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So You Think You Can Dance Episode: "Top 20 Perform"

Season 5, Episode 6
Episode Synopsis: The Top 20 dancers perform.
Original Air Date: Jun 10, 2009

So You Think You Can Dance Episode Recap: The Top 20 Perform Season 5, Episode 6

Now comes the exciting part of the competition. The Top 20 has been chosen, and we finally get some (hopefully interesting) back stories on the dancers we don't know yet. But most of all, we're going to see some amazing dancing. Let's get started.

I always like to talk about the lovely Cat Deeley first, and it's with a heavy heart that I admit to not loving her spider-webby dress. You know how much I worship the ground she walks on, so I will allow it. I know you love her too, so please do share the love whenever you'd like as often as you'd like. I'll start: She's an amazing host, and I can't imagine anyone else doing the job she does on this show (or any other show, but I don't watch a lot of reality TV). Random fun fact about Cat: She's got a size 41 shoe, which is the equivalent of a size 10 here in the US. And how tall was she tonight? Take it easy with those heels, Cat!

As a reminder (just in case you need one), our Top 20 has been coupled up and will dance once tonight. Based on our votes, the bottom three couples will be revealed Thursday, and the judges will send one guy and one girl home.

Jeanine and Phillip
When she first started dancing, Jeanine had passion, but she wasn't sure she could make her body do everything. Phillip's ability was born and raised in his bedroom (kinky, no?). He relied on the reflection from his window to teach him how to dance. Phillip is all about creativity and passion.

Choreographers/Dance: Tabitha and Napoleon/Hip Hop
Rehearsals: Jeanine thinks she's horrible at Hip Hop. Phillip is much more comfortable with this style and it shows.
Performance: Phillip is killing it. Jeanine is serviceable. I only want to watch Phillip dance, and I have to admit that I watch him more than I watched her. I did eventually pull my eyes away to gaze upon Jeanine and she was keeping up. Nice ending. Overall I thought it was cute and creative.
Adam: Thinks it was un-freakin'-real. Janine holds her own; stepped it up. No one dances like Phillip. He's so generous to his partners and it makes them better.
Mary: Goes for the fake-out but admits Jeanine held her own. Tab and Nap know how to work the dancers they get. Phillip is special at what he does. No one does it like he does it. At first she's worried about their chemistry but they teach us a lesson in chemistry.
Nigel: Jeanine is fantastic. Phillip already has a following. Jeanine has made a mark tonight. Nigel loves Tab and Nap because it's about stories more than the steps.

Asuka and Vitolio
Asuka had formal ballet training until college, where she was introduced to ballroom. Vitolio seems to feel like he always has to prove himself.

Tice DiOrio/Broadway
Rehearsals: The dance requires technique and physicality. Neither is comfortable with the locking part, but it seems to be coming along.
Performance: Broadway isn't one of my preferred genres, but I thought their piece was fun with some eye-catching moments. Liked it; didn't love it. They both have such great personalities, but it didn't seem to translate into their dancing tonight.
Adam: The performance felt a little artificial. They danced it well, clean. It's apparent that they're incredibly good dancers.
Mary: A little disappointed. Didn't bring it to life. Playing it safe.
Nigel: Dancing was strong; lines were beautiful. Expecting to see their personalities wholeheartedly and didn't. They need to bring their own energy into it.

Karla and Jonathan
Karla performed in two Broadway shows before she started feeling like something was missing. She likes challenging herself. Jonathan is a Salsa dancer, and he thinks being in this competition is incredible.

Choreographer/Dance: Tony Meredith/Cha Cha
Rehearsal: They're so sweaty, but their dedication to learning the steps is apparent. They're cute together.
Performance: It's high-energy and it looks like good technique to me. Karla's got personality to spare. I'm not that impressed with Jonathan yet; he kind of faded into the background for me. I think I wanted him to be just a bit sharper with more presence.
Adam: Really good. "Beeped" him up. Technique and lines were beautiful. Great. Jon could have had more roll, but danced like a man rather than a boy.
Mary: Screams. She loves her Cha-Cha rough, and said she had a "whole lotta fun."
Nigel: Another couple that have slipped under the radar up until tonight. They exploded on the stage, and he liked their chemistry. Fantastic routine — exciting, challenging, entertaining.

Randi and Evan
Did Randi say this was her third year trying out? She comes from a huge family, and the country girl is married. It was hard for Evan to see his brother go home, and he admits to feeling weird about being in LA. He thinks working with a married woman is scary.

