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So You Think You Can Dance Episode: "Auditions #5 and #6"

Season 5, Episode 3
Episode Synopsis: Auditions in Los Angeles and Seattle are featured.
Original Air Date: May 28, 2009

So You Think You Can Dance Episode Recap: Los Angeles and Seattle Auditions Season 5, Episode 3

In this episode, the So You Think You Can Dance audition train rolled through Los Angeles before coming to a final stop in Seattle. But perhaps this train metaphor should be more of a roller coaster metaphor. The excitement and thrills of a Los Angeles loop de loop did not prepare me for the stomach-in-my-throat terror plunge into Seattle. When Nigel has to give you a pep talk before you even get on the ride, you know you're in trouble. Despite that, there were some nice moments.

Los Angeles: Day 1
At the judge's table, Nigel and Mary are joined by Adam Shankman. Can we talk about how much I enjoy Adam? I think he brings something very interesting and unique to the show as a judge and choreographer, and I just like him. I do feel the need to disclose that I once saw him outside LA Fitness on Hollywood Blvd. I might have told him I loved him, but not in a stalker way. He might have taken it very well and given me a big smile. I'm just saying.

It was also nice to see Joshua, Katee, and Comfort take over for our regular judges — if only for a few moments.

Tapper Bianca Revels was just shy of the Top 20 last year, and had her mom flies in to support this year's effort. I think I'm changing my mind about tap. I have really started enjoying these performances, and I found Bianca very entertaining. It's nice to see her get a standing ovation from the judges. Nigel praises her for demonstrating everything he could ever wish to say to people who are tap dancing. She does her steps long enough so that people who don't understand tap can hear the rhythm. She brings light and shade to it. She brings a beautiful, contained performance. He says she's brilliant. Mary thinks she's the best female tapper they've ever had. Adam hopes to see big things from her. She's a monster, a competitor. Say hello to Vegas.

Ballroom dancers Asuka Kondoh and Ricky Sun really wow us this year. Asuka didn't make it into the Top 20 last year, and Ricky didn't even make it to Vegas. This year is their year, though, and they prove it with excellent technique. Nigel is wowed and calls their dancing excellent. Mary finds them absolutely breathtaking. Vegas, baby, for both of them.

Contemporary dancer Nathan Trasoras is the last audition of the day. He quit dancing in the eighth grade because people made fun of him, but his brother convinced him to try it for one more year. And I'm so glad he listened! I saw a lot of raw talent there and great technique, and I was so disappointed to hear he was only 17. Adam calls him pretty beeping impressive. Mary thinks he's extraordinary. Nigel tells Nathan he's one of the best centers they've seen and has great control. Since he's not eligible this year Nigel gives him a ticket to Vegas for the fall.

Los Angeles: Day 2
Pop/locker Sammy Ramirez was a wrestler before he found a dancing mentor as a freshman in high school. He was only able to train for a month before his mentor returned to his life in a gang and was sent to prison. Sammy's not sure where his mentor is, but he hopes he's watching. Should I even comment on Cat's wrestler pose? It was awesome. I enjoy her and I really enjoyed Sammy's dancing. Adam loves him so much and says Sammy has some of the best stops he's ever seen. He has his fingers crossed so hard that he's good at other styles. Mary thinks he's wonderful and loves his look. Nigel loves his beaming smile and after they see him through choreography, he's sent to Vegas.

Contemporary dancer Amanda Kerby has been empowered by her father's diagnosis of multiple sclerosis. He's lived with the disease for thirteen years and has been symptom-free for the last six. You know it gets me when Dad cries; loved him. I really enjoyed Amanda's dancing, but I think she spends a little too much time spinning. Nigel is grabbed more by her beauty than her dancing. Mary and Adam think she's extremely talented. Next stop: Vegas.

Breaker Philip Shabib doesn't even have to audition this year. Pneumonia kept him from making it to Vegas last year, so Nigel hands him a ticket back to Vegas before he can finish warming up. But Philip makes his way back to the stage because this year he's got a partner: contemporary dancer Arielle Coker. They met after Arielle's family got into a very bad car accident with an 18-wheeler, and he was kind enough to offer Arielle a ride home. I like their partnering, but I'm a little distracted by their dancing — in a good way. I want to watch them both, but I can't. Nigel tells Arielle she's crazy to partner with Philip. Mary likes the two styles together. Adam thinks she's a beautiful dancer and makes Philip an even better dancer. She gets a matching ticket to Vegas.

