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So You Think You Can Dance Episode: "Top 10 Perform"

Season 5, Episode 16
Episode Synopsis: The Top 10 dancers perform.
Original Air Date: Jul 15, 2009

So You Think You Can Dance Episode Recap: The Top 10 Perform Season 5, Episode 16

Now that our Top 10 dancers have been revealed, who will stay in the competition long enough to get our votes? Who do you think America's Favorite Dancer will be? I know who I want to win it all but a lot can happen between now and the finale.

Now it's all up to us so I hope you voted. You guys know how I feel about this! Enough said. What did you think of Cat's look? I love the hair and the dress. Great color for her frock and fabulous makeup, as always. Love her. Kisses.

Debbie Allen is tonight's guest judge. She's always interesting to add to the mix.

Will this be a tough week or an easy one now that the judges aren't in charge? Nigel admits to being a control freak but is happy to turn it over to America. Mary thinks any type of change will make it difficult, so it'll be interesting to see how the new partnerships work. They don't have the trust or the familiarity with this new person. Should be very exciting. Three of Debbie's top ladies and three of her top men are still in the competition so she thinks the judges and America are getting it right for now. Whoever leaves the biggest impression is the person who should win the competition.

The Dancing

Group Dance: Jeanine, Melissa, Kayla, Randi, and Janette
Choreographer/Dance: Nakul Dev Mahajan/Bollywood
Rehearsals: Nakul says adding a folk element into the dance is very important. They're the Bollywood Bombshells. It'll be high-energy and girly.
Title/Artist: "Dholna"/Pyar Ke Geet (soundtrack)
Performance: Cool costumes. Enjoying the performance, although I thought it would be faster. It's hard to see all the intricate legwork when their legs are covered up. But it looks like they're having fun and the energy level is up.
Judges critiques: Nigel thinks Nakul is cool. These five girls are some of the most beautiful girls they've had working together on the show. The five of them have everything. They're on his hot bangers and mash train. Mary thinks it's Bolly-wow. Nakul made this young, hip, and fresh. Debbie thinks it was an amazing cultural fusion. They really articulate the piece so well. Best Top 5 ladies the show has ever had.

Kayla and Evan
She's the tallest girl and he's the shortest guy. Evan likes to think he dances tall.
Choreographer/Dance: Tony Meredith and Melanie LaPatin/Viennese waltz
Rehearsals: Height difference comes into play; can be overpowering for Evan. Evan has a newfound respect for women dancing in heels after he has to do it.
Title/Artist: "Kiss From a Rose"/Seal
Performance: I like the Viennese waltz. It's more relaxed than a traditional waltz, and you can get away with a lot more — which I like. I'm really enjoying them and not noticing the height difference really. Nice rise and fall. Beautiful lifts. They're a great new couple. I'm a fan. I think I would have liked to see them use just a little more of the stage and Evan seems a bit stiff. Is Kayla in flats and Evan in heels? Brilliant.
Judge's critiques: Nigel is shocked because they look like they're the same height. They look fabulous. Could have been a nightmare. Lifts worked beautiful. Evan very strong and supportive. Kayla's lines are beautiful. Mary thinks watching Evan is painful at times. They've got to take it into another level. His feet weren't gliding. Evan did make the lifts look effortless. Kayla is taking it to another level; she's still growing by leaps and bounds. Debbie calls them a wonderful, unexpected surprise. Evan handles his big woman. Kayla is like white lightning. They're beautiful. She enjoyed it.

Solo: Brandon
Title/Artist: "In Your Eyes"/Jeffrey Gaines
Such a beautiful, powerful dancer. I love the way he really throws himself into it. Great technique. I love him.

Janette and Ade
Ade is excited about getting the little fiery, diva chick. Janette and Ade had joked about getting paired as there is such a height difference.
Choreographer/Dance: Tabitha and Napoleon/Hip-hop
Rehearsals: Ade is excited to try a new genre. Ade is the Funk doctor and Janette has no funk in this piece. Tabitha wants Janette to come up to Ade's level or she'll funk it up.
Title/Artist: "Love Sex Magic"/Ciara feat. Justin Timberlake
Performance: Fun so far. NappyTabs often give us a good story in addition to great dancing and they're delivering on that tonight. Janette is making it work for me. Ade is great; he has some very nice moves. Very agreeable new partnership.
Judge's critiques: If that's what you can do with a pick, Nigel will be wearing one next week. Both danced great. Ade's got funk. Mary thinks that was funky. A lot of fun; pure entertainment. Debbie says these children wore her out. She wants to get up there with them. Mesmerizing together. What a nice change for both of them.

