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So You Think You Can Dance Episode: "So You Think You Can Dance"

Season 7, Episode 18
Episode Synopsis: The Top 6 dancers perform.
Original Air Date: Jul 28, 2010

So You Think You Can Dance Episode Recap: "The Top 6 Perform" Season 7, Episode 18

Toni Reopath guest judges, Billy blows everyone away, and Kent continues to annoy Mia with her face. This performance episode features some phenomenal dancing so let's dive in and please try to avoid the "crunchy" dance moves that Mia hates so much.

No injuries! Woo hoo! The dancers are still dancing three times in one show, though, so who knows how long this good streak will last.

The new guest judge this week is ballroom expert Toni Reopath.

Let's get right to the dancing.

Kent's All-Star Dance
All-Star: Anya
Choreographer/Style: Jean-Marc Genereux and France/Cha Cha
Song: "My First Kiss" by 30H!3 feat. Ke$ha
I think this routine might qualify as a felony. Kent is still doing that thing with his face that Mia hates, but his attitude is great. And the director embraces the wide shot finally so we actually get to see his awesome foot work. I do hate this song's "kissy kissy" noises, though.
Judge's Opinions:

Nigel is happy that Kent has become a "man" dancer. Kent's hands curl up a bit, but otherwise a really good effort.

Toni thinks this number was better than Kent's original attempt at the Cha Cha. Kent's moves were greatk, but in an attempt to be as manly as possible, he may have hunched his shoulders a bit too much.

Mia thinks the whole piece was a little "crunchy" aka there wasn't as much flow. Also, the face thing. Oooo! Kent, in an effort to defend his face, comes across as a little cheeky. You have to watch that, kiddo. I understand what he's saying but he does have to be more conscious when he's onstage.

Adam also wants Kent to dance with more length. Still, Kent should breathe, relax, and realize he is a fantastic dancer.

Robert's All-Star Dance
All-Star: Kathryn
Choreographer/Style: Stacey Tookey/Contemporary
Song: "Heaven Is A Place On Earth" by Katie Thompson
It's an interesting inspiration for this piece — soldiers going off to war and saying good-bye to those they love. I like how much the steps have been allowed to breathe. Robert doesn't have a whole lot to do I think, but he is partnering really well. Good twist at the end there with Kathryn being the one going off to war.
Judge's Opinions:
Nigel loves the connectivity and the twist. Robert, despite his goofy beginning on the show, has really matured as a dancer. He's growing and becoming better.

Toni's criteria for watching male dancers has to do with how well he partners with a dancer. Would she want to be the woman he's dancing with? Her answer is yes.

Mia is very clearly moved by the tenderness of the piece. Robert does need to let the emotions be the catalyst for his movements, but it was beautiful.

Adam finds Kathryn to be stunning and Robert met her there.

Before everyone performs their solo this week, we get to hear what all of the other dancers have to say about him/her. First up is...

Jose's Solo
What the other dancers had to say: Lauren says he's adorably clueless. Billy calls Jose a "wise tortoise." Robert finds him to be smooth and kind-hearted. He is very focused according to Kent and he's like a brother to Adechike.
Song: "Giant Squid" by RJD2
Jose is definitely improving when it comes to his B-Boy moves; he is slowly working towards dancing more off the ground. Overall, though, he just can't compete with the B-Boys of the past seasons.

This Friday tickets go on sale for the Dance tour!

Adechike's All-Star Dance
All-Star: Courtney
Choreographer/Style: Tyce Diorio/Jazz
Song: "Manteca" by Dizzy Gillespie
Fun! Adechike is certainly having lots of it during this number. His joy is evident and all of the jumps and kicks look fantastic.
Judge's Opinions:
Adam says a dirty word! Ha! "LA won't see that." No, but we could certainly guess. Basically, Adechike killed it though he does need to relax a bit more in his moves.

Mia's nerves are shot thanks to Adam. Still, she manages to convey her love of the music. Adechike is a powerful athlete, but he needs to balance that athleticism with style and finesse.

Toni could certainly tell that Adechike had fun. Outstanding.

Nigel wanted to see more abandon from Adechike. He needs to look like it hasn't been choreographed and let himself go. Enjoy it!

Lauren's Solo
What the other dancers had to say: Kent can barely get out more than "Lauren is a girl." Billy reveals that Lauren lives in an imaginary world. Robert and Adechike says she's hyper and Jose rather sweetly calls her the baby sister.
Song: "(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman" by Aretha Franklin
Speaking of dancers who have matured, Lauren looks great. Period. She has embraced the idea of "dancing with abandon" wholeheartedly.

