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So You Think You Can Dance Episode: "Top 16 Perform"

Season 5, Episode 10
Episode Synopsis: The Top 16 dancers perform.
Original Air Date: Jun 24, 2009

So You Think You Can Dance Episode Recap: Top 16 Perform Season 5, Episode 10

We're now in the third week of the competition and I want to see some strong comebacks. The dancers with something to prove to us are: Caitlin, Jason, and Jonathan. I think we all want to see Jonathan turn in a strong performance again to make sure last week wasn't a fluke. Who do you expect big things from? Let's see how they do.

You know I have to start with the ever lovely and always charming Cat Deeley. I like the dress color and the embellishments, but I feel it's a little 2008 or as Fergie would say, a little "2000 and late."  As I think we can all agree, it doesn't really matter what she wears as long as she's her adorable and fabulous self on that stage.

Our guest judge for the week is Toni Basil, who is about to receive The Living Legend of Hip-Hop Award. She's very humbled to be among such great company as Boogaloo Sam, who created the Electric Boogaloo, MC Hammer, and her "partner in crime" Don "Campbellock" Campbell, who created locking. She's so proud street dancing has come so far.

What do Mary and Nigel think of the season so far? Mary wonders how you can't go wild for this group. She thinks it gets better and bigger every year. Anything can happen from week to week. She's fired up to find out what they're going to do. Cat asks if Nigel can tell now who will be in the Top 10, and he doesn't think he can. They're still seeing people evolve; people are still proving themselves. This is one of the best groups of Top 20 dancers they've had.

The question of the week is: What would the dancers be doing with their lives if they weren't dancing? No boring answers please.

Karla and Jonathan
Karla would be a journalist. She minored in Journalism at NYU, and she loves writing. Jonathan would want to be an acrobat for Cirque du Soleil. He likes flipping all over the place. Last week, Karla felt like she and Jonathan had a great piece and really connected. Jonathan put his heart and soul in it. For Karla, it was unreal to be safe.

Choreographer/Dance: Dave Scott/Hip-hop
Rehearsals:  Karla went to give Dave a hug and he gave her a prop — the hat. This is Dave's interpretation of a love story with a Bonnie and Clyde feel. They're smooth criminals. Jonathan's not sure he can find his gangsta; Dave thinks he's trying too hard. Jonathan is nervous.
Title/Artist: "By My Side"/Jadakiss featuring Ne-Yo
Performance: Karla is definitely smoother than Jonathan, but considering her time spent in Boogie Bots, she'd better be. I wasn't impressed by the hat move — they built it up too much during rehearsals. Jonathan is distracting me at this point because they aren't dancing in unison, and I'm mostly blaming him. Of course, Jonathan throws some tumbling in — not surprised but I don't think it makes total sense for the piece. Why is the crowd going crazy for them?
Nigel: This is called smooth hip-hop, but the performance is ironed out; there's no excitement. He likes to be on the edge on his seat or feel fear to see what they're going to do, but there was no danger in it. He asks Jonathan if he felt comfortable, and Jonathan says yes. So, he blames Jonathan for having no connection. It wasn't good enough — it was a Sunday school picnic outing for him. They should be in the bottom three, and he doesn't want them to be. They need to bring it.
Mary: She's in touch with her inner gangsta — not really. Karla and Jonathan didn't get in touch with their inner gangsta. Their chemistry was not powerful, and they were not in synch. It really wasn't in the right groove, and Mary wasn't feeling it. Highlight was the tumbling, but it's not going to be enough.
Toni: Hip-hop is a series of steps that comes from the street. It has to have a groove and a funk. The performance felt store-bought. As a unit, they didn't work precisely together.
Further comment from me: I wasn't too happy with Shane Sparks last week because I felt like he let his dancers down. I don't feel the same way about Dave Scott. I think he did the best he could with what he was given. He knew there was a challenge and perhaps that's why he threw the tumbling in, but I feel like that was a bit of a cop out. Perhaps I was too hard on Shane last week, perhaps I wasn't. I'm still a huge fan of Dave Scott.

