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So You Think You Can Dance Episode: "So You Think You Can Dance"

Season 7, Episode 20
Episode Synopsis: The Top 4 dancers perform.
Original Air Date: Aug 4, 2010

So You Think You Can Dance Episode Recap: "The Top 4 Perform" Season 7, Episode 20

In the last performance show before the finale, both Mia and Adam get booed, Lauren captures Ade in her web (of lies!), and Robert freaks me out with a clown hip-hop routine. No, you read that right. Climb into your tiny car (of lies!) and join me for one of the best performance shows we have seen all season.

It's all up to you, America! This week, only America's votes will decide who goes home and who makes it to the Top 3. By the way, Tyce Diorio is the guest judge for tonight's proceedings, so this could get pretty interesting.

Tonight's format has changed a bit; each contestant will perform two all-star pieces.

Ooo! All four dancers have learned a group routine from Tyce Diorio.

Group Routine
Choreographer/Style: Tyce Diorio/Broadway
Song: "The Crapshooter's Dance" from Guys and Dolls (The 50th Anniversary Production)
Other than a few moves, this is a pretty lackluster routine. No one really commands the stage and the steps seem just so-so.
Judges' Opinions:
Tyce claims that Kent stood out, Lauren and Robert were good, and Adechike needs to add more fight.

Nigel knows that everyone is hoping to make it into the finale, but someone will be disappointed tomorrow night. Sheesh, even the judges' comments are very generic.

Lauren's First All-Star Dance
All-Star: Pasha
Choreographer/Style: Miriam Larici and Leonardo Barrionuevo/Argentine Tango
Song: "Oblivion" by Astor Piazzolla
Lauren's form is absolutely beautiful and the lifts in this piece are fantastic. The choreography isn't exactly what I expected but it. Is. Hot.
Judge's Opinions:
Nigel's eyes "steamed up in the middle of it." Lauren's control was great and she has really shown why she belongs in the Top Four.

Tyce gives Lauren props for giving the audience...a bunch of unintelligible sounds. I think he's trying to say she brought passion and a certain steamy tension.

Mia says Lauren became a woman tonight. It felt voyeuristic and Mia loved that aspect.

Adam celebrates the Prop 8 repeal for a moment, but then gushes over Lauren. "You used your legs like they were arms." I think he's used that comment before, but it still works so I'll let it pass.

Tonight, we will go back and learn more about each dancer's life before the show.  First up is Lauren, of course.

Lauren's Life Before Dance: Lauren was still in high school before the show and now has graduated. During school she was involved in practically every club you can think of. She was a cheerleader!

Dance Tour tickets are on sale.

Adechike's First All-Star Dance
All-Star: Lauren
Choreographer/Style: Sean Cheeseman/African Jazz
Song: "The Path" by Ralph MacDonald
Adechike really does seem to come alive during this dance and it's a lot of fun to watch. Lauren still seems to command the audience's attention at moments, however, which is very rare with all the other top four dancers. I worry that Adechike just doesn't have enough presence to win this show.
Judge's Opinions:
Nigel would like to see Adechike's back be a little looser during the number. Otherwise, it was a lot of fun to watch for everyone and he looked like he was having fun.

Tyce loves Lauren, but doesn't really believe that Adechike was grounded in the story of the piece. He doesn't have the energy that the dance requires.

Mia brings it down and says she didn't really like the routine. Adechike's "tightness" stops him from bringing elation to the piece. It isn't perfection and it should be by this point in the competition.

Adam wants Adechike to lose his center and embrace the feeling of the piece.

And for some reason we don't get Adechike's story about life before Dance. Hopefully, they'll squeeze that in later.

Robert's First All-Star Dance
All-Star: Anya
Choreographer/Style:  Jonathan Roberts/Viennese Waltz
Song: "Lost" by Anouk
This is Jonathan Roberts' first time choreographing for the show and the first time he's choreographed a contemporary dancer who is not trained in ballroom. Hopefully this goes better than he thinks it will. I can already tell that Robert is a little bumpy on his form in the beginning.  He also looks very concerned, maybe a little worried; it detracts from any possible emotional connection to the piece. Well, until the end that is. Those last moments were great.
Judge's Opinions:
Nigel compliments Jonathan Roberts on making a dance that is usually very stiff into a much more interesting piece. I'm contradicted almost immediately when Nigel proceeds to compliment Robert on his form. Well, shows what I know.

