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So You Think You Can Dance Episode: "2 of 6 Voted Off"

Season 5, Episode 21
Episode Synopsis: Two of the final six dancers are eliminated. Also: Sean Paul sings "So Fine," from his album "Imperial Blaze"; a performance by the dance troupe JabbaWockeeZ.
Original Air Date: Jul 30, 2009
Guest Cast Sean Paul JabbaWockeeZ

So You Think You Can Dance Episode Recap: The Final 4 Perform Season 5, Episode 21

Finally, finale week is here. Tonight we'll get to see some girl-on-girl and boy-on-boy action. What? Too much? I'm talking about dancing people! Let's see what the choreographers have come up with for Evan, Brandon, Jeanine, and Kayla.

You know I always use this space to talk about the wonderful Cat Deeley. Loving the look. Loving the Cat. 'Nuff said.

We've got a location change. Both shows this week are coming to us from the Kodak Theater in Hollywood. Wow, that stage is huge. It's throwing me off just a bit but I'm sure I'll warm up to it.

I'm happy to report that Adam Shankman is back as a guest judge. I enjoy the majority of the guest judges we see in the revolving third chair, but I especially enjoy him. What does Adam think of the Final 4? Adam calls the finalists tenacious and aggressive, and he's thrilled to see them here. He's excited such a big crowd is in the theater and at home tuning in to see dancers. Mary says the dancers feed off energy and tonight will be a feast. She knows the dancers will. Nigel adds that the dancers need to leave excuses at the side of the stage after Cat makes a comment about them being bruised and battered. This is like gun fight. They've got to earn the title of America's Favorite Dancer. They are privileged to be in this fabulous theater.

Group Dance: The Final 4
Choreographer/Dance: Wade and Amanda Robson/Contemporary? (I'm not sure of the style. Maybe it's a pop jazz cheer?)
Rehearsals: Two football jocks are hitting on the cheerleaders. The cheerleaders are way more than the jocks can handle. Brandon calls the movement way fast; if one person is off it'll look a mess. Kayla thinks the storyline is fun. It will entertain everybody.
Title/Artist: "Boys Boys Boys"/Lady Gaga
Performance: It started off a bit too simple for me, but it's getting a little better as it continues. There is a little too much cheering and not enough dancing going on for me. The partner work with the lettermen jackets is cool. Brandon and Evan are cute with the pom poms, though it's not what I expected. This is probably the first time I haven't enjoyed a Wade Robson performance. Scratch that. I also didn't enjoy that mom and baby fox piece with Sabra and Lacey from season 3.

No critiques from the judges? I guess this is an exhibition dance. Maybe they wanted to start with something entertaining and fun for the masses at such a large venue? I'm disappointed. It's forgettable for me.

Jeanine and Evan
Choreographer/Dance: Sonya Tayeh/Contemporary jazz
Rehearsals: The piece is about a man who's trying to keep his girl but she's over it. Jeanine calls Evan the ideal punching bag. Evan calls Jeanine violent and abusive.
Title/Artist: "Heartbreaker"/Mstrkrft (featuring John Legend)
Performance: Very Sonya, which I tend to enjoy, but not always. Nice lift. Ok, I'm kind of loving it. Jeanine is scaring me, but in a good way. I like that she's the aggressor in this relationship. Their technique looks great. Nice hang time on jumps/aerial stunts. I like their dysfunctional chemistry. Loved it.
Adam: That was really great. They're like a bunch of nevers. He never saw Jeanine coming and she's dominated week after week. He never saw Evan in the Top 4. The season wouldn't have been the same without him. He's the molehill that became the mountain. Sonya did such a good job. At this stage of the game it's important to entertain and to try to get people to vote.
Mary: She thought they'd be a good partnership and she was right. Jeanine stood out a little more for her. She's emerging every week. Evan is no punching bag; he held his own.
Nigel: This is an enormous stage; they have to bring their performances up to this level now. Jeanine has the strength to do this. This is the last time he wants to see Evan thrown around the stage; he's well-loved by the public and now he's got to step up. Jeanine has become strong in technique and personality.

Solo: Brandon
Title/Artist: "Dies Irae"/Karl Jenkins
Performance: So powerful. He's totally dominating that stage. Great jumps and stunts. I may have wanted to see a bit more "connective tissue" between all those stunts but his focus is impressive and his power is undeniable. I am such a fan.
Adam: That is competing. He threw that down on the floor. Very take no prisoners. Doesn't get the board shorts. He's an extreme dancer; a super athlete. A bit frantic but he's glad Brandon's going for it.
Mary: A pot of gold. He gave her goose bumps just now. He defies gravity at times. He is born to dance. It's a privilege and an honor to watch him. And he still gets to her.
Nigel: Agrees with Mia about Brandon. He is amazing. Last week he showed everyone where he was coming from. Last week's solo was totally outstanding. He just wiped out the opposition.

