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So You Think You Can Dance Episode: "So You Think You Can Dance"

Season 7, Episode 14
Episode Synopsis: The Top 7 dancers perform.
Original Air Date: Jul 14, 2010

So You Think You Can Dance Episode Recap: "The Top 7 Perform" Season 7, Episode 14

Oh, Boys! The men rule the show this week, another dancer gets injured, Dance has its first Tahitian performance, and Mia finally has criticism for Jose. Witness the miracle that is this week's performance show!

Cat explains the format, introduces the judges, and then tells us that Ashley is injured too. This season is definitely cursed. At least she's only injured her ribs instead of her Achilles, so hopefully she will be back next week.

We also get an update on Alex. He had surgery on Monday to reattach his Achilles tendon (eek) and Alex, via cell phone video, tells us that it seems to have gone well.

All of the contestants pick their partners for the all-star and the competitor routines. I cry foul that Jose and Dominic get paired up together. Jose just happens to get a gold star that just happens to be Dominic with a B-Boy routine. Riiiiight.

Okay, well onto the dancing!

Lauren's All-Star Dance
All-Star: Marc
Choreographer/Style: Tiana Liufau /Tahitian
Song: "Jungle" by Last Voices
Branching out with style is a good move, I think. Lauren doesn't really have the attitude for it, but Marc is spot on. She's just trying too hard to make it sexy. I think she's worried about getting dinged by Mia for not being feminine enough. Damn, though, she is working her hips.
Judge's Opinions:
Nigel loves the new style added to the show. It was a lot of fun, though he has no idea how it was technically.

Mia was fascinated by the dance. She describes it as "a duck in heat." Oh, I can never stay mad at you.

Adam is impressed with both Marc and Lauren. He had a blast with the dance. Adam's friend (aka Ann Fletcher, director of Step Up), who used to teach Tahitian dance, gave the routine a thumbs up, so the technical side was probably pretty solid.

Adechike's All-Star Dance
All-Star: Anya
Choreographer/Style: Liz Lira/Salsa
Song: "Oyelo Que Te Conviene" by Eddie Palmieri
I think this style provides a really good challenge for Adechike: he has to create a good character and step outside his box. His form is a little hunched at moments, but I like his attitude. Ooof. That move looked a little awkward going down. Nice finish, though!
Judge's Opinions:
Nigel knows this dance was a challenge for Adechike considering there are no lines allowed. Adechike pulled it off, though.

Mia loves the choreography and the tricks. She continues her hating on Adechike. The fluidity on the arm work wasn't really there for her and she didn't like his hip work. It was a "nice attempt" though. 

Adam thinks Adechike blew through his performance and was there for Anya. The choreography was good, but it was also very hard. Even Anya seemed a little less smooth at points.

Jose's All-Star Dance
All-Star:  Courtney
Choreographer/Style: Joey Dowling/Broadway
Song: "Mister Cellophane" from the Chicago movie soundtrack
I just can't get past the fact that Jose's routines are so much easier than everyone else's. Of course the choreographers must work with what they have, but the moves are just so easy and he doesn't really perform even those successfully.
Judge's Opinions:
Nigel liked the routine, but feels that it took away Jose's greatest asset: his joy and heart. He didn't dance well at all tonight. He thinks that they've made a mistake with Jose.

Mia can't look at Jose's sad face during the critiques. Jose's pathetic character was too much and he didn't have training to fall back on. It just wasn't a good performance.

Adam wants to give constructive criticism. Jose needs finish on his lines, stretch during the kicks, etc. Dance lessons are required for all of these moves.

Robert's All-Star Dance
All-Star: Allison
Choreographer/Style: Travis Wall/Contemporary
Song: "Fix You" by Coldplay
Having heard Travis' inspiration — his mother's struggle with illness — I have a feeling this will be another waterworks moment for me. The beginning is a little rocky, but I'm not entirely sure that isn't planned. Once the beat kicks in on this song, though, these two just move so well together. I think this could probably save Robert from the bottom two. Those last moves with her walking on his feet had me tearing up.
Judge's Opinions:
Nigel loved the emotion of that piece and if Robert is still in the bottom two, he will be completely shocked. That last move with the feet was his favorite moment as well.

Mia can barely speak due to her own grief. She can't imagine everyone's parents — her own mother, Travis' mother, and Robert's mother — would not be proud of what was accomplished tonight. This was definitely Robert's best dance so far.

Adam thinks Travis deserves an Emmy and that this dance will be one of the fantastic dances of the season. He congratulates both Robert and Allison. 

Billy's All-Star Dance
All-Star: Anya
Choreographer/Style: Louis Van Amstel/Jive
Song: "Paradise by the Dashboard Light" by Meatloaf
Ah, yeah! This is one of my favorite karaoke teams. Anya's dress distracts me at first as does the cutting of the music. Weird. Billy has lots of adorable personality during this piece, but he still isn't connecting with Anya the way he needs to for a jive. Why did they end the song there?
Judge's Opinions:
Nigel knows Billy worked hard at connecting with Anya, but thinks he needs to continue to work on that aspect. Overall, Billy was great though he needs to loosen up his moves sometimes.

Mia calls the performance "stellar." Billy's training gives him a regal carriage that adds a certain zest to the performance.

Adam feels that Billy was totally in charge. I don't know if I agree with that, but I think it's definitely better than his performances earlier in the season. Adam, however, thinks Billy's "in it to win it."