Solo: Randi
Title/Artist: "Dream"/Priscilla Ahn
Enjoying it. Nice technique. It looks like she fell out of that spin, but she saved it pretty well. Might have fallen apart a bit at the end there. I didn't expect her to dance for her life but I did expect more from her.

Solo: Kupono
Title/Artist: "Marina Gasolina"/Bonde Do Role
He's quirky like Mark from last season, but without the strength and a lot of the technique. And I'm so distracted by his outfit. What is going on there? Oh, he made it himself. Riiiiiiiight.

Jeanine and Jason
Jeanine doesn't think she could have picked anyone better and Jason is excited because they're good friends. They way they move is totally similar but different.
Choreographer/Dance: Travis Wall/Contemporary
Rehearsals: I have to talk about Travis a little because I heart him. I don't think I'm alone is saying he should have won season two over Benji. And I really like Benji. Also, I'm loving that his hair is one color and dark. Ok, now I'm focused on Jeanine and Jason. The story is that they're childhood friends who are hooking up for the first time. Jason hasn't seen other people do some of the stuff Travis is asking them to do. A lot of lifts.
Title/Artist: "If It Kills Me (The Casa Nova Sessions)"/Jason Mraz
Performance: Great use of the prop. Some very impressive dancing. Great synchronicity. Great lifts/jumps. Ok, I'm now distracted by the prop but the dancing is really beautiful. Great song choice. Very nice job. Great chemistry. Amazing new partnership.
Judges critiques: This program often sees talent that goes nowhere. So when Nigel sees something like this, from Travis being a dancer to a choreographer on this program, it makes him really happy. Fabulous work that is bettered by the two people who danced it. This is the first time Jeanine's had a partner that could keep up technically. They've both become stars tonight. Mary is speechless for a moment. She cries when she talks about seeing how far Travis has come. Doesn't want anyone to underestimate Jason's strength or power. Jeanine hasn't missed a step; she keeps growing and her light gets brighter and brighter. She hears something. She gives a silent Mary scream. Debbie remembers watching Travis when he was 14. She thinks his piece is brilliant. This show has gone past being a competition; it's a conversation connecting a community of dance around the world. Magical pairing.

Solo: Melissa
Title/Artist: "Gabriel"/Lamb
Great extension and lines. Great use of stage. She's a beautiful dancer to watch. Love her.

Solo: Evan
Title/Artist: "Zing! Went the String of My Heart"/Rufus Wainwright
Loving the costume, the style, everything. Really fun solo. Great technique. Nice use of the stage. Nice finish. He's still one of my favorites.

Solo: Kayla
Title/Artist: "Rock Your Soul"/Elisa
She's getting better at her solos, but I can't say I think she's at her strongest when performing them. Nice technique thrown in with her tricks. Didn't love it as much as I wanted to but I still love her.

Randi and Kupono
Kupono is excited because Randi is a cutie and he feels like he can put her in his pocket. Randi is excited but a little concerned about finding chemistry quickly with a new partner.
Choreographer/Dance: Tony Meredith and Melanie LaPatin/Paso doble
Rehearsals: Randi is terrified. They're a little concerned about Randi being the cape. Melanie warns that they didn't hold back in the choreography and feels like they might be panicking. But they should be. Kupono thinks the day is rough.
Title/Artist: "Dies Irae"/Karl Jenkins
Performance: I'm a little distracted by the music, which I know isn't their fault. The long, dark hair on Randi is a bit distracting too. Kupono is selling the theatricality for me, but that's about it. Is he going too far? Randi is making for a decent cape. What's with that crazy lighting? They aren't quite finishing all their movements. Transition into and out of lifts isn't very smooth. I think they had a little mishap at the end there. Didn't love it. Not by a long shot.
Judge's critiques: Nigel isn't sure the dancing is as good as the choreography. Kupono didn't carry the strength; too light. Not down into the floor. Chemistry is lost between them. Didn't work as a couple or dancers. Didn't feel authentic in any way. Mary thinks it's falling into "not working" for her. They could have taken it to another level. Needs to be from a deep place. It's about life, and death, and going for it. So cautious. Mediocre will not cut it. The song was more powerful than the dancing. Debbie thinks it's hard not to agree with Nigel and Mary. Maybe the trust isn't there. There is a bit of awkwardness. Executed many things really well. Needed more time.

