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So You Think You Can Dance Episode: "Top 10 Perform"

Season 7, Episode 8
Episode Synopsis: The Top 10 dancers perform.
Original Air Date: Jun 23, 2010

So You Think You Can Dance Episode Recap: "Top 10" Season 7, Episode 8

Alex Wong disappoints, Jose goes Bollywood, the all-stars get defensive on their partners' behalves, and I actually like Melinda — although not her outfit. Shockers abound on tonight's performance show as the Top 10 take the stage!

We're back with a new performance show tonight and I have to say I'm pretty excited! I can't wait to see what Alex Wong has for us or what new kooky phrase Mia will spout out tonight. And then there's my snuggle-bunny, Kent.

Everyone starts the night with a new all-star partner, a new style, and a new question. Tonight's question is... not really a question. Contestants, you must reminisce about your childhood. And, go!

So, let's get started.

All-star: Pasha
Answer to tonight's question: During a dance recital as a child, she played a flower. Halfway through the performance her outfit ripped and she ran to her mother because her underwear was showing. Christina is fast becoming a personality favorite with me. I don't think she'll win, but I think has the potential to get votes.
Choreographer/Style: Jean-Marc Genereaux and France/Pasodoble
Song: "Ira Deorumi Sanctus" by James Dooley
Interesting music choice. They look like they're having fun, but I feel like she is starting out a bit stiff. Nice transitions though. Oh! I love the ending. Chemistry has found them at last in these final steps. Very sexy and fluid!
Judges' Opinions:
Nigel feels that lots of "power" and "passion" were needed on this number and she delivered. He's really glad she didn't get sent home.

It was the perfect partnership for Mia; she completely agrees with Nigel. Fabulous!

Adam: "Mucho Caliente!" He loves her confidence and commitment.

All-star: Allison
Answer to tonight's question: Adechike's dad was a dancer too and a lot of his childhood memories are of dance. Unfortunately, all of those memories remain in his head only. His family lost their pictures and videos in a fire when he was younger.
Choreographer/Style: Mandy Moore/Contemporary
Song: "Listen to Your Heart" by D.H.T feat. Edmee
He is trying so hard here to smile and look light-hearted, but I still don't completely believe he's in love with her. I think he's smiling because he thinks he needs to smile. His dancing is very emotive so I'm sure he is feeling the emotions inside, but maybe doesn't know how to express it. I almost wish they hadn't told him to smile.
Judges' Opinions:
Nigel sees an improvement in expression, but he doesn't want him to interrupt the emotional side with the dance steps. Aww. Nigel loves it when Adechike smiles.

Mia thinks he needs to find emotion on a consistent level. His movement inside is gorgeous, but he's so stiff on the outside that he doesn't extend.

For Adam, it isn't so much that Adechicke doesn't feel the emotion. He's dancing from his head, but there's a heaviness. He needs to learn to dance with his heart and from his heart. "Who cares what the steps are?" Sometimes you just have to let go.

All-star: Lauren
Answer to tonight's question: He used to be a tapper. Cheesy videos ensue followed by footage of a tiny Alex looking surly at ballet practice.
Choreographer/Style: Tyce Diorio/Broadway
Song: "Summertime" by Sylvester
Costumes. Too distracting. Must block shiny purple outfits. Alex is having a ton of fun during this number. He is almost too fluid though. I worry that the judge will want to see more edge from him. Splits! It's an okay performance, honestly, but just so very disappointing considering last week's stunner.
Judges' Opinions:
Nigel recommends that Alex research Bob Fosse. He really feels that Alex needs to bring more power to the dance (Told you). Everything technically is there, but he is too stiff. Nigel seems worried that he'll have to work hard to change genre.

"Sssssss!" That's what Mia wants. Oh, Mia. She wanted it to be more sinewy. She thinks the costumes communicate a sense of winter when the song is about summer.

Adam says Alex's talent is so expansive. It needs to be about his versatility and improvement, but tonight there were just not enough levels. "A lot of flash and no smolder."