Tyce thinks that Robert has adapted to the ballroom style and has now "become" that style.

Mia calls Robert "the prince of this season." She would love to see the dance again. Sometimes, however, she can see him thinking about the competition and she wants him to let that go and just enjoy the ride.

Adam thinks Robert was brilliant and that this performance could change the competition.

Robert's Life Before Dance: When his mom and dad separated, Robert was only twelve and went through a really tough time. His mom's new husband quickly became part of the family, though. Now, Robert lives in West Hollywood with four roommates including Channing from season six.

Cat asks Robert what moment in the competition has stood out for him and he admits that arriving in Hollywood with the rest of the Top 11 was a phenomenal experience.  When asked what routine has stood out for him, he replies that — obviously — the Travis Wall "Fix You" piece is his favorite. It stands out for all of us, hon. Cat gets awful cozy with Robert during this segment by the way and he apparently doesn't mind at all.

Kent's First All-Star Dance
All-Star: Courtney
Choreographer/Style: Doriana Sanchez/Disco
Song: "When Love Takes Over" by David Guetta feat. Kelly Rowland
This is not a disco song. Just for the record in case anyone out there was confused. Kent's face continues to do that thing that Mia hates. I really think it wouldn't bother me that much if it weren't for the fact that he did it last week as well. That being said, the moves are fantastic and the above the head spin looked great.
Judge's Opinions:
Nigel asks if this is the first time Kent has done anything like this routine — the answer is "yes." If Kent had let his face go completely wild, this routine could have been super cheesy. In Nigel's opinion, however, that didn't happen and Kent really saved himself because Nigel was ready to tear into him before the performance.

Tyce compliments Kent on doing a good job, but wants him to do research on the style to understand the look and feel of professional disco.

Mia was impressed by the partnering, but overall she felt that the number came across as a little squat and immature. This was Kent's worst performance of the season for her. Boos from the audience drown out her last words, though I'm hardly surprised since the first five rows seem entirely made up of girls under the age of 15.

Adam is pretty much in agreement with Mia. Even louder boos ensue. His point, however, is that this dance brought out Kent's youth more than any other dance.  Disco needs a little "Rico Suave" and "Blue Steel" in terms of attitude.  This performance was too bouncy and happy.

Kent's Life Before Dance: Kent lives in a farm community and he knows pretty much everyone from his hometown. For most of his life, Kent was a soccer player but gave it up in his junior year of high school in order to concentrate on dance. Now, he is known as the dancer in his town.

After the taped segment, Cat decides to chat with Kent. She asks what surprised him the most about the competition.  "The whole experience" has surprised him, to be honest.  He wants everyone to know that you don't have to come from a big city to be successful; you just have to have passion and drive. He gets flustered toward the end, but it's all very sweet.

Lauren's Second All-Star Dance
All-Star: Ade
Choreographer/Style: Sean Cheeseman/Jazz
Song: "Hide U (John Creamer & Stephane K Remix)" by Kosheen
Oo! Great concept for Lauren, methinks; she can really pull off the black widow thing well. The hand choreography section alone deserves a little round of applause. Nice lift!
Judges' Opinions:
Nigel liked the lift too! Lauren gave the very masculine moves a very feminine edge.

Tyce liked the attitude, but wanted a little more ferociousness from the ending position. Still, the show hasn't really had many girls of Lauren's caliber.

Mia calls Lauren a "beast." She is a strong female dancer, though the sexual chemistry was lacking in certain places.

Adam wants to hire Lauren. It would be his privilege to work with her.

Adechike's Second All-Star Dance
All-Star: Katherine
Choreographer/Style: Dwight Rohden & Desmond Richardson/Jazz
Song: "Fearless Love" by Melissa Etheridge
Did I miss the mention of this dance's style? I think it's mostly Jazz with other styles mixed in, but let me know if anyone else heard a differently. I don't know if Adechike has loosened up entirely, but I feel like he's definitely trying to just enjoy the dance and let himself go. I feel like this pair also has more of a connection and that helps.
Judges' Opinions:
Nigel knows Adechike must feel honored to work with Dwight and Desmond.  He has shown his talents throughout this season, but he started to show his exhaustion toward the end of this particular piece.