Jose's All-Star Dance
All-Star: Comfort
Choreographer/Style: Marty Kudelka and Dana Wilson/Hip Hop
Song: "Try a Little Tenderness" by Otis Redding
According to all of the rehearsal videos, this dance is all about connection. Comfort looks gorgeous. Jose definitely looks better in this piece than he's looked in weeks. I don't really feel the connection between the two, though, and there is a sharpness missing from most of the moves. The story of the two meeting in a club and coming together is completely lost on me.
Judge's Opinions:
Nigel liked the routine's old school feel. Apparently, the reason why Jose wasn't in the group dance routines is because he pulled a groin muscle. Nigel says this is the first he's noticed Jose's absence from those large group numbers on the results shows. I'll be honest and say I lost everyone in the crowd last week and didn't notice Jose's absence from the group number either, but I think it's strange that none of the choreographers would have mentioned such an injury before.

Toni disagrees with Nigel about Jose. She loved the character of the dance.

Mia disagrees with Toni; there was no swag. Jose didn't tap into Marty Kudelka's gift for smoothness and as a result he came off as kooky.

Adam simply recommends that Jose dance the intention of the character; everything is powered by the relationship and the story.

Billy's Solo
What the other dancers had to say: Adechike confesses that Billy is really messy and Kent says he's really helpful. Focused, yet funny is Lauren's description and Jose tells us that Billy is surprising loud. Robert calls Billy a "nutjob that I love."
Song: "Lights Go Down" by Telepathe
Interesting song choice for Billy and a different character than we usually see him dance. He is wonderfully lithe.

Kent's Solo
What the other dancers had to say: Lauren thinks he's cute and Billy thinks of him as a baby brother. The story from the rest of the dancers is that he's kind, generous, and quite the lady's man.
Song: "A Song For You" by Elliott Yamin
Kent appears to be trying to control his face; his expressions are much more subdued. He seems to really connect with the piece here as well. While the moves themselves don't necessarily wow, there is something about the number that is electric.

Lauren's All-Star Dance
All-Star: Allison
Choreographer/Style: Tyce Diorio /Broadway
Song: "Who's Got the Pain" from Damn Yankees (the 1994 original Broadway cast)
It's the first all girl number this season which really is a crying shame. These two ladies just smash the routine to bits with acrobatic moves and high kicks. Everything is fast and upbeat and beautifully danced. I felt like I was watching something out of Chicago.
Judge's Opinions:
Adam looks terrified, but manages to get out that he thinks of Lauren as an all-star now.

Mia agrees that there was nothing to critique from this number. It isn't the most memorable piece, but both Lauren and Allison kill this piece.

Toni thought the strength of the piece was sexy and she loved Lauren's face the whole time.

Nigel slips up and calls the show American Idol. Sacrilege! Lauren matched the strength and energy of the original in Nigel's mind.

Robert's Solo
What the other dancers had to say: According to Lauren and Billy, Robert likes to sing. Someone told Robert he had arrogant sideburns, apparently. That's what Adechike says anyway. I bet that person ended their message with arrogant emoticons. And yes, I may have spent a full two minutes trying to come up with an arrogant emoticon. What's it to ya? Everyone pretty much confirms that Robert's a goofy, goofy kid
Song: "A Beautiful Mess (from A Raining Jane Sessions)" by Jason Mraz
I think Robert is another dancer growing from the critiques of weeks past. He is slowly breaking down that wall and allowing himself to open up to the audience. Unfortunately, he still lacks an electric quality and that might get him kicked off far too soon.

Billy's All-Star Dance
All-Star: Ade
Choreographer/Style: Stacey Tookey/Contemporary
Song: "Mad World (Alternate)" by Michael Andrews feat. Gary Jules
I really admire Stacey Tookey's themes and the messages she works to convey through her routines. Also, her song choices. Wow. It's only a few seconds in and I think I can safely say this is absolutely one of the best routines we've seen this season. When we talk about possible Emmy nominations, this piece should be a shoe-in. Wonderful. Just beautiful. All of the judges except for Nigel give a standing ovation. Oh, Nigel. Don't be that guy.
Judge's Opinions:
Nigel asks about Billy's knee and gives himself props for keeping Billy around for another week. That dance was brilliant and so full of emotion. Thanks to Stacey for bringing that routine.

Toni stopped seeing the dancing and was lost in the story. In other words, it was a rare thing of beauty for her.

Mia calls the dance "sheer perfection." Again, props to Stacey. Definitely Mia's favorite performance from Billy this season — and mine too! Whether he wins or loses, he has gained respect as an up-and-coming dancer.