Seattle: Day 1
Nigel and Mary are joined by Mia Michaels. I'm feeling some serious love for our guest judges this week, so let me pause to offer some praise for Mia. I can't get enough of her. I think she's strange and weird and wonderful. She can be incredibly hard on dancers, but she has gotten some amazing performances out of our Top 20 in the past. I hope she never stops choreographing. Too much? That's what the audition shows do to me.

It's exciting to see the show travel to the Pacific Northwest because they've never been there before. Perhaps we now know why. The first day of auditions is rough. Nigel didn't hand anyone a ticket straight to Vegas the first day (and perhaps not even the second) and only four dancers make it through. The one bright spot is contemporary dancer Kelsea Taylor. Her performance is crazy cool. Nigel didn't want her to stop dancing and thinks Sonja will love her. Mary loves her musicality and thinks she's fun. Mia calls her a beautiful, disastrous weirdo. After choreography, she's advanced to Vegas.

Seattle: Day 2
Contemporary dancer Kuponohi'ipoi "Kupono" Aweau is from Hawaii. You're supposed to live your life to your name and his means "child of cherished honesty." I feel like parts of his solo are very honest, but I didn't love it. Mary is on the fence. She feels some of his movements are too feminine. Mia has faith in him and Nigel likes his quirkiness. After choreography, he's sent to Vegas.

The not-so-great/kinda bad:
Debra Lawson. Although I feel like she is flailing aimlessly about the stage during her audition, I like the message we get about dancing from it. She's an Orthodox Jew. We learn it's forbidden for her to dance in front of men and on the Sabbath. Dancing makes her feel close to God so she's going to keep doing it, something that the judges can support wholeheartedly. Is she right for the competition? No. Should she pursue her love of dance? Absolutely. I think she knows she won't get very far professionally, but sometimes it isn't about that.

Suzanne Fleming. She performs a fairy medicine dance and when Nigel asks her what's she on she tells him joy.

Calico Sequeira. The best part of her audition is seeing Adam dance. Well, let me take that back. The best part is seeing Adam's reaction to the judge's comments. Priceless.

Stacey House. Her style is very spastic, which she somehow attributes to being raised on a farm. I didn't get the connection, but I felt bad for her when she got so upset after being cut.

Christopher Keller. Although the judges like his personality, his play on gender roles in the tango and lindy-hop doesn't go over well. Poor Mary can barely stop longing enough to give him a critique. Yes, I said poor Mary. Stranger things have been typed by these fingers.

Nick "Nasty" Salzman. His dancing is adequate, and the judges seem to want more before they are exposed to his horrible attitude. I'm the first to say many of Nigel's comments are harsh and should be responded to, but Nick just couldn't take anything the right way; he turned Mary's yes into a no with that mouth. Better luck next year.

Dmitrious Bistrevsky. He's only been breaking for three months and it shows in his performance. I think he makes everyone nervous with his dancing. I was expecting him to break something at almost every moment. The judges encourage him to find a partner he can do lifts with and return in a few years.

The truly awful:
Xavier and Brynelle Blanton. It's obvious from their profile piece that they are going to be bad, but I wasn't prepared for their complete lack of talent or how uncomfortable their dancing made me feel. And did you see Xavier running down the street barefoot after the audition? That's not safe anywhere, even L.A.

Kevin "Shakiro" Cormier. I had a moment's hesitation putting him here instead of in the "not-so-great" category until I remembered that his dancing made me so uncomfortable I wanted to cover my eyes. He does show us something we've never seen before. And something we hope we never see again. Cat says he's not "hip" enough this year. I'll allow it.

David "Sex" Soller vs. Leonid "Wise Leo" Knyshov. The time we spent watching this battle is time I'll never get back. "Battle in Seattle." "Sex with Leo." Really? And did you see Sex ask his mommy if he could dance in the battle? There was no winner in my book. I'm not entirely sure why Nigel advanced Sex to choreography, because even though Sex couldn't keep up he said he'd be back. It seemed like Nigel made it pretty clear they won't let Sex try out again, but Sex vows to return. Yay. Can't wait.

We saw more bad dancing tonight than I would have liked, but its ok since next week is all about Vegas. With 178 dancers making the cut, I am so ready. Let me know who you're excited about and why. And if you want to make any calls on potential burn-outs or people you're just not that into, I want to hear all about it below.

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In this episode, the So You Think You Can Dance audition train rolled through Los Angeles before coming to a final stop in Seattle. But perhaps this train metaphor should be more of a roller coaster metaphor. The excitement and thrills of a Los Angeles loop de loop did not prepare me for the stomach-in-my-throat terror plunge into Seattle. When Nigel has to give you a pep talk before you even get on the ride, you know you're in trouble. Despite that, there were some nice moments.

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