Asuka and Vitolio
Asuka would be making lots of jewelry — bracelets, necklaces, hairpieces — and selling it all to ballroom people. Vitolio would be the lead singer in a band (which makes sense since he's talked about wanting to be a rock star). Last week Asuka felt like Louis really helped them. Vitolio cried a little and felt really creative last week.

Choreographer/Dance: Mandy Moore/Jazz
Rehearsals: The piece is trash/rocker Jazz with really fast and weird counts. Asuka is completely out of her element because Mandy seems to count with sounds instead of actual beats. Asuka is freaking out because she's not getting it. Mandy thinks it'll be fabulous if they put the work in. Vitolio is totally taking care of his partner, which is nice to see.
Title/Artist: "Heartbreaker"/Pat Benatar
Performance: Asuka's outfit is fierce. I'm not quite sure about the energy, but it gets better for me as the piece goes on. Great lift. Great characterization by Vitolio; you can really see it in his face. He's totally there for his partner. I feel like the energy's coming back down, and they're not totally together. I kind of want to see Vitolio throw Asuka around the stage and he's not. But Asuka's not as into it as I want her to be either. Serviceable. Didn't love it.
Nigel: Fantastic. He saw this piece in rehearsal and thought Mandy made it simplistic to bring out the best in them. They did the work.
Mary: It was really good, but it wasn't at the level of last week. Certain things weren't synchronized. She expected a little bit more. They are really growing as a partnership after making a breakthrough last week.
Toni: They have the potential to develop into an extremely powerful couple. A word of warning: don't let your technique get in the way of your emotions. Let your emotions take you to the next level. Brave it up and let your emotions take them to the next level.

Ade and Melissa
Melissa would continue teaching Pilates and get her own studio. She wants to help people feel better about their bodies and prevent injuries. Ade would become a sound engineer for a television show like this one.  Melissa thought working with Sonya last week was amazing. Ade wants to live up to expectations.

Choreographer/Dance: Tony Meredith/Rumba
Rehearsals: It's a love dance between a man and a woman and requires a lot of sensuality. Technique is important, but so is selling the emotion. They're not getting it at first. Melissa and Ade need to work on everything. Practice makes perfect? Melissa is feeling overwhelmed but feels it will come together.
Title/Artist: "Emotion"/Destiny's Child
Performance: It's very sensual, and I'm loving and believing it. It's nice and smooth. Nice lines. Nice movement and stops. Melissa shows us great facial expressions. Great tricks. I want to stop typing so I can concentrate fully on what they're doing. I'm totally loving this partnership. They are so strong and connected and in synch. Very nicely done.
Nigel: Absolutely fabulous. Melissa's carriage is magnificent (he also mentions a number of body parts that are also great). Ade is incredible. What a difference "Ade" makes. He gives his partner something to undulate against. Tony did a magnificent job in a very short time.
Mary: Tony said selling the emotion would be one of the biggest parts of getting this down, and Mary's buying what they sold. From the beginning, it was believable and in tune. Ade is grooving; she is right there with him. Mary screams.
Toni: She must say (fans herself) if was beautifully done. Melissa's ballet training really worked. Nigel and Mary have said everything about the dancers, so she wants to talk about Tony and Melanie. Melissa and Ade's performance was hot because when Tony and Melanie used to perform they were hot.

Janette and Brandon
Brandon would be a lighting and design person. He loves seeing sets and loves to see what the effects can do. Janette would be a loan processor. In fact, she's a year away from getting a finance degree. Sounds boring but there's a cool side to it. Janette talks about how happy the judges were with their disco last week.

Dave Scott/Hip-hop
Rehearsals: Rock 'n' roll meets hip-hop. Janette is a cocky rock star, and Brandon is a hip-hopper who wants to be a rock star. They're showing a little bit of their styles top each other. Dave gets competitive with Brandon in the studio. Brandon surprises Janette in rehearsals. Brandon doesn't want to embarrass himself on stage, so he's all about practicing.
Title/Artist: "What a World"/Common
Performance: Nice matching movement and they're not even dancing together yet. I like the vibe. It's really cool and interesting. Brandon is really impressing me. His movements are precise and sharp. Janette is having a lot of fun and really selling it. It's cool that they don't have to be together and it still totally works. I really enjoyed it. Really fun to watch, and you can see they're enjoying themselves.
Nigel: It's great to see how dancers inspire choreographers. Nigel sees Cher up there, and he's impressed with Brandon's hip-hop. Dancers are totally out of their element and working it in another element.
Mary: They really hit that. What's great about Dave is that he knew how to approach this piece. Brandon really brought it on hard and was absolutely believable. Jeanette really nailed it too, which was a huge surprise. She's proud of them. Mary screams.
Toni: Juxtaposition of rock and hip-hop was strategic and good for them. Street is a really tough thing to do, but they nailed it and were connected.

