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So You Think You Can Dance Episode: "So You Think You Can Dance"

Season 7, Episode 16
Episode Synopsis: The Top 6 dancers perform.
Original Air Date: Jul 21, 2010

So You Think You Can Dance Episode Recap: "The Top 6 Perform" Season 7, Episode 16

Three times a charm for injured dancers! Can you guess who is sitting out this week? The Scooby kids are on the case. Meanwhile, in the B plot, Adechike wows with an emotional hip hop number, Kenny Ortega guest judges, and Dance celebrates its 150th episode.

Aaaaaand now Billy's been injured. No, I'm not kidding. He's missing from the opening introductions and you know what that means. This season is so cursed.

After a little mugging from the judges — and the introduction of Kenny Ortega as a guest judge — Cat confirms my suspicions. At least Billy has been told by his doctors that he could dance still.

Alex is in the audience! Awwww.

This week, each dancer will perform with a new all-star as well as a competitor, and will also perform a solo. Really, Nigel? You can't figure out why all of your dancers keep getting injured?

Lauren's All-Star Dance
All-Star: Twitch
Choreographer/Style: Tabitha and Napoleon Dumo/Hip Hop
Song: "My Chicks Bad" by Ludacris and Nicki Manaj
Lauren's a little too smooth at first, but she starts popping every move once the song gets going. She definitely handles Twitch well though. Haha. She's using that booty once again. And she actually rides away on Twitch horsey style. No, really.
Judge's Opinions:
Adam is blown away by Lauren. She isn't the girl who auditioned in Vegas.

Mia thinks Lauren went "so hard." At this point, she's letting go and is retaining her sexy demeanor while still being tough.

Kenny professes a great love of So You Think You Can Dance. He loves the power she brought to the dance.

Nigel likes the edge we get to see from Lauren in this piece. More importantly, Lauren has taken everything they've thrown at her and grown from every performance.

Twitch is tickled by Nigel's use of "nasty buck" as a compliment. Yeah, okay. I giggled at that one too.

Jose's All-Star Dance
All-Star: Allison
Choreographer/Style: Sonya Tayeh/Contemporary
Song: "Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind" by Jon Brion
Sonya's concept for this piece is just beautiful. That idea of dancing on the edge as a metaphor for love is fantastic. And, by God, do I love Allison. Jose's actually doing pretty well with the movements. Oof. Up until there. It's always when he has to do something with actual form that he looks awkward and stilted. I also think his flailing has a little less purpose than Allison's if that makes any sense.
Judge's Opinions:
Adam points out that Jose's commitment, character work, and partner work was excellent, but since there wasn't much in the way of conventional dance, it is very difficult to critique Jose's technique.

Mia agrees with Adam, but also admits that this was more of a pedestrian contemporary piece — i.e. less technical. She hasn't seen much growth for Jose since his last contemporary piece that she says she would also classify as pedestrian.

Kenny loved Sonya's aspect of the piece and calls Allison "breathless." He feels that Jose was a perfect partner for Allison.

Nigel freely admits that this piece covers up Jose's weaknesses and seems to love that aspect of the performance. He also ends with an echo of Adam's comments about commitment.

Robert's All-Star Dance
All-Star:  Lauren
Choreographer/Style: Tyce Diorio/Jazz
Song: "Wasted Time" by My Life with the Thrill Kill Cult
Well, the costumes are certainly appreciated. Robert really conveys sensuality well. This piece has a great combination of difficulty, form, and movement. I really like it. It's definitely not my favorite dance, but it certainly pulls off its purpose
Judge's Opinions:
Adam tries his best to recover from the smoking hot-ness of the piece. Robert is so strong in all areas, though he has to watch his hands when they aren't choreographed. 

Mia likes the clean and strong aspect of the piece without a story and appreciates how Tyce highlighted Robert's abilities. She points out a little head jerk, but seems to like the performance overall. Honestly, it's hard to tell from her tone.

Kenny loves the turmoil of the piece juxtaposed with the fluidity of the movement.

Nigel agrees with all of the previous judges saying the movement was almost completely smooth — apart from that one jerk of the head that Mia mentioned.