All-star: Marc
Answer to tonight's question: She used to be a "girly girl." I wonder if the editing has a hand in how her personality appears, but I want her to be more interesting.
Choreographer/Style: Travis Wall/Jazz
Song: "Wonderful" by Annie Lennox
Is it just me or does Ashley stumble quite a bit in this one? She doesn't seem as smooth as last week. She's definitely more expressive, but I just don't think she's my cup of tea.
Judges' Opinions:
It's Ashley's birthday on Saturday. Her 20th birthday. I'm with Cat Deeley on this one; she's killing me.

Oooooo! Nigel doesn't think Travis really choreographed a Jazz number — it's more of a Contemporary number. Unfortunately, he doesn't think he learned anything new about her because it was the same style, essentially, as last week.

Mia loves the walk in the beginning. She feels it was a truly human moment. She wanted to see the difference in what Ashley can do, but she emphasizes that Ashley is one of her favorite girls. Still, she needs to watch her transitions.

Adam jumps on that transitions train that Mia is driving. She needs to add moments between the steps.  Of course, she needs someone to choreograph more moments to breathe in order for them to see that.

Billy Bell
All-star: Comfort
Answer to tonight's question: Billy was a fat baby. Like many children, he was forced to wear awkward outfits as a baby. Yeah, they're pretty bad.
Choreographer/Style: Lil' C/Krump
Song: "So U Think You Can Krump" by Tha J-Sound
I kind of love it. I admit I was worried for him, but he's convincing me to a certain extent. I wouldn't believe this was his style of choice but I would have guessed he'd at least danced this style before. I think his personality during the piece will win the judges over.
Judges' Opinions:
Nigel really doesn't like this style of dancing or the music. He is making enemies all over the place tonight. He celebrates Billy for giving everything he could, but he didn't quite hit what he needed to.

Mia doesn't really buy it. She thinks he "knocked on the warrior's door," but wasn't able to find his inner Krump-er.

Adam knows he tried so hard, but again he just doesn't believe Billy in this role. Comfort tries to stand up for Billy which is sweet. Adam disagrees, though, and feels it was a fun experiment that just didn't work.  It's about hit, rebound, and suspend — three things Billy failed to do successfully.

All-star: Anya
Answer to tonight's question: Robert was always dancing as a child. In other news, he wasn't cool despite his belief to the contrary.
Choreographer/Style: Jean-Marc Genereaux and France/Pasodoble /Argentine Tango
Song: "Libertango" by Bond Quartet
It's so fast. And so sexy. Is it getting hot in here? Hoo! I need a fan. I don't feel like the footwork at the end is perfect; he's not as sure as he needs to be. Still, that was a phenomenal performance. I think Nigel's comments last week about Robert being the dark horse could be very accurate.
Judges' Opinions:
Nigel emphasizes the fact that the judges have asked everyone to embrace the act of role-playing.  He thinks Robert played this part perfectly. It's one of the best routines of the night.

Mia disagrees, though. It didn't give her chills at all. She thinks Robert needed more power, more commitment. Oooo! Anya disagrees. So does Nigel. Fight! Fight! Or you could just good-naturedly decide to agree to disagree. That too.

Adam thinks Robert looked fabulous but also stressed out. Robert needs to stretch his steps more.

All-star: Ade
Answer to tonight's question: Melinda was quirky as a child because her parents stressed the arts a lot. Her first dance performance was a tap dance. Surprise!
Choreographer/Style: Stacey Tookey/Contemporary
Song: "Squander" by Skunk Anansie
I really want Melinda to impress me on this one. I want to like her. I swear! Eeek. Her outfit is seriously distracting. It looks like the Little Mermaid got hit by the propeller of a boat. She is so much better here than last week; she doesn't have the strange form that she did last week. Luckily, she isn't completely overshadowed by Ade. Sadly, the choreography isn't phenomenal for me despite the fact that I liked the idea behind the piece.
Judges' Opinions:
Nigel really loves her lines — especially since she's a tapper.

Mia enjoys the concept, but doesn't like the dress. Thank God someone else noticed that. She felt that Melinda's lines and feet were nearly perfect.