Kupono and Kayla (new couple)
Kayla would love to model and she's done a little work, mostly for dancewear lines. She would like to do more high fashion and runway. Kupono loves costume design. For the intros, a lot of the pieces are his designs. Last week was intense for Kupono. He hated being in the bottom three. Kayla has no idea what happened last week. They can't take anything for granted.

Choreographer/Dance: Jean Marc Genereux/Viennese waltz
Rehearsals: It was kind of a mess. Kupono thinks the lifts are tough and feels he lacks upper body strength. He's trying to keep up. Tony says the dream is starting to be a nightmare. Kayla wants to make sure the audience is connected to them.
Title/Artist: "Sweet Dreams for You"/Jewel
Performance: Kayla is selling it for me. Kupono is too, but not as much. I am enjoying the wind machine's effect on their performance. Nice lines, I think. Great lifts. The waltz looks like it's working. I felt like they were rushing through part of it because they got a little behind but I did enjoy them. It was the Kayla show (again) for me.
Nigel: Very beautiful. Very elegant. Is it going to make anyone stand up and cheer? The audience reacts. Nigel hopes he's wrong. He hopes people pick up the telephone because it's justly deserved.
Mary: That was no nightmare — elegant, flowing and totally believable. It was absolutely endearing. They aren't close to ballroom in style, but they captured rise and fall. Kayla is dead gorgeous to watch dance. They're on the hot tamale train and she never yells for a Viennese waltz.
Toni: Really liked it. Jean Marc is pushing the envelope with no shoes. Kayla is something else. She doesn't let her technique get in the way of her reality. She's always in the moment, always alive. Extraordinary. Toni commends Kupono on his partnering skills.

Evan and Randi
Randi is pursuing a career in elementary education. She loves teaching kids. Evan would want to own a car shop — making cars go fast and look cool. Randi thought last week was hard. Evan had fun last week but remarked on the fact that the judges expected more.
Choreographer/Dance: Mia Michaels/Contemporary
Rehearsals: It's all about the booty. Evan is hypnotized by the booty. Randi's embarrassed, which is so cute. Randi is sexy and sophisticated (a poodle) and Evan's all about her.  Randi thinks Mia's movement is so unique. Mia thinks it looks cliché right now.
Title/Artist: "Koop Island Blues"/ Koop featuring Ane Brun
Performance: Kind of a strange concept but it's working so far. I like how Randi gets rid of her shoes. That slow roll was really nice. Great butt action. I love how Evan plays off of her. Cool and crazy movement. This music is kind of perfect for this piece. Evan looses his balance but it didn't bother me because he rolls with it. Nice butt grab at the end. I can forgive easily Evan his mistake because he really threw himself into this piece. Still love them as couple. This is another great pairing.
Nigel: Very simple choreography for Mia, but it was beautifully danced. There wasn't any great style, but the story was followed through from beginning to end. Not a great idea behind it (no doorway, bed, father in heaven), but who on earth could come up with an idea about a poodle butt? This is something that will be remembered. Everyone will talk about this tomorrow.
Mary: Wasn't hypnotized by just the butt. She thinks they are terrific. One of the best numbers tonight. She sees Evan as a leading man. She knows this isn't the easiest thing in the world for Rand, but it is phenomenal.
Toni: If she was a dancer on this show she'd want to pull Mia's name out of the hat. The only danger is that the choreography can become the star, but they lived up to it. Mia is phenomenal and so are they.