Adechike's Solo
Message from Home:
Adechike's mom talks about how much joy Adechike has always found in dancing. He has something deep inside.
Song: "This Woman's Work" by Maxwell
During this performance, you can really tell how much work Adechike has put into connecting with his dancing and with his own emotions. To paraphrase Nigel, he really loses himself in the piece.

Kent's All-Star Dance
All-Star: Kathryn
Choreographer/Style: Sonya Tayeh/Jazz
Song: "Tightrope" by Janelle Monae
Wow is this dance fast; it's so upbeat and pop for a Sonya piece. Huh. I can't tell if they were supposed to go opposite directions there. The camera angle may have distorted that move a bit.
Judge's Opinions:
Adam tries very hard to embarrass Kent and kind of succeeds. Essentially, Kent is a special boy who killed it tonight.

Mia is hung up on Kent's face which confuses me because I think his animated face works really well in a piece like this.

Kenny loves the choreography again, but Kent is absolutely awesome. Last week's performance was like watching a young Gene Kelly and he's the one to beat.

Nigel agrees that Kent's face can get in the way sometimes, but he didn't see it this week. He feels that Kent out-danced the all-stars both last week with Neil and this week with Kathryn. 

Robert's Solo
Message from Home:
Robert's mom admires her son's focus. In a very frank moment, his dad admits he was stunned when confronted with the idea of So You Think You Can Dance, but now sees Robert as "the man."
Song: "Parachutes" by Trevor Hall
Beautiful movement, wonderful falls. Not that you would expect anything less. And it's Robert's birthday. I will spare all of you the mention of his age.

Lauren's Solo
Message from Home:
Both of Lauren's parents emphasize how well-rounded Lauren is and how many things she has achieved in her young life. A classroom full of kids that Lauren volunteers with, sing out a chorus of "We love Ms. Lauren" and my ovaries do a little dance. Darn kids with their cute faces and heart gestures.
Song: "The Waves" by Elisa
Lauren, as Nigel said before, has really come such a long way from the Vegas auditions. She is just wonderful and looks absolutely radiant during her piece.

Adechike's All-Star Dance
All-Star: Comfort
Choreographer/Style: Tabitha and Napoleon Dumo/Hip Hop
Song: "Fallin" by Alicia Keyes
I really enjoy the Hip Hop routines with a story; it places what we often think of a street dance into the context of life. The emotion from Comfort is really great. That's not to say he doesn't sell the number, but she really brings the story to life. Both Comfort and Adechike are so completely in it with this dance. Wait, is it just me or are they off just slightly on some of the moves? I only noticed it in the second playing, but did anyone else notice that? Maybe it was purposeful.
Judge's Opinions:
Adam didn't even feel like he was watching a dance; he was just so caught up in the story.

Mia is shocked — it was like watching "dance film." Adechike just has so much and let so much out on the floor. And Comfort is like Mary J. Blige in a dancer.

Kenny compliments Tabitha and Napoleon on what they created. "It's like if Wesley Snipes could dance."

Nigel thinks it's difficult to critique the dancing in this number, but this performance exemplifies honesty in dance.

Jose's Solo
Message from Home:
Jose's mom gets goose bumps when she watches him dance. He has accomplished so much in such a short time. Jose's dad is surprised by how serious Jose is about dancing.
Song: "Give it up or Turnit a Loose" by James Brown
Jose works that floor. I just wish he could bring something new — maybe incorporate some of those contemporary or Jazz moves as a reminder that he is learning. I don't feel like his dancing has really changed from the third week.

Kent's Solo
Message from Home:
Kent is an "upstanding man" according to his Dad. Both of his parents seem floored by their son's ability.
Song: "End of the Road (A Capella)" by Boyz II Men
Okay, I'm pretty much sold by song choice alone. Don't judge me. Kent's face does that thing Mia hates so much, but it comes across as genuine. I wonder if what the judges sometimes see as fake is actually a genuine joy for dance. Hmmm. I'll have to keep an eye on that.