Choreographer/Dance: Tice DiOrio/Jazz
Rehearsal: Tice wants to see a style and connection in this physically and emotionally demanding piece.
Performance: Evan can do no wrong for me. I loved this performance. Very nice. Sexy and cool. Randi was right there with him; she did more than keep up. I want to watch it again immediately.
Adam: Although they're slightly vertically challenged as a couple (especially standing next to Cat), they danced like they were eight feet tall. Their lines went forever. Randi had all the sensuality the piece required and more. Evan's a beautiful dancer. Adam doesn't see a style Evan can't conquer. Thinks this is one of Tice's best pieces.
Mary: The stars have come out tonight. They get a Mary scream. She calls them smoldering and fluid and beautiful and thinks they'll be around for a long time.
Nigel: Absolutely fabulous. He says they have become a couple people will recognize and talk about. Great control.

Paris and Tony
Paris was in a car accident that left one of her legs numb from the knee down. Tony had a chance to play college lacrosse but picked dancing over it, which concerned his Dad. I'm glad Tony chose the "sport" he had more passion for.

Choreographers/Dance: Tabitha and Napoleon/Hip-Hop.
Rehearsal: They threw in a little bit of everything. Tony gets called out for being too happy in rehearsals. Tab and Nap want to know where his stank face is.
Performance: I thought it was really fun and interesting and had some very nice dancing. However ,they were not quite together at the end. I think I was more impressed with the choreography than the dancers.
Adam: He really enjoyed the dancing but found costumes distracting. (Do they even have any control over that?) They need more rebound when they're attacking to avoid mush in the stops. He doesn't want Tony to get by on being the cute guy.
Mary: Doesn't think it's memorable. Expected Tony to be in it all the time. His stank face isn't believable right now. Paris was just good, and good won't cut it.
Nigel: Doesn't believe Tony's stank face either.

Caitlin and Jason
Caitlin started as a gymnast and fell in love with dancing. Jason was active in sports but never thought he'd be a dancer. He learned so much about himself in Vegas.

Nakul Dev Mahajan/Bollywood.
Rehearsal: This piece needs energy; this is hard stuff. The hands have to be right on, and even Nakul feels he might be throwing dancers more than he should have this early.
Performance: I love Bollywood; it's always fun. The couple was not perfectly together, which I found distracting. Jason is stronger technically, and my eyes go to him often. The lifts are great because Caitlin's toe points are fierce. I feel like it would be cruel to compare this piece with Katee and Joshua's from last year because it really doesn't measure up, yet I seem to be doing just that. Caitlin and Jason had their own thing going on and it's enjoyable.
Adam: Total connection.
Mary: Bollywood comes to Hollywood. She likes Caitlin's strength, and she says Jason has charisma. They don't have anything to worry about.
Nigel: The couple brought it and encapsulated the whole thing. He thought it was Something special — beautiful to see.

Janette and Brandon
Janette was scared to audition for the show. She thought there would be a lot of people doing her style. Her family is Cuban, and she learned to dance at home. Brandon was hit hard by Lil'C and Mia's dislike. He's feeling the need to prove himself.

Choreographer/Dance: Louis Van Amstel/Foxtrot.
Rehearsal: New choreographer! (You might know Louis from Dancing with the Stars.) Brandon and Janette don't seem to be getting it at all. They're struggling and I'm a little scared.
Performance: It looks pretty good to me. Janette has great lines, and they are selling it for me big time. Brandon is strong in the lifts, and they both have great personality.
Adam: It works. It was lovely. He said he never saw character in Brandon's performances prior to this but saw it tonight. They should be proud of themselves.
Mary: She admitted she couldn't do anything with her eyebrows because of Botox. I know some people have problems with her, but I love her. She loves it, and does a Mary scream. She says Janette is Ginger Rogers out there. Lines and legs are lovely, and the lines look effortless. Brandon is a powerhouse. If people can't see his talent they're crazy.
Nigel: He's impressed by Janette's carriage. He doubts Brandon has ever worked in a framework before, so he's impressed but wants him to work on his feet. Thought it was a wonderful routine.

Ashley and Kūpono
As we know, Ashley has auditioned four times. She's learned not to give up; she's a fighter. In addition to teaching, Kūpono also does random side jobs with his Dad for cash.  This journey has taken him beyond where he thought he'd go.