Caitlin and Jason
Caitlin has thought about pursuing broadcast journalism. Jason would be playing soccer either professionally or at school. Last week they were out of their comfort zones. Jason says Shane's choreography wasn't easy. They both knew they'd be in the bottom; they were prepared. Jason feels more comfortable with this process after having had to do a solo.

Choreographer/Dance: Jean Marc and France Genereux/Paso doble
Rehearsals: Paso doble isn't lovey dovey. They hate each other. It's powerful. They weren't dressed properly so Jean Marc makes them change, which changed things. They're in the mood now. Jean Marc is cracking me up. They are nowhere near where they should be.
Title/Artist: "O'Fortuna" (from Carmina Burana)/Mozarteum Orchestra Salzburg and Kurt Prestel
Performance: Strong start. Jason's totally in character, but I don't know about their connection. I'm feeling like it's not totally there. He misses grabbing her hand. He might be a little too focused on getting all the movements instead of really dancing with his partner. I feel the fire and the passion, but I'm not loving it. I love me some Jason, but this isn't working for me. I feel like Caitlin is keeping up and might even be the stronger one here. It was unnecessarily theatrical for me.
Nigel: He thinks Jason is performing a little too much to the audience instead of his partner. Wanted to see him use his thighs more and be down into the floor. Caitlin's lines are perfect. She has a beautiful flow of movement. He would have liked to see more between them in the eyes, but a good job overall.
Mary: How different from Bollywood to Paso doble. It was a strong performance. Jason looks amazing. At certain times he loses his posture. She wants to see his chest out and in character the entire time.
Toni: Enjoyed the performance. It was not their style and while the upper body didn't work, it didn't get in the way of their performance. They kept going, still lived with the music. It was powerful and really good.

Jeanine and Phillip
Phillip would want to be an inventor. He researches a lot and wants to create or invent something that will help society. Jeanine would be an actress. She wanted to make friends in school so she went to a lot of theater classes.  Phillip comments on how harsh the judges were last week. They were ready to be in the bottom three. When they found out they were safe they both were really surprised.

Choreographer/Dance: Tyce Diorio/Broadway
Rehearsals: Tyce wants energy and entertainment. He wants it to be theatrical. Tyce asks Phillip to be quite physical. Phillip finally jumps the couch after all that buildup.
Title/Artist: "Moses"/Singin' in the Rain (original soundtrack)
Performance: Fun. Nice characterization. Phillip clears the couch, thank God. They look like they're having fun. Yikes. Phillip split his pants. It's not too distracting, I think. The use of feathers is fun I really am enjoying Jeanine in this piece.
Nigel: Like so many vaudeville dancers, Phillip now knows what it's like to dance with his ass hanging out of his trousers. He hasn't seen a routine with a couch in a long time. Jeanine brought a lot of character to this routine. He knows how much pressure they've put on Phillip, but he wants to see him grow more. He's got to bring it. That piece wasn't as lightweight as it appeared.
Mary: A-choo! She's allergic to down feathers, but she isn't allergic to that routine. She expected it to be a nightmare from Phillip, but his character is right on at the beginning. But he didn't have the technique. Jeanine can step out on any Broadway stage right now. She is fabulous; looks phenomenal.
Toni: It was adorable. As a couple they did pretty well. But they can't let the feathers upstage them.

Am I the only one who feels like Mary gave Kupono and Kayla a sympathy ride on the Hot Tamale train? She usually gets so excited to put people on that train and I just wasn't getting that from her tonight. I know how much they love Kayla, but if you'd stop hitting us over the head with it we might be able to see that for ourselves. I'm guilty of it too, but they need to tone it down.

Who deserves to be in the bottom three tonight? I think Jason and Caitlin should plan to dance for their lives again as should Karla and Jonathan.  Those are the only two couples I feel strongly about so let me know who else belongs there with them. Or do you think Jason and Caitlin or Karla and Jonathan should be safe?

Did you vote? See you back here after the results.

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We're now in the third week of the competition and I want to see some strong comebacks. The dancers with something to prove to us are: Caitlin, Jason, and Jonathan. I think we all want to see Jonathan turn in a strong performance again to make sure last week wasn't a fluke. Who do you expect big things from? Let's see how they do.

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