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So You Think You Can Dance Episode: "Top 6 Perform"

Season 4, Episode 20
Episode Synopsis: The final six dancers perform.
Original Air Date: Jul 30, 2008

The Top Six Dancers Perform Season 4, Episode 20

Are you as glad as I am about Joshua and Katee's reunion? I just love them together and tonight they did not disappoint. They are my favorite couple. But I'm getting ahead of myself Only one more week to go before the finale and I think the dancers made it very hard tonight to determine who should be in the Top Four. We got strong performances from every dancer. I hope you voted. Courtney and Mark kick off the night with a Viennese Waltz choreographed by Jason Gilkison (from the Australian SYTYCD). Adam: Doesn't know how America will vote. Really beautiful. Mark has the best rise and fall of any guy who's done a waltz this season. They throw away the last lift a little bit. Mary: Excellent routine. Flowed across the floor. Lifts seemed effortless. Mark's coming alive, growing every week. This number does it for her tonight. Nigel: Beautifully romantic. He hopes they're having the time of their lives. They start the evening really well. Congratulations. I liked this a lot. I think they danced it extremely well and made this dance fun to watch. Sometimes the Waltz can look really technical and awkward but these two had great lines and made it extremely enjoyable. I thought Courtney's technique wasn't quite up to Mark's in a few areas but overall I think she was strong. Great job. Courtney and Mark's second dance is a Jazz piece choreographed by Sonya Tayeh. Adam: That was sick. Loved it. Sonya is such an exciting new presence. Loves Courtney and Mark individually but together they're unbelievable. Mary: Crazy, raw, interesting. Loves it. Nigel: Totally agrees. This piece really suited Mark's unique style. Anything they throw at Courtney she picks up. One of the highlights of the night. Sometimes I feel like I'm missing something because I didn't love this piece. I thought it was strange and very much suited Mark since he's usually outstanding when he has a strong character to play. Mostly, I found the piece strange. I don't know if I enjoyed it but I can recognize the technique and great characterization by both dancers that was present here. I think they danced it well. Katee and Joshua ( reunited and it feels to good) dance a Contemporary piece choreographed by Tyce DiOrio. Adam: This piece is the best thing Tyce has done all season. Katee and Joshua are two of the most exciting dancers to have graced this stage. They just become the holy trinity. Awesome. Mary: It was filled with passion, strength, the leaps. Phenomenal. It's the most beautiful thing she's seen on the show. She'll see both of them in the finale. The routine gets a Mary scream. Nigel: Beautifully danced. Joshua is absolutely brilliant. They delivered and he's pleased they're paired up again. I heart this couple. They are such a genuine pleasure to watch. Joshua does seem to really be coming into his own. He's completely believable as a contemporary dancer. And what can I say about Katee? She absolutely shines in her own style. Amazing lines, great technique. The lifts were beautiful and well done. It's just such a pleasure to watch Katee and Joshua dance together. Great job. Katee and Joshua's next dance is the Paso Doble choreographed by Jason Gilkison. Adam: Joshua is making him believe in the impossible. He's so brilliant and it's not possible given his background that he'd be able or capable of doing what he's doing. He loves it. Mary: When Katee and Joshua are together true magic happens on the stage. Phenomenal. That also gets a Mary scream. Nigel: Absolutely fabulous. So many good things in that routine. Joshua could steal the show if he keeps dancing like that. I loved it. Joshua killed it. So much of this dance is about attitude and Joshua came across as strong and confident. His movements were crisp and precise and his characterization was amazing. Technique? Nailed it. It's always interesting to see what the female dancer will do during this dance since she's just the cape. But as an angry cape, Katee did a fantastic job. I watched it twice. Riveting. Chelsie and Twitch's first dance is the Mambo choreographed by Tony Meredith and Melanie LaPatin. Adam: Chelsie's on fire, an animal burning it up on the floor. He has yet to see something she can't do. Twitch is out of his element and could have sold it a little more. He's a really strong partner. Good performance. Completely entertained. Mary: Great routine. She gives Twitch huge props for being mostly on time. Chelsie kept drawing her attention because she's so fabulous in the Latin style. Pulled it off respectfully. Nigel: Twitch looked good the majority of the routine. Chelsie's in her element. Feet were fantastic. They did great. Good partners. These two are fun to watch. Chelsie is always amazing in her own style in partner