Kayla and Brandon
Choreographer/Dance: Tyce Diorio/Broadway
Rehearsals: Bye Bye Life from All that Jazz. Tyce has put a showy spin on it. Tyce is coming at them full force. Brandon calls it fun and theatrical, but there are some dance terms Tyce throws at him that are unfamiliar. A lot of fun and personality in it. And a lot of pow.
Title/Artist: "Bye Bye Love"/All That Jazz (soundtrack)
Performance: Loving the costumes. I like this edgier look and feel of Broadway. I guess I'm a fan of showy because I'm really enjoying it. A lot of fun. They both show impressive technique and control. Very nicely done. You know it's something special if I enjoy a Broadway piece.
Adam: That was so good (he's on his feet!). Adam is so stoked for them. He always thought they'd end up in the finale. He's not surprised to see them here. It's heaven to see Kayla and Brandon dance together. There is nothing Kayla can't do. It's an honor to have her on the show. Brandon is an animal out there.
Mary: They are terrific. They are rock stars, dance stars. Kayla and Brandon have been frontrunners since the beginning. They don't disappoint. They are superheroes.
Nigel: They've just shown us why they're in the Top 4. Show how strong they are. They both brought entertainment value to this. Nigel asked them to fill the stage and they've just done that. When Nigel had his heart attack, he's glad a beautiful blonde girl didn't throw her leg over him. He would have had another. Nigel feels like the show has really begun.

Solo: Jeanine
Title/Artist: "Por Una Cabeza"/The Tango Project
Performance: Loving the dramatics. Not loving the flower in her mouth. She does have impressive control and technique. That spin move was a wow moment for me. Highly enjoyable. The judges are on their feet.
Adam: Are you kidding? Those pirouettes! That was a risky solo. She just killed it. He is so happy for her (he's getting weepy). She is such a beautiful woman. He loves her body, her shape, her smile. Her dancing is full of warmth and kindness. He is so proud of her. She just fought Brandon back.
Mary: She's always been a standout. Mary saw her coming. She's peaking at the right time. She has elevated every single partner she's danced with because they can count on her 100 percent. That solo was the best thing she's done on the show. Right place at the right time.
Nigel: Brave solo. Pulled it off. You don't win a lottery unless you buy a ticket. She's in the final two as far as he's concerned. She's stepped it up. She is there as an equal.

Brandon and Evan
Choreographer/Dance: Laurieann Gibson/Pop Jazz
Rehearsal: Laurieann is excited to be working with the top two guys and wants to push them to the place of no return. The story is that they're in a battle to win. They're fighting over the No. 1 spot. Laurieann wants them to expose themselves emotionally and passionately.
Title/Artist: "Nasty"/Janet Jackson
Performance: Loving the simple costumes. The fake fighting isn't doing it for me. Brandon is going after it more for me but his technique is sharper and more impressive so that doesn't surprise me. The side-by-side dancing is nice. Great synchronicity. My favorite part was the battle near the end. Nice energy although, I would have liked a bit more from Evan.
Adam: Evan got a little dusted on that one. Evan's natural sweetness can't be gotten rid of. Brandon got nasty and dirty. Brandon might have won in that battle.
Mary: Asks Evan the nastiest thing he's ever done. After the grandparents cover their ears Evan tells Mary the list is so long. She doesn't believe him though. He's so lovable. Brandon hit everything, he's a little bit sharper, more dynamic. Laurieann did a great job.
Nigel: Evan's work ethic is beyond reproach, but there isn't a nasty bone in his body. He's got a happy "choochy" face. When you take Mr. Nice Guy and put him in "Nasty Boys," it doesn't sit comfortably. Brandon out-danced him.

Kayla and Jeanine
Choreographer/Dance: Mia Michaels/Contemporary
Rehearsals: This piece takes place across the stage. It's a journey. They've had to shed layers and go through a process. Leaving everything behind them. Timing is very complex. They have to dance out of their safety zone to match the power of the music. It's up to them to make it amazing.
Title/Artist: "The Four Section: IV"/Full Orchestra Steve Reich
Performance: I love that they're moving across the stage in such a deliberate way. I'm enjoying the synchronized dancing as well the times they aren't together. Amazing technique, control, and lines. Wow. Beautiful.
Adam: That was like watching the world's longest wardrobe malfunction. Mia's work is so special. That was amazing. Bringing a concept piece into the finale was very risky. Like watching thoroughbreds racing. They're fighting for their lives together. That was beautiful.
Mary: Very relevant concept tonight. Shedding all those layers from auditions until now. All that's left is heart and soul and they really laid it out there tonight. This piece will be well-remembered. They are the strongest two women they've had in the finale.
Nigel: It's much easier when you see the dancers facing off together to see who you want to get through. This will stand out this season. The routine didn't go on long enough for him. The dancing was so strong.

Solo: Evan
Title/Artist: "The Best is Yet to Come"/Michael Buble
I'm sure you're tired of me saying he's amazing in his own style but it's true. He doesn't disappoint. Loved his little hat trick at the end after the piece. So charming.
Adam: Really, really interesting. A variation on his audition piece. Interesting calculated risk on his part. What he does, he does unbelievably great.
Mary: That solo did it for her. Evan is unique and does his own thing. He brought a new style to the show. He's excited millions of young Americans to a genre that might have been lost. People have fallen in love with his energy and with him. She doesn't ever want to see that style get lost.
Nigel: Thinks he's got something special. He brings the "ahhhh" factor. Loves watching him dance Broadway. He hasn't grown as much as Nigel would have liked. Not as strong as Brandon or Jeanine's solos.