Adam thinks Billy was just "born" on this show. He has finally become the dancer they thought he could be and that piece was magnificent. It was art.

Adechike's Solo
What the other dancers had to say: Haha. Mostly, there's a long list of fantastic nicknames. Adechike is everyone's friend and every single competitor's face lights up when talking about him. Oh, and he's definitely a lady's man.
Song: "Pretty Wings" by Maxwell
Really beautiful. Watching the solo's this week has been great. I no longer feel like the dancers are overwhelmed; they really have come into their own in the last two to three weeks. I think Adechike has really taken any criticism to heart and is truly trying to grow from all that has been thrown at him.

Competitor Dance No. 1: Jose and Kent
Choreographer/Style: Spencer Liff/Broadway
Song: "From This Moment On" from the Kiss Me Kate Soundtrack
Jose is definitely learning, but I don't think it's going to be enough in as short of time as he has. Kent literally throws his body offstage in the end. I love the personality of the number.
Judges' Opinions:
Adam is impressed by the genuine '40s feel of the routine. Kent is born to do this though he needs to have more breadth to his hands. Jose was unbelievable considering his lack of training.

Mia: "frickin' fantabulous." Kent just found his home — everything about this style fits him like a glove. Even his faces! Jose obviously isn't a trained dancer — it's clear on stage — but he kept up.

Toni doesn't know if it is luck or skill, but this dance really suited Jose. The characters allowed Jose to get away with a lack of training. Kent is a contender, though.

Nigel liked the choreography, liked Kent as he always does. Jose was probably at a disadvantage dancing with Kent because the differing levels in skill became much more blatant. Still, Jose should be proud.

Competitor Dance No. 2: Lauren and Adechike
Choreographer/Style: Jean-Marc Genereaux and France/Fox Trot
Song: "Fever" by Beyonce
Lauren works the booty and the body rolls on this one. I do think Adechike suffers a bit in this routine only because Lauren is so captivating. It is very sultry though.
Judges' Opinions:
Nigel noticed a few little steps that are not correct for the ballroom style. The routine left him a little "meh" in comparison to the other numbers this week.

Toni points out that while the choreography is fantastic, it doesn't look right because neither Lauren nor Adechike are trained ballroom dancers.

Mia felt that Adechike had some great moments as a partner but there was a disconnect when he stepped away from Lauren. Meanwhile, Lauren looked like she had danced the piece a million times.

Adam saw Lauren as just dancing and not competing. Adechike looked concerned about being there for Lauren as a partner; something he shouldn't show. He should just be there for her and not sorry about it.

Competitor Dance No. 3: Robert and Billy
Choreographer/Style: Nakul Dev Mahajan /Bollywood
Song: "Ganesh" from the Bombay Dreams Soundtrack
Now this looks like Bollywood! Maybe these are the two dancers who best suit this style really because they both have great form, but both bring their own personality to the dance. Robert especially brings a phenomenal joy to the routine. They both make it look so easy.

Judges' Opinions:
Nigel congratulates the two on one of the best Bollywood routines. Robert's finishing moves were great and, hopefully, Billy's knee is okay.

Toni loves Robert. He's a "big cheesy hamburger" and she is really into hamburgers. Both of the dancers were great, but she loved Robert more.

And Mia loves Billy. There was nothing wrong despite the difficulty of the choreography. 

For Adam, these two just split the vote. Billy surged tonight, but Robert was brilliant. He doesn't want to choose between the two.

Crap. Lauren's with the medic now so we may have another injury on our hands. She has seemed sick throughout this week's show so, hopefully, it will just be a matter of bed rest.

Tonight really was a night of fantastic performances. Honestly, I think if you compared these dancers to their first night of competition, they would probably be embarrassed. So much growth has occurred in the span of just a few weeks.

Even the judges seem convinced Jose is finally going home and from those last couple comments, I can only assume they think Robert and Billy will end up in the bottom three as well. I'm not as convinced though. I think it's possible Adechike will end up in the bottom three with Robert and Jose. Billy's all-star piece was just so lovely that I cannot see him ending up in the bottom three.

My prediction is that Robert and Jose will go home tomorrow night. Do you think I'm right or will tomorrow's results show shock us all over again? Are there any more tricks up Nigel's sleeve? Check in with us tomorrow night after the results show and keep your fingers crossed for Ms. Lauren in the mean time.

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Toni Reopath guest judges, Billy blows everyone away, and Kent continues to annoy Mia with her face. This performance episode features some phenomenal dancing so let's dive in and please try to avoid the "crunchy" dance moves that Mia hates so much.

No injuries! Woo hoo! The dancers are still dancing three times in one show, though, so who knows how long this good streak will last.

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