Tyce wants to celebrate Adechike's position. He just needs to go a little farther and, unfortunately, has a lot farther to go.

Mia feels that Adechike has the potential to become a "superhero of dance." She saw moments of greatness coming through, but then she saw the wear and tear coming through. More importantly, though, he's moving and growing.

Adam thinks Adechike laid it all out there and he's proud of him. All of the judges seem convinced he'll be the one going home tomorrow night. To be fair, that does seem like a good bet.

Ahh. Here's the missing "life before Dance" segment.

Adechike's Life Before Dance: Adechike comes from Brooklyn where he's had to fight his whole life to be true to his dreams of being a dancer. In order to audition for the LaGuardia Performing Arts High School, he composed his own solo while his friends had teachers and instructors to help them. All of Adechike's friends, teachers, and families are proud of him.

Adechike tears up as he thanks everyone for the opportunity to participate in Dance. Aw. I feel like even he thinks he's going home tomorrow night.

Robert's Second All-Star Dance
All-Star: Dominic
Choreographer/Style: Napoleon and Tabitha Dumo/Hip-Hop
Song: "Scars" by Basement Jaxx feat. Kelis, Meleka & Chipmunk
It's a clown hip-hop number! I don't know whether to be excited or terrified. These personas add an interesting element to the dancing. Robert could probably be sharper in his movements, but he sells the style so completely that I don't care.
Judges' Opinions:
Nigel loves the creative choreography and hopes Robert and Dominic get to perform this piece on tour. Robert was brilliant.

Tyce thinks Robert really "showed up to this piece." He made the number magic.

Mia loves the "hip hop" theater concept. Robert committed to everything — the character, the moves.  Overall, he's had an amazing evening.

Adam thinks Robert out-danced Dominic. I don't know if that's true, but it's a nice compliment. "This night is yours," he ends.

Kent's Second All-Star Dance
All-Star: Neil
Choreographer/Style: Travis Wall/Contemporary
Song: "How It Ends" by  DeVotchKa
I like these two men together. As you all know by now, I prefer those pieces with a clear story and this is a perfect example of that. Both Neil and Kent just look beautiful and, to top it all off, Kent's face is fantastic. He is much more in control of his expression here and it adds a layer of depth to the routine that his disco number just didn't have. The throws and the jumps are amazing as well.
Judges' Opinions:
Nigel calls the piece "chilling." It is the dance of the night for him. Kent booked a place in the finale with that performance.

Tyce says excellence was "just delivered by the choreographer, the dancer, and the All-Star."

Mia can't find the words and is moved by the emotion of the piece. The combination of all three participants was perfect.

Adam is excited by Travis Wall's future. If this were the finale, Adam thinks Kent would have just won the show.

And that ends the show tonight. Wow. Well, I think the bottom three is pretty obvious — it's everyone except Kent. My guess is that Adechike will go home and I think he would definitely be the right choice. I'm not sure he can really compete, as brilliant as he is, at the same level as the other dancers. But I've been wrong before so we may be saying good-bye to Robert or Lauren tomorrow night. Remember that this week it is the audience vote that determines who will go home, so make your voice heard!

Who are you voting for tonight? Do you predict any major surprises on tomorrow night's results show? Does anyone believe Kent won't be the top dancer this season?

Give us a shout down below and then join me tomorrow night for our last normal non-finale results show. See you tomorrow!

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In the last performance show before the finale, both Mia and Adam get booed, Lauren captures Ade in her web (of lies!), and Robert freaks me out with a clown hip-hop routine. No, you read that right. Climb into your tiny car (of lies!) and join me for one of the best performance shows we have seen all season.

It's all up to you, America! This week, only America's votes will decide who goes home and who makes it to the Top 3. By the way, Tyce Diorio is the guest judge for tonight's proceedings, so this could get pretty interesting.

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