Kayla and Evan
Choreographers/Dance: Tony Meredith and Melanie LaPatin/Jive
Rehearsals: They know the dancers are exhausted but they aren't going to hold back. A lot of fast footwork. Evan thinks it might the quickest jive ever. Kayla can't get the lean. Hi, awkward. They need to keep it tight, connections short and sweet, and technique sound and they'll do a great job. No room for screwing around.
Title/Artist: "T.R.O.U.B.L.E."./Travis Tritt
Performance: I like the country feel. Is their timing a little off? Those lifts feel like they're in slo-mo and they're great. Loved Evan doing that between-the-legs number. I'm not sure this piece is doing them too many favors. Hmmm. There was some unrealized potential here.
Adam: He loves Tony and Melanie. He's not sure that was a finale-level routine for him. He's not knocking country western (shut up, Mary!). Very strong showing for Evan. Lift series was fantastic. Great bounce. Not competitive for him. Didn't make him want to call for them.
Mary: Is sure there are millions that will vote for them. She thought the routine was phenomenal. Evan wasn't as strong. The kicks weren't pumping. Didn't have leverage, connection. Everything was kind of safe. They were dancing in their own worlds instead of using each other for power and speed. Kayla stole the show just now. She's breathtaking to watch and Mary loves every second Kayla's on the stage.
Nigel: Both came out with guns blazing in a great routine. There's no question Evan brought it just now. The audience is chanting for Evan (wow). Evan was there for Kayla. Was happy to finally see Kayla's personality. They did very well together.

Solo: Kayla
Title/Artist: "Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)"/Eurythmics
I'm enjoying this solo more than most of the other one's she's done. It's a bit simpler — although I still think there's too much going on — and she might actually be dancing from the heart now. Great technique, great lines. I'm a fan.
Adam: The solo was fine, but didn't show who she really is. She is one of the best dancers they've ever had on the show and compares her to Travis, Will, and Danny. Kayla just joined them in that special little club.
Mary: She is gifted. She's been touched by an angel somehow. Quality of movement, lines, legs, extension is exquisite. She loved her solo.
Nigel: Kayla was the first one they put through into their Top 20 and they've all said how terrific she is. Nigel would have loved to see more personality during the season. She justly deserves to be voted as America's Favorite Dancer.

Jeanine and Brandon
Choreographer/Dance: Louis van Amstel/Paso doble
Rehearsal: Louis is excited to work with these dancers because he's worked with them before. Brandon thinks its fast.  Jeanine says there are some crazy lifts. They become even closer today. Jeanine has no fear. Brandon takes a challenge and turns it around.
Title/Artist: "Tetsujin"/The Matrix Revolutions (soundtrack)
Performance: Nice connection between them. They are so strong. The weird and unexpected music is working for me. Their focus is impressive and they are there for each other 100 percent. She wasn't really a cape except a little in the middle and at the end, but I wasn't caring. Unusual but highly enjoyable. The judges are on their feet.
Adam: It's in the small parts and the transitions that they filled with intensity and movement. It never ended. So much strength and power. They shredded it.
Mary: That gets a Mary scream. She calls the routine phenomenal. They have just the right intensity. Such a believable portrayal. She couldn't be prouder. They get another Mary scream. I guess they're on the hot tamale train.
Nigel: He gives them a scream. They carried it off. It's a great one to finish with; the music is fantastic. Brandon was like a racehorse snorting to get out of the stall and do things to this woman. These two are in the front. They are just edging the other two out.

Cat puts the judges on the spot when she asks them who they think will win. Adam refuses to call it. Cat asks Mary to be more of a man than Adam, but she says she can't. She doesn't know how it's going to go, and she's glad it's out of her hands. Nigel calls Evan a lovely lad and says whatever happens, there is another Kasprzak coming in Season 6. Kayla is so beautiful. She brought her personality out tonight (finally). He thinks the winner tonight is Brandon or Jeanine.

I think Evan's fan base will carry him to a win, although I'd like to see either Brandon or Jeanine win the title. I love Kayla, but I really wanted to see more of a personality from her before tonight. I know I've said that personality shouldn't matter, but let's be realistic. Personality matters. In life. In dance. Everywhere. The only performance I didn't care for was the Group dance at the beginning. Wade let me down. I think there was something missing — on Evan's part — from the Laurieann Gibson piece. I would have liked to see Laurieann play just a little more to both Brandon and Evan's strengths. I think her piece with Brandon and Jeanine from two weeks ago was so powerful because both of them are so strong in that genre. I enjoyed (but didn't love) Evan and Kayla's country western piece even though I felt their timing was a bit off. The entire lift series was great but I would to have loved to see a better connection between them.

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Finally, finale week is here. Tonight we'll get to see some girl-on-girl and boy-on-boy action. What? Too much? I'm talking about dancing people! Let's see what the choreographers have come up with for Evan, Brandon, Jeanine, and Kayla.

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