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So You Think You Can Dance Episode: "Winner Announced"

Season 4, Episode 23
Episode Synopsis: In the fourth-season finale, a winner is chosen from the remaining four: Joshua Allen; Twitch Boss; Courtney Galiano; and Katee Shean. Also: The Jonas Brothers sing "Burnin' Up"; the cast of Cirque du Soleil's "CRISS ANGEL Believe" perform "Homage to the Rabbits."
Original Air Date: Aug 7, 2008
Guest Cast Jonas Brothers

The Finale, Part Two Season 4, Episode 23

Fluff, fluff, fluff. Filler, filler, filler. And the winner is Joshua. America's favorite dancer is Joshua Allen! JOSHUA! He wins $250,000 and a featured dance role in Step Up 3D. Now I've seen the first two Step Up movies so I'll be all over that. I might even be willing to buy the DVD (eventually) so I can own a piece of Joshuatoo far? Let's start at the beginning of tonight's 2-hour results show. Really? Does it have to be that long? I can understand that the show's producers and the network want to milk this for everything it's worth but I was seriously in agony for two straight hours. My palpitating heart couldn't have taken much more. The top 20 dancers return for a group hip-hop number choreographed by Shane Sparks. Did anyone see him in the audience? Usually we get at least a cursory shot but I didn't see him anywhere. We miss you Shane. And what about the dancing? I thought it was great. Shane's choreography (from what I remember in years past) is always fun to watch and this piece is no exception. The hip-hop/b-boy/poppers are killing it and everyone seems to be very energetic. I really liked that our Final Four were the only ones left standing at the end of the piece. For real. The night is highlighted by the judge's favorite dances from throughout the competition. - One of Nigel's favorites is Joshua and Katee's Bollywood routine. It's just as great as the first time they danced it. - Mary picks Gev and Courtney's Rumba. Although I did notice her dress isn't as fabulous, it's still a hot number. The battle between Robert Muraine and Phillip Cheeb is awesome. The way they can move their bodies is impressive and seems to defy the laws of gravity and nature especially Robert. Afterwards the judges are asked who has won and Robert gets the most votes by far. I didn't need the judges to weigh in on this. Although Phillip is impressive, it's Robert all the way. He's buck. - Adam's favorite number is Twitch and Comfort's hip-hop piece. I really enjoyed this piece when they first performed it and it's lost none of its appeal. Twitch is still hitting it harder. - Lil'C picks Mark and Chelsie's lyrical hip-hop as his favorite. It's freakin' awesome. These two bring so much emotion and technique to this piece. Mary and Dmitry perform. Daaaaaaaaamn. Mary's legs look amazing and I'm not about to complain about seeing Dmitry's chest again. I watched this bit at work with some friends and although they enjoyed the performance I would have liked to see Mary step it up a bit. What? If she can dish it out, she needs to be able to take it. I still love you Mary. Give yourself a Mary scream. - Mia's favorite number is the Pas De Deux performed by Will and Katee. Sigh. How awesome is Will? How amazing would it have been to see him be part of the Final Four? Anyway, it was great to see him and Katee perform this piece again and it was near flawless. Great job. - Another favorite for Adam is the Jazz number danced by Mark and Courtney. It was still very weird and very cool. The 4th runner up/first dancer eliminated from tonight's show is Courtney. I don't think anyone is surprised. I'm so proud of her for making it so far and for showing us what a diverse dancer she can be. She's very gracious and says she couldn't be happier with what she's accomplished. Our little sponge is going to keep going and gaining more experiences. The top 5 guys dance Nigel's number again. It's still fun but I didn't really love it the first time and I don't really love it now. There are some great parts and it's entertaining enough. The first of the night's special guests are the Cirque du Soleil dancers performing Criss Angel - Believe. The choreography is so Wade it's not even funny. It's weird and strange and beautifully danced. It looks like one heck of a weird show and if it comes to LA, I will definitely have to check it out. The 3rd runner up/second dancer to be eliminated is Katee. I am surprised but my ire is tamped down quickly when we learn she's won $50,000. Apparently, they're doing things a little different this year and decide the top female dancer (and if the overall winner had been female, this prize would have gone to the top guy) gets a little cash prize. And I have to say I'm so pleased. You know how much I love her and I'm glad she's got a little cushion to get out there and keep taking classes and doing her thing. I think she can only get better. I know some of you think she had an attitude problem but I just didn't see that in her, especially tonight. She says she is so blessed and grateful for this experience and it's changed her life. The second of tonight's special guests are performers from Debbie Allen's Dance Academy. I'm so pleased to see so many kids excited about dance. They do a great job and when Nigel comes out, I have to suppress my eye rolling. But I think he does a great job and I'm impressed with his technique. Was he as flashy as some of those kids? No, but I think he held his own. - Another of Mary's favorites is Twitch and Katee's Contemporary piece. It's still powerful and raw and danced beautifully. There's a rumor that Mia had a bad breakup this year and that's why all her pieces were so emotional and dark. I hate to say it, but I think I need Mia in a perpetual state of heartbreak so we can get pieces of this caliber every year. The final special guest of the evening is the Jonas Brothers. No dancers? Say hello to my little friend the fast-forward button. Debbie's favorite piece is Twitch and Kherington's Viennese Waltz. It's so moving and beautiful. We can see how much Twitch and Kherington enjoy dancing with each other and performing this particular piece. Nigel's final favorite is Joshua and Katee's Lyrical hip-hop. I love these two together, as you know. With this couple we can also see how much they enjoy performing together as well. Loved it. We get a nice little package with dancers from the first three seasons letting us know what they're up to (boo to Blake. I can't stand his bad attitude) and we get a number of dancers live and in-studio. It's still so much fun to see them perform and they don't disappoint tonight. And since I already told you who won at the beginning of the blog, I think you've guessed (or watched) that Twitch is the runner up. And what a class act. He's so happy for Joshua, who is speechless and emotional. You knew Joshua was going to cry. I would have been disappointed if he hadn't. Joshua tells us to never let anyone tell us we can't do something. The sky's the limit! It's a tad cliché for me but he's so choked up with emotion that he probably reached for the first thing that came to mind. I can't blame him. I'd probably be a speechless blob on the floor. I've enjoyed your comments and your critiques all season. Please feel free to add your thoughts, opinions, gripes, etc. below. Until next year. show less
Fluff fluff fluff Filler filler filler And the winner is Joshua Americas favorite dancer is Joshua Allen JOSHUA He wins 250000 and a featured dance role in Step Up 3D Now Ive seen the first two Step Up movies so Ill be all over that I might even be willing to buy the DVD eventually so I can own a piece of Joshuatoo farLets start at the beginning of tonights 2-hour results show Really Does it have to be that long I can understand that the shows producers and the network want to milk this for everything its worth but I was seriously in agony for two straight hours My palpitating heart couldnt have taken much moreThe top 20 dancers return for a group hip-hop number choreographed by Shane Sparks Did anyone see him in the audience Usually we get at least a cursory shot but I didnt see him anywhere We miss you Shane And what about the dancing I thought it was great Shanes choreography from what I read more

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