35 — Sasha looks forward to the memories of the tour.
Top 4: Valerie Rockey
02:07 — Valerie would like to be remembered as the tap dancer girl with red tap shoes who likes pigs and works hard to master all styles.
Top 4: Jessica Richens
02:15 — Jessica has won over the judges and the audience in what she can only describe as "a mind blowing experience."
2011 Dance Tour: Melanie
01:00 — Melanie can't wait to spend time with all the other contestants.
Earth Day Tip
00:21 — Check out this green tip from Nigel Lythgoe of "So You Think You Can Dance."
Top 4: Zack Everhart
02:16 — Self-professed "small-town tapper" Zack still feels like his entire SYTYCD experience has been a dream.
Top 4: Ricky Ubeda
02:05 — Ricky was scared out of his mind at his initial audition, but he found his confidence once he stepped on stage.
2011 Dance Tour: Jordan
00:50 — Jordan looks forward to starting her career after the tour.
Finale Recap
02:30 — Lauren Froderman was voted America's best dancer!
2011 Dance Tour: Marko
00:45 — Marko looks forward to performing without all the pressure.
Recap: L.A. Auditions
00:55 — Missed the incredible auditions in the City of Angels? Watch an exclusive interview with Cat Deeley and Nigel Lythgoe following the Season 11 L.A. aud (more…)
2011 Dance Tour: Clarice
00:50 — Clarice will get an agent and audition for everything.
Top 6 Dancer Reactions: Girls
01:45 — Find out how the girls felt about working with their respective All-Stars and choreographers last week!
Top 4 Dancer Reactions: Guys
01:30 — Ricky and Zack are headed to the finale!
2011 Dance Tour: Tadd
00:35 — Tadd listens to Disney or Orchestra music to mentally prepare himself.
2011 Dance Tour: Jess
00:50 — Jess will get to visit two hometowns.
2011 Dance Tour: Caitlynn
00:55 — Clarice is most excited about meeting all the fans.
A Day In The Life of Mary Murphy
03:15 — Our cameras followed Mary Murphy for a day!
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