Choreographer/Dance: Wade Robson/Jazz.
Rehearsal: They're crash test dummies for this piece; polar opposites. The piece is about living like you've never been hurt. Wade wants to see jazz blades instead of jazz Hands.
Performance: It was very Wade — strange and weird and technically impressive. I couldn't stop watching. They danced it beautifully and made it everything Wade could have wanted it to be. Personally, I wasn't a fan of that unnecessary camera work at the end.
Adam: Love it or hate it, there is no other show that will bring this kind of diversity of culture into American homes. He had to work at watching the dancing, but the technique is exquisite and the ability is extraordinary. He predicts they will go far and calls Wade one sick puppy.
Mary: Mary went on the trip with Wade. She bought it 100 percent. Marvelous. She couldn't keep her eyes off Ashley.
Nigel: When you talk about genius, you talk about Wade Robson. Wade and Amanda come up with routines that people remember. They gave the dancers characters, which he thought was genius. He loved the world they created, and the dancers kept him there.

Melissa and Ade
You may remember Melissa as a naughty ballerina from the audition shows. She's always been muscular, and at 29, she is the oldest competitor. Ade goes to Chapman University and he loves music. Dancing is his passion.

Choreographer/Dance: Mandy Moore/Contemporary.
Rehearsal: This routine is about the moment when you first fall in love. Mandy likes body parts in a lot of different places, which leads to a mention of dirty Twister.
Performance: It's Really nice — beautiful to watch. I didn't write down too much because I was watching so closely. We don't know a lot about these dancers yet, but I can't wait to learn because I think they'll be around for a while.
Adam: He gets teary and calls the performance special. Melissa is living proof that you get better with age. Ade's power is so profound. Melissa is a testament to the power of ballet training.
Mary: She screams and says the performance was totally believable. Everything is flowing amazingly, and the lines and lifts are beautiful. Melissa is spectacular; Ade gets a "wow." He is living up to her expectations. He's a gentle giant; he's got it all going on. She's got her eyes on them.
Nigel: He stops to note that what everyone is proving is what a fantastic Top 20 we have this season. He's delighted to have a ballerina in the competition, and he says no one knows how good Ade is yet. This piece was choreographed as a Pas De Deux and it was choreographed beautifully. America has so much more to look forward to from them.

Kayla and Max
We already know that Kayla lives with her mother and her grandparents, who helped raise her. Max is from Moscow and came to the states at age 13.He lost a younger brother in a car accident 5 years ago.

Choreographer/Dance: Louis Van Amstel/Samba.
Rehearsal: Did Louis say he's known Max since he was 14? He wants them to hold nothing back. They seem very confident going into the performance.  
Performance: Max is killing it, and Kayla is fun to watch. I didn't want to take my eyes off them to write anything down. I think it's safe to say they are mesmerizing.  I think they had to go last because they were really, really sexy together. I'd say PG-13 bordering on R. But I loved it.
Adam: So good, so awesome. He says Max must be the luckiest man alive. He's shocked that Kayla has never done ballroom before and it's like she was born there. Kayla wouldn't have looked that good without Max.
Mary: Can she have an Amen? She hears a train. Crazy Mary scream. They are on the hot tamale train. Holy smokes.
Nigel: He says that was truly sensational. It had everything they could ever wish for. Kayla's at the top of the judge's list, as it appears that she can do everything. Even though this is Max's genre, he could have easily been lost but was also terrific. Nigel does want him to be a little bit sharper, but he says they have topped a brilliant night.

Who did you love? Who did you hate? Who do you think is in trouble? I know how I'm voting, but if I had to guess, I'd say Tony and Paris should prepare to dance for their lives. I loved Jason and Caitlin, but Caitlin didn't feel "on" enough for me. If I was forced to choose a third couple I'd say Asuka and Vitolio. I don't always love Tice's Broadway pieces, and I do agree with the judges that they needed to throw themselves into it more. Also, did you like new choreographer Louis Van Amstel? I think Alex Da Silva got himself into a little trouble with the law, so he may be sitting this season out. And how dedicated is Adam to this show? I can't wait to see Step Up 3D or the other two projects he's working on right now. I don't think the show would be the same without him, so I hope he's getting some rest on all those flight because I want him there as much as possible.

I expect strong opinions about these couples and their dancing, so please share them below. I'll see you back here soon!

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Now comes the exciting part of the competition. The Top 20 has been chosen, and we finally get some (hopefully interesting) back stories on the dancers we don't know yet. But most of all, we're going to see some amazing dancing. Let's get started.

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