Solo: Ade
Title/Artist: "Unchained Melody"/The zxRighteous Brothers
His technique is unquestionable, although I questioned it last week. I think my hurdle with him is that I want him to slow it down a bit so I can see every little thing he's doing. Amazing height in his tumbling pass. Very impressive.

Solo: Jeanine
Title/Artist: "Violento (Up Mix)"/Bailongo
Kinda loving the costume. She's growing on me more and more. Impressive control in her spin. Very nice technique. She's great. She's really shining on her own and with a new partner.

Solo: Jason
Title/Artist: "Train Fare Home"/Muddy Waters
Maybe he's gained some confidence back? It's fun and showed great technique. Nice tricks/jumps. Well done.

Melissa and Brandon
Brandon thinks Melissa is on fire. Everything she brings to the table is amazing. Melissa is excited but is worried about their height difference.
Choreographer/Dance: Tyce DiOrio/Broadway
Rehearsals: Doing a piece from rock musical Hair. They had to get into some interesting positions. They'll be very close after this piece.
Title/Artist: "Aquarius"/Hair (The New Broadway cast)
Performance: Broadway can be a killer but this looks like a lot of fun. Groovy. Sorry, I had to. Great side-by-side dancing. Nice lifts.  I'm loving this new partnership. They are so powerful together. Melissa's beautiful lines are on display. So excited this is the last couples dance. Very nice but smoke at the end is too distracting and weird. I guess it's a good thing they weren't actually dancing.
Judge's critiques: Nigel loves the way Tyce remembers all these styles even though he's so young. Loved the way he uses the dancers. Great. Brings back memories. Mary doesn't want to blow smoke up their fill in the blank, but it was great. Debbie thinks they really evoke harmony. So amazingly powerful, technical, yet different. Together it is seamless. Really a joy to watch. They're both really brilliant.

Solo: Janette
Title/Artist: "This is Miami"/Sander Kleinenberg
Very appropriate music for her. She's so cute. I really like her technique although I think it's always hard for Latin dancers to perform solos. Nice use of the stage although I would have liked to see her move around even a little more. Not bad.

Group Dance: Evan, Kupono, Ade, Jason, and Brandon
Choreographer/Dance: Jeffrey Page/African
Rehearsals: Not Hollywood African. Wants to show off masculinity. The audience is the woman, who they are showing off for. Evan is feeling awkward. Even Brandon thinks it's hard. Everyone is struggling. What's the count? It's all rhythm. Go to raw movement.
Title/Artist: "Balant Funk"/Ayanda Clarke & Shawn Kelly
Performance: The lighting is so distracting but it really looks like they're having fun with it. I would have liked to see more energy. A nice bit of humor in there. I feel like they're all a little tired after they couples dance and solos. Not bad. I would have loved to see all of them really attacking it. I think Brandon is doing that but the rest of the guys didn't quite come to his level from what I could tell.
Judge's critiques: Nigel loves African dancing. That routine is one of the toughest they've ever had on the show. Nobody stood out as a sore thumb although he calls Evan a dancing milkshake. Mary loves the costumes and adores the dance. Tremendous. So much energy and so exciting. Thoroughly entertained. Debbie thinks Jeffrey's work is pure and authentic and that's what happens on this show. They guys are still standing and she's proud of them. This technique is as serious as any other style.

Who do I think is going home? It's Kupono's time. I'd be very surprised if he's not sent packing. Randi is also in a lot of trouble. I think all the other girls but on very strong performances and each stood out in their own ways. Everyone except her. I wouldn't be heartbroken to see either one of them leave the competition.

What did you think? Who do you love? What performances stand out for you? Who else do you think is in trouble of going home? I'll see you back here tomorrow night for the results.

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Now that our Top 10 dancers have been revealed, who will stay in the competition long enough to get our votes? Who do you think America's Favorite Dancer will be? I know who I want to win it all but a lot can happen between now and the finale.

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