Kent's All-Star Dance
All-Star: Neil
Choreographer/Style: Tyce Diorio/Broadway
Song: "Shoeless Joe from Hannibal, Mo" from Damn Yankees (the 1994 revival Broadway cast)
The whole premise of this routine is just so much fun. Kent definitely has fun with it and the acrobatics are a blast to watch. Both of them seem to get along well together too; almost as if you could believe they were really on a team together just hanging out.
Judge's Opinions:
Nigel loves the tricks. Kent is the MVP of Dance tonight. Neil will have to watch his place as an all-star now.

Mia loves boys — period. And I love you again. It's a rollercoaster with Mia tonight. The characters were great and the dancing was strong and manly.

Adam calls the routine "awesome." Kent has a fantastic future as a Broadway dancer if he wants it. All of the moves looked so effortless.

Now it's time for the competitor pairings. Tonight's question asks each contestant to tell America one bit of gossip that we don't know about their partner.

Competitor Dance No. 1: Lauren and Billy
Choreographer/Style: Mandy Moore/Jazz
Answer to tonight's question: Lauren eats like a squirrel. Billy is obsessed with soda.
Song: "Boogie Shoes" by KC and the Sunshine Band
Mandy's concept for this is great. I want a pair of sequin Chuck Taylor's too. I think this is my favorite Billy Bell routine so far. He just had a blast with this performance and I like seeing his own personality come out.
Judges' Opinions:
Nigel can't help but smile. Billy's connecting with his partners tonight and this style suits him. Lauren doesn't have problems connecting either and definitely isn't going home.

Mia calls the performance completely "in the pocket." It's just so cute!

Adam is made happy by this dance. Billy finally did what Adam wanted him to do: he got lost in the music. Now maybe people will really pick up the phone for him. In Lauren, the boys have something to be afraid of; she could make it really far.

Competitor Dance No. 2: Jose and Dominic
Choreographer/Style: Tabitha and Napoleon Dumo/B-Boy
Answer to tonight's question: Jose has to put toilet paper over the seat every time he uses the bathroom.
Song: "Battle for the Beat" by District 78
I'm wondering if this pairing could actually cause some problems for Jose. He's nowhere near as good at breaking as Dominic and I think it really shows here. Obviously, he's still good, but his moves just aren't as crisp or spectacular as Dominic. Ah! I liked that bit where Dominic threw Jose into the air and caught him on his feet. Again, though, I think that says a lot more about Dominic's talent than Jose's. Every time I started to think Jose was dancing really well, I realized I was actually watching Dominic, who makes every move look so free and fluid and facile.
Judges' Opinions:
Nigel thinks Jose redeemed himself. The other dancers can't pull that off. My answer? Yeah, but they can do everything else.

Mia reiterates her loves of boys. She loves the diagonal section in the beginning. Still, she needs strength and training from Jose.

Adam also loved it.

Competitor Dance No. 3: Adechike and Kent
Choreographer/Style: Dee Caspary/Contemporary
Answer to tonight's question: Adechike loves to cook and wants to publish a cook book for dancers. Kent has a secret crush on Lauren and the kiss from the routine last week was not in the choreography. That's pretty awesome. Kent turns about five shades of red.
Song: "You Only Disappear" by Tom McRae
Boys are pretty when they dance. That's the moral of this dance. I could watch these two dance together all the time. Adechike is in his element and he looks beautiful, and Kent continues to impress not only with his dancing but with his emotion.
Judges' Opinions:
Nigel thanks Dee. He loved Adechike's moves, especially his jumps and leaps. Kent gets a "thank you" from Nigel for underplaying the emotion, providing a subtle performance.

Mia is in love with Kent — he keeps getting stronger with each passing week. The vulnerability both allowed made this a phenomenal piece. Adechike is having a great week, according to Mia. About time, lady.

Adam pays both a huge compliment: they taught him something tonight. He can't even critique them; they were too good.

Competitor Dance No. 4: Robert and Kathryn (Originally Ashley)
Answer to tonight's question: Robert says Ashley's in love with him. Joke, people. Ashley points out Robert's really loud laugh. It's cute. These two clearly love working together and I think this would have been great to watch.
Choreographer/Style: Doriana Sanchez/Disco
Song: "Instant Replay" by Dan Hartman
This style really suits Robert's personality and style. Fun, fun, fun! I like how effortless the two make this dance. Robert may ham a bit for the camera but, again, I think that works here.
Judges' Opinions:
Nigel wants to point out the difficulty of Disco. Despite its apparent cheesiness, you need lines, strength, and resilience. It's a phenomenal performance.

Mia never wants to see Robert do that — it wasn't masculine enough for her. Nigel disagrees and so do I.

Adam feels that the technique isn't really important; it's the mood and being there for your partner. In all of those ways, Robert succeeded.

Hoo. All of the performances tonight, except Jose's, were so exciting and/or moving. This week is going to be very difficult to predict. I'm hoping that Jose's performance this week shows the rest of America that he cannot compete on the same level as the other dancers — he can't even compete with a professional within his own style! Star Light, Star Bright, on this very hot Los Angeles night, please grant me the wish of seeing Jose voted off Dance Thursday night. I'd even settle for him ending up in the bottom two. Please, oh please.

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Oh, Boys! The men rule the show this week, another dancer gets injured, Dance has its first Tahitian performance, and Mia finally has criticism for Jose. Witness the miracle that is this week's performance show!

Cat explains the format, introduces the judges, and then tells us that Ashley is injured too. This season is definitely cursed. At least she's only injured her ribs instead of her Achilles, so hopefully she will be back next week.

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