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So You Think You Can Dance Episode: "Auditions #3 and #4"

Season 5, Episode 2
Episode Synopsis: Auditions in Miami and Memphis are featured in Season 5's second installment.
Original Air Date: May 27, 2009

So You Think You Can Dance Episode Recap: Miami and Memphis Auditions Season 5, Episode 2

In this episode, the So You Think You Can Dance audition train rolled into Miami and Memphis. Was the level of talent in those cities something to dance about? Let's find out!

I think I'll begin this week with an ode to Cat Deeley. I'm not sure why it slipped my mind completely to mention the lovely Cat last week, but I hope to make up for it now. How much do we love her? I really enjoy watching Cat try to dance — and I say try because even she admits she's no good. But I don't care. She's so warm and bubbly and welcoming with all the dancers that we don't care about her ability. We love you Cat!

Miami: Day 1
Tyce "flush you like a public toilet bad" Diorio joins Nigel and Mary in Miami. Was it just me or did Tyce turn into the Wicked Witch of the East? When you're meaner than Nigel, you're really mean. I know I don't have to sit through two whole days of what amounts to a lot of bad auditions, but he's paid to be there. Be nice Tyce! Well...I did like it when he wasn't so nice to a few of those people. Maybe I want it both ways. 

Contemporary dancer Priscilla Marrero impresses the judges. Nigel thinks her lines are fantastic. Mary calls her captivating and Tyce says Priscilla makes him feel happy to be a dancer. Of course, she's sent straight through to Vegas.

Salsa dancers Janette Manrara and Romulo Villaverde are back. Janette didn't make it into the Top 20 last year, but Romulo didn't even make it to Vegas. After a stronger performance with better tricks and some very impressive lifts, the judges seem more impressed. Nigel praises them for including moves he's never seen before, and Tyce thinks they were amazing. Vegas please.

Hip-hop/popper Joseph "Schwam" Smith entertains the judges with his routine. Nigel loves his footwook and humor. Mary thinks he's a great entertainer but Tyce is only half impressed. He impresses at least Tyce in choreography because he's sent to Vegas. Schwizam.

Miami: Day 2
Hip-hop/tapper Erik "Silky" Moore shows the judges a good time. I think I enjoyed this piece because it wasn't exclusively tap. Nigel thinks he did a really good job. Mary didn't want it to end, and Tyce finds him inspiring. Vegas, baby.

Former pageant girl Paris Torres and her little tutu make an impression. Nigel likes that she gives both performance and technique. Mary liked her beautiful lines and feet. She's all about Vegas.

African dancer Geo Smith is something we haven't seen before in an audition. He scares Mary so much that she practically maims Nigel with a fingernail. Tyce thinks he did a good job, and Mary finds him very entertaining. After making sure he can pick up choreography, he's sent to Vegas.

Talia Rickards lost her husband to a motorcycle accident after almost four years of marriage. Dance is joy for her, although Nigel and Tyce didn't think there is enough in her routine. Mary thinks she was fiery but lacks substance. But Talia proves herself in choreography and is sent to Vegas.

Memphis: Day 1
Lil'C joins Nigel and Mary at the judges table. If I had to dance for Lil'C I think I'd be more than a lil' intimidated. He watches the dancers with such a serious intensity. It's nice to know he's paying attention. I guess he wants to make sure he doesn't miss anything buck.

Memphis-juker Marico Flake is a police officer. He was recruited for his strong people skills because a lot of people go to Memphis to party, so he's got to have the skills to diffuse all sorts of situations. But what about his dancing? It is cool. Nigel enjoys it. Lil'C sees great humor and personality, and Mary likes his use of the stage. He's so Vegas.

Contemporary dancer Caitlin Kinney is the sister of Megan, who made it through to Vegas from Miami. With only five years of dance training, she's remarkable. Nigel thinks she has fabulous feet. Mary tells Caitlin this is her destiny. Lil'C calls her a blessing. Is there any doubt? Next stop: Vegas.

Memphis: Day 2
Contemporary dancer Anna Dunn sees dancing as an outlet. Even though her father took his own life, he was a dreamer and she knows he'd be so proud of her. Nigel thinks she's over choreographed and wants her to calm it down. Mary loves everything except the constant head bouncing. Lil'C also lost his dad to suicide, but wants to see Anna use that pain to connect. After choreography she's sent to Vegas.

Contemporary dancer Travis Prokop had it hard in high school. Although his dad was the head football coach (or maybe because of it) Travis was teased for wanting to dance. But his father is completely supportive, and even Nigel gives him a hand for that. Nigel, Mary, and Lil'C want to see more strength. Lil'C likes his technique though. After choreography, he's sent to Vegas.

You might recognize Broadway dancer Evan Kasprzak from last year. He made it to the Top 40 in Vegas. I loved him last year, and I love him this year. Nigel calls him superb. Lil'C calls him amazing, but they all question whether or not he can bond with another style. They know he can do choreography, so hello Vegas.

Contemporary dancers Lauren and Lydia Guerra are twins, but Lauren is technique and Lydia is performance. Nigel calls them a joy. Mary thinks they gave a solid performance. After choreography and a fake out by the judges, they're both sent to Vegas.

Tap dancer Ryan Kasprzak is the big brother of Evan. Nigel thinks he has an excellent performance. Mary thinks he's clever and fun. Lil'C thinks his solo is amazing and likes the use of his prop throughout. He's sent straight through to Vegas.

The really awful:
Tony Riendeau's style of dancing is called "Tony" style. After boasting he could dance for six hours straight, he seems to have some sort of episode after his 30-second solo.

Jennifer and Jessica Guadix. These twins taught themselves ballet from a book. Really? Although their performance is supposed to be synchronized, they claim a lack of preparation. They only have one day to choreograph and pracTyce their solos? I'm so dumbfounded, I can't even think of one clever thing to say. Bueller?

Wislande Letang. What is she wearing? What's going on with her hair? If she knows her performance is garbage, why is she even standing there arguing with the judges? If they don't see any potential in you, they won't advance you to choreography. Hello? I feel like that's a basic assumption. Did I kind of enjoy her being lippy, though? Especially to the evil Tyce? Maybe.

Dustin Dorough's mother taught him how to be a man. There's nothing wrong with that. He's the second cousin to Backstreet Boy Howie Dorough. There's nothing wrong with that. His excuses and his headband? Wrong and oh-so-wrong.

Chris Carrozza. If you aren't interested in hearing a judge's critique you shouldn't be a dancer. Period.

It's possible this happens every year but did there seem to be a lot of people truly devastated that they didn't make the cut? I can understand how upsetting it would be to believe with all your heart that you're good at something only to be told you're not good enough. But the level of delusion some of these people have is astounding. I can wholeheartedly support believing in yourself,  but please make sure you actually have some talent. Too mean? That's what watching these auditions shows do to me.

What did you think? Are they any standouts for you so far?

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In this episode, the So You Think You Can Dance audition train rolled into Miami and Memphis. Was the level of talent in those cities something to dance about? Let's find out!

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