Competitor Dance No. 1: Robert and Lauren
Choreographer/Style: Dmitry Chaplin/Samba
Song: "Drummer Boy (SYTYCD Remix)" by Debi Nova
I'm so excited by this pairing! Lauren is playing a bit more to the audience than I would like, but I know part of that is the style. Oh my, he just walked her through his legs. Lauren's booty should be a separate contestant this week — that's how much it's been featured.
Judges' Opinions:
Adam wants a t-shirt that says "You shot me with your butt." Me too, Adam, me too. Robert had great partner work and Lauren has great foot work.

Mia is really pleased with Robert — he looked like a Samba dancer. Lauren, however, is almost always in plié and it takes away from her butt. No! Not her butt!

Kenny says "two out of two" for Robert. Nothing really for Lauren.

Nigel is moved by all of the parents' messages in tonight's show. Robert, meanwhile, looks like a professional Samba dancer. Nigel agrees with Mia about Lauren turning out a bit too much but is pleased overall.

Competitor Dance No. 2: Jose and Adechike
Choreographer/Style: Dmitry Chaplin/Pasodoble
Song: "The Arrival/Rampage/Continued Existence" by James Dooley
Already Adechike is out-dancing Jose and all they're doing is twirling capes. I can totally believe Adechike as a matador, but Jose looks too much like he's playing make believe. That having been said, I feel like this is the strongest we have ever seen Jose dance. At this point in the competition, though, he should be much stronger in comparison to other dancers.
Judges' Opinions:
Adam appreciates the connection between the two dancers. Jose needs to work on his technique. Adechike needs to work a sense of abandon.

Mia admits the dance was aesthetically beautiful, but the technique for both was a bit wobbly. 

Kenny thinks it was a valiant effort.  He seems unsure of the choreography.

Nigel agrees with the "valiant effort" comments, but thinks the pair is way off mark in comparison to the dancers who typically tackle this type of dance. He found the performance a little lacking.

Competitor Dance No. 3: Kent and Twitch
Choreographer/Style: Chuck Maldonado/Stepping
Song: "Pro Nails (Rusko Remix)" by Kid Sister
So, this is another dance completely new to Dance and I'm not sure how to critique the style. Kent really pales in comparison to Twitch I think. He keeps up rhythm-wise, but definitely can't sell it in the same way at least not during the A cappella section in the beginning. Once the actual steps kick in, though, Kent starts to bring the attitude a little more. For me, it's a little lackluster.
Judges' Opinions:
Adam thanks the producers and the choreographers for bringing a new style to the audience of Dance. Kent killed it.

Mia loves the disgusting and gross aspect of the dance. The chemistry between Twitch and Kent is amazing. I agree with her on that one — these two have a lot of fun together.

Kenny compares what Kent did tonight to someone suiting up to go into battle.

Nigel complains that this isn't the first time stepping has appeared on the show; he in fact choreographed a stepping routine with Chuck Maldonado in an earlier season. Still, he feels that Kent brought this style to the Dance stage in a big way. Nigel is sad that Billy couldn't dance this week though because he knows that Billy would have done really well with the routine.

Cat brings out a cake for the 150th episode and signs us off. Am I the only person who has had all normal-looking celebratory cakes ruined by the Ace of Cakes people? Seriously, why didn't you let Duff take a whack at that one?

Well, ultimately, the performances this week don't measure up to last week's numbers, but I think a lot of dancers stepped outside their comfort zone and took chances.

Bottom two predictions: Jose and Robert. I don't really believe Robert deserves to be there, but I have a hard time seeing Adechike end up in the bottom two. Billy might have a fighting chance of staying in the competition since his injury isn't as serious, but who knows?

New question for the lovely readers: Do you feel like any of the performances from this season will be all-time favorites? Which pieces have ranked high on your list? Let us know and I'll see you all right back here for tomorrow's results show.

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Three times a charm for injured dancers! Can you guess who is sitting out this week? The Scooby kids are on the case. Meanwhile, in the B plot, Adechike wows with an emotional hip hop number, Kenny Ortega guest judges, and Dance celebrates its 150th episode.

Aaaaaand now Billy's been injured. No, I'm not kidding. He's missing from the opening introductions and you know what that means. This season is so cursed.

After a little mugging from the judges — and the introduction of Kenny Ortega as a guest judge — Cat confirms my suspicions. At least Billy has been told by his doctors that he could dance still.

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