dancing. Her dress is hot and she dances the number very well. While Twitch does a very respectable job, he does stumble a little. I counted three mistakes and I'm sure if I was an expert I would have spotted more. But I did find them entertaining and the mistakes weren't big enough to really take away from my enjoyment of the routine. Chelsie and Twitch end the night with a Hip-Hop piece choreographed by Tabitha and Napoleon. Adam: Tabitha & Napoleon bring wit and intelligence to their routines. Twitch is hot. Chelsie gets a "wow." Entertaining. Great ride. Mary: In his element and in most of the numbers he's done this season, Twitch has been outstanding. Chelsie keeps up with him. Unbelievable. Nigel: Any one of the six dancers could be in the Top Four. Fantastic. I will admit to being disappointed. First, it took Chelsie and Twitch too long to start dancing and that's definitely not their fault. I think Tabitha admitted that this piece was all about character and that just doesn't cut it for me. I want the technique to be there alongside the character and I kind of felt like this piece was a little soft. Do I think Chelsie and Twitch did everything they could with what they were given? Yes. I liked them even if I didn't love the routine. Did you vote? Solos: Chelsie: I enjoyed her solo tonight so much more than I usually do. She mixed it up a bit. She had her usual ballroom tricks in there with some other elements. Dynamic and highly enjoyable. Twitch: His use of props was great. He's always fun to watch and tonight is no exception. But the funniest bit was when Cat took Twitch's grill out of her mouth and kind of drooled on herself. Nice. But back to Twitch. Great job. Really fun. Katee: I like that she changed things up a bit this week. Her solos are usually set to slower music but this week she rocks it out. Nice technique and character. Very enjoyable. Joshua: Very nice. His solos are so much fun to watch and this week I like that he threw in some technical elements from different styles in with his own. Courtney: Her solos have always been fun to watch and this week is no exception. She shows us some great technique. Nicely done. Mark: I liked the use of his shirt as a prop. I think he's the only male dancer still on the show who hasn't bared his chest during his partner dance so he takes the liberty to do so now. It spices things up a bit. I still think his solo is a little boring though. More thoughts: My favorite couple tonight is Katee and Joshua. I am delighted they got to dance together again and both of their routines were very strong. These two will make it into the finale. The other two couples are a bit of a toss up for me. Let's break it down. Chelsie has been great every week. She was very strong in the Mambo, which is her own style, and she did a more than respectable job with the Hip-Hop piece. Courtney had two very strong dances tonight. Her Waltz was beautiful and although I thought the Jazz piece was strange, her technique was good. She's been coming on strong these last few weeks but I'm not sure it's enough to overtake Chelsie. I'd be happy to see either of them make it into the Top Four. What about the guys? Mark was pretty phenomenal tonight. I didn't love his solo but his two partner dances were very strong. His lines were beautiful in the Waltz and his character was strange and completely suited to him for the Jazz piece. Twitch stumbled a bit in the Mambo but he did a respectable job of keeping up with Chelsie. Twitch is always great in his own style, but I would have liked to see Tabitha and Napoleon give him choreography that he could have hit a little harder. I'd be happy to see either one of them make it into the finale. I want to add just a short note about the adorable Cat. She's such a great host and I really did enjoy her trying on Twitch's props. She looked lovely tonight in her sparkly silver dress. I didn't love the shoes but she made them work. Thoughts? Who are you dying to send home? Who must stay and be in the finale? Is there anything you're looking forward to next week? Um, did you vote? Thanks so much for all your great comments last week - and every week. Keep 'em coming! Until tomorrow. show less
Are you as glad as I am about Joshua and Katees reunion I just love them together and tonight they did not disappoint They are my favorite couple But Im getting ahead of myselfOnly one more week to go before the finale and I think the dancers made it very hard tonight to determine who should be in the Top Four We got strong performances from every dancer I hope you votedCourtney and Mark kick off the night with a Viennese Waltz choreographed by Jason Gilkison from the Australian SYTYCDAdam Doesnt know how America will vote Really beautiful Mark has the best rise and fall of any guy whos done a waltz this season They throw away the last lift a little bitMary Excellent routine Flowed across the floor Lifts seemed effortless Marks coming alive growing every week This number