Adam also thought she was fantastic.

All-star: Katherine
Answer to tonight's question: Jose was originally into martial arts sports as a child. Then his friend introduced him to B-boy dance moves and he started battling at the age of 14.
Choreographer/Style: Nakul  Dev Mahajan/Bollywood
Song: "Marjaani Marjaani Kasame" from the Billu Barber Soundtrack
Oh crap. Katherine is really good. He's stiff, but he's pulling out quite a few moves in the beginning here.  His forms really off now, though and he's definitely not as confident as he needs to be with Bollywood dancing.
Judges' Opinions:
Nigel doesn't feel that Jose got quite as far as he needed to tonight, but the performance was still good. I also think he paid a compliment to the USA Soccer team. Color me pleased.

Mia isn't sure that what Jose did tonight is really Bollywood, but his groove made the whole number work.

Adam thinks it was "totally wrong." He says that Jose is the brightest light on the show and I have a feeling he's right about that. His smile lights up a stage.

All-star: Dominic
Answer to tonight's question: Lauren was really talkative and hyper as a young child. She was all over the place during her first dance performance.
Choreographer/Style: Tessandra Chavez/Lyrical Hip-Hop
Song: "If I Were a Boy" by Beyonce
I'm nervous. If you ruin a piece that is all about domestic abuse, it hits with a very loud thud. Good! She's connecting really well with Dominic. I really love this number. She's hitting what she needs to and she's conveying her emotions tonight instead of presenting what she thinks the judges want. Obviously, her emotions are still going after the dance as she comes to the judging area looking shell-shocked.
Judges' Opinions:
Nigel believes the performance. Welcome to Tessandra! Lauren needs to give herself a stronger base. Mia interrupts to say she has a really good butt. Heee! He feels it was a strong performance.

This piece really worked for Mia. She says it was outstanding. She wanted the abuse part of the theme to come through a bit more, but still feels it was one of the best performances of the night.

Adam knows Lauren is technically adept, but what he is most happy about is that she took his notes and that she's improving. Yeah! I was really worried about her taking his notes seriously. It was an extraordinary performance.

Aaaaah! I think Cat Deeley just inadvertently propositioned Dominic. Oh no! Her face is super red. Aww.

All-Star:  Courtney
Answer to tonight's question:  Mickey ears! This is not fair. How could I not love him? He used to be crazy as a child. No! Really?
Choreographer/Style: Tyce Diorio/Jazz
Song: "Amy Amy Amy" by Amy Winehouse
I think he's actually very manly for the most part. Cat's right — Courtney did eat him alive to a certain extent. He is learning to hold his own, though. I think the steps are more on target this week. His face was fierce.
Judges' Opinions
Nigel is happy that this piece is so certainly a jazz routine. He liked the performance, but he felt like Kent didn't have as much fun as last week. Kent was more technically accurate this week, but didn't let himself enjoy it as much. Courtney follows the example set by Comfort and by Anya by defending Kent. Nigel just shuts her down.

Mia isn't sure how she feels about it. The physicality and technical aspects were great, but there is too much "Kent." He needs to step into a more mature role and take on the characters given to him.

To Adam, it's all about finding the connection between one another in order to have that strength.

Oof. I think it was tough tonight. One of the best things about this show is that your opinion of someone's ability can really vary from week to week.  I think the bottom three is going to include Ashley, Adechike, and possibly Melinda. Christina could end up in the bottom three simply because she was first to go and it's harder to remember the performances at the top of the show.

Who do you think will be breaking out their solo shoes tomorrow night?

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Alex Wong disappoints, Jose goes Bollywood, the all-stars get defensive on their partners' behalves, and I actually like Melinda — although not her outfit. Shockers abound on tonight's performance show as the Top 10 take the stage!

We're back with a new performance show tonight and I have to say I'm pretty excited! I can't wait to see what Alex Wong has for us or what new kooky phrase Mia will spout out tonight. And then there's my snuggle-bunny, Kent.

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