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So You Think You Can Dance Episode: "Top 4 Perform"

Season 4, Episode 22
Episode Synopsis: In Part 1 of the two-part Season 4 finale, the remaining four dancers---Joshua Allen, Twitch Boss, Courtney Galiano and Katee Shean---perform.
Original Air Date: Aug 6, 2008

The Finale, Part One Season 4, Episode 22

Wow. Tonight's show was packed with a lot of great dancing and some very nice personal moments on Cat's couch. Although I will admit to tearing up once or twice (or three or four times), I'm going to leave the personal stuff out because I kind of consider it filler. Very interesting and emotional filler, but filler just the same. And I want to hear what you think of tonight's performances so let's get right to it. Courtney and Twitch start the night off with a Hip-Hop piece choreographed by Tabitha and Napoleon. Mandy: Awesome. Way to start it out. Tab & Nap give such great characters. Twitch is hysterical on stage. Perfect. Mary: Felt it. Routine is a knockout. Tough, raw around the edges. Gets a Mary scream. Fabulous. Nigel: Twitch Should feel grateful to be dancing with Courtney. Courtney Takes to the role perfectly. Characters are fantastic. Musicality is great. Lost a little energy at the end. Absolutely perfect. I think this was a totally fun piece. I haven't loved everything Tab & Nap have done throughout the season but I really did enjoy this. Twitch and Courtney seemed like they were having fun out there and at this stage of the competition I think that is so important because these guys are beyond exhausted. To make me feel like the routine is effortless and fun is a very big compliment to these two dancers. I think I saw some tiny mistakes - like in the first lift/spin combination - but like the judges said this number was a great way to start the evening. Solo: Courtney I think her technique has only improved over the course of the season and tonight it's on full display. Her degree of difficulty looks high and she absolutely pulls it off. Mandy: Courtney has come so far. She has spirit and soul when she moves. Mary: She's been great throughout the season. Courtney's lived it and fought. She's an inspiration. Nigel: He's so delighted Courtney's in the Top Four. She's a bundle of joy and energizes everyone around her. Joshua and Katee dance a Lyrical routine choreographed by Wade Robson. Mandy: Beautiful. So nice to have Wade back. Very honest. They're telling a story anyone could watch and relate to. Technically she would have liked to see more work through the legs and feet. Mary: Agrees. Absolutely beautiful. It's magical when they get together. They've made it through the fight. Nigel: Many remarkable things. Nothing more magical than Wade's choreography. Everything "showbizy" was taken out. Katee danced it brilliantly. Joshua had uncontrolled control. Brilliant dancer. They are two of the best dancers they've ever had on the show. Cool. I feel like this piece is visually very different from what we usually see on the show. The moments of frenetic movement and stillness were so defined and the jerkiness or suddenness of some of the movement was interesting, in a good way. I find much of Wade's choreography to be unusual, but in a beautiful way. I really enjoyed it. I'm not sure you could find a style these two dancers don't perform beautifully when they're together. I heart them. Katee and Courtney dance a Broadway piece choreographed by Tyce DiOrio. Mandy: So cute. They look adorable. Reminds her of old Hollywood. Good chemistry. Mary: Great chemistry. Pull it off. Looks effortless. Nigel: So lovely to see girls dancing as girls. Katee finishes every move just that little bit further. Both dance it beautifully. Both brilliant. Have I mentioned my feelings about Broadway routines by any chance? I didn't love it but it's because I wasn't quite feeling the choreography. I think Katee and Courtney danced this piece beautifully technique is great and jumps/tricks are impressive but it's definitely not my favorite Broadway piece of the season. It would have been cool to see the ladies try a few assisted lifts but I know that wouldn't have been possible in this particular piece. I liked the use of the prop and I think they had very good but not perfect synchronicity. I still love ya Tyce. Solo: Twitch He is always fun to watch. I like that he tried some new things in his solo tonight. I know I said I was a bit disappointed to see Twitch in the Top Four, but I can't be mad at him right now. Great job. He completely deserves to be here. Mandy: He's like the little engine that could. He's kept that sparkle in his eye throughout the competition. Mary: As a freestyler he leaves her speechless. Nigel: He's left his mark on this competition. Could watch his solos all night. He's got humor in spades and he's so wonderful at what he does. Twitch and Joshua introduce us to a new dance style, the Russian Typytych choreographed by Youri Nelzine. Mandy: No offense to the girls, but there is nothing more spectacular than watching guys do crazy stuff on stage. Really well done. Mary: Two fabulous entertainers. Two tremendous fighters. She's so excited and happy to have two hip-hop dancers in the finale. Smokin'. So much energy and power. She doesn't know how they did it. They get a Mary scream. Nigel: He was expecting them to be good at that; it's Russian street dancing. This will be spoken about for many years to come. Wow. This was great fun to watch. Joshua's jumps and Twitch's floor work are impressive. They really play their characters to the hilt and have fun with each other. I am always happy to be introduced to a new dance style and this one is quite exciting. The amount of energy and the performance level of this piece left me extremely impressed with both Joshua and Twitch. They are great entertainers and it's really fun to see the dancers have so much fun with each other on stage. Very nice job. Solo: Katee I do have to praise her on her song choice. It goes so perfectly with her piece, which is filled with energy and passion. She really is dancing her heart out. Lovely. Mandy: Keep dancing. She wants Katee to continue working on her artistry. Mary: She'll cherish so many of Katee's numbers. She's been tremendous. Nigel: Katee had been so many characters and every one of them has been brilliant. She always completes the task the choreographer has given her. Twitch and Katee dance a Fox Trot choreographed by Tony Meredith and Melanie LaPatin. Mandy: Very romantic. Loved the end. The lift is beautiful. So amazing. Mary: Twitch looks snappy. The Fox trot is a gentleman's dance and Twitch is one cool gentleman. Nice and smooth and controlled. Twitch blows her away one more time. Katee gets a bravo. Nigel: Katee is splendid. Wonderful to watch. Did it beautifully. Twitch is a bit too British at the beginning but then he relaxes into it. They have spoiled the choreographers. A delight to watch. I will admit to being very nervous (like the dancers) when I learned they'd be dancing this style. But my nerves are unwarranted. They make this style fun to watch, which is a huge accomplishment. I'm not saying it's usually a chore to sit through this style of dance but for two dancers who don't usually dance it, they are amazing. It is beautiful. For me this performance reinforces that America got it right in putting Twitch into the Top Four. And what can I say about Katee? She has yet to dance a routine that doesn't suit her. Solo: Joshua I love that he started on the main stage and ended up dancing next to the judges. He's hitting it so hard, but I would have loved to have seen a few more tricks maybe a jump or flip. But he's still great. Mandy: He knows how to hit. He's got such charisma when he dances. She loves that he has the confidence to dance two inches from the judges. Mary: She put him on the hot tamale train the first week and he's been riding first class all the way to the finals. He deserves to be here. He's got it all. Nigel: Joshua has set the standard for next season's untrained dancers. Joshua and Courtney finish the partner dances with a Jive choreographed by Jason Gilkison. Mandy: Holy moly. Their first trick is a magical moment for her. Mary: The Jive is one of the hardest and fastest Latin dances. Jason puts unbelievable tricks in. What they are doing is so difficult. She has to bow down to both of them for bringing it on. Nigel: Jason did a great job choreographing the piece. There are a lot of things he was disappointed with. It didn't have the great feel the Jive should have. They're superb dancers. I am going to have to partially agree with Nigel. I did feel there was something missing from this number. I can't put my finger on it exactly but one thing I did note was that the foot action was lacking. I did think they had good but not great energy throughout and I was very impressed by their tricks. I would have preferred to see these two do a Cha Cha but I think they did a very respectable job with what they were given and they had a fun finish. Our Foursome finishes the evening with a Contemporary piece choreographed by Mia Michaels. Mandy: She's a little at a loss for words. She feels like she just watched something magical. It was a celebration. We just witnessed something amazing, beautiful. They could have been a dance company; they were dancing as a unit. Mary: Mia didn't hold back and they pulled it off. Twitch was a standout for her. His lines, power, and assisted lift. Courtney was dropping off a little for her. Katee was flawless. She's so proud of them all. Nigel: They've got two untrained dancers in the guys, so wonderful. They deserve to be here and he's really pleased they are. Katee seemed determined to give up in the beginning but she never did. Courtney seemed lost at the beginning of the competition. They are two shining beacons. They all showed athleticism. No one would complain about that performance. I could sing Mia's praises until the end of time, yet something was a little off for me. I think part of the problem was the way it was shot. It would have been nice to take the whole stage in and be able to focus on whatever dancer you wanted to. Since that wasn't the case here I'm not sure I really had the opportunity to take in the entire performance. From what I saw, Twitch and Katee were the stronger pairing. Their assisted lift was phenomenal. The four of them weren't dancing entirely together and that did bother me. I'm happy to give them a little slack at the end of a long night but I was a bit disappointed. I would have preferred a more intimate and emotional character piece like we've seen in every other piece Mia choreographed this season. Oh well. It was still a very strong finish to a great night. My favorites remain Katee and Joshua. I will be ecstatic if either one of them wins. I kind of want there to be a tie but I'll be happy either way. And that's not to take away from Twitch or Courtney. I thought they were both pretty amazing tonight. Twitch kind of surprised me and I thought Courtney just continued to show us why she's in the Top Four. The lovely and delicious Cat was stunning in her gold number. Her hair and makeup were just perfect as well. And how much did you love her little sit-downs with each of the dancers? It's been a pleasure getting to know them throughout the season but I really did enjoy this additional window into their lives. What did you think of Mandy Moore getting a seat at the judge's table? I don't want to be jaded and think her Emmy nomination got her there but I'm very curious for your take. Did you like her critiques? I'll see you back here tomorrow night for the results. It should be a great show with our favorite performances of the season as well as a battle and some fun performances The Jonas Brothers & Cirque du Soleil. Um, did you vote? Until tomorrow. show less
Wow Tonights show was packed with a lot of great dancing and some very nice personal moments on Cats couch Although I will admit to tearing up once or twice or three or four times Im going to leave the personal stuff out because I kind of consider it filler Very interesting and emotional filler but filler just the same And I want to hear what you think of tonights performances so lets get right to itCourtney and Twitch start the night off with a Hip-Hop piece choreographed by Tabitha and NapoleonMandy Awesome Way to start it out Tab Nap give such great characters Twitch is hysterical on stage PerfectMary Felt it Routine is a knockout Tough raw around the edges Gets a Mary scream FabulousNigel Twitch Should feel grateful to be dancing with Courtney Courtney Takes to the role perfectly Characters are fantastic Musicality is great Lost a little energy at the end Absolutely perfectI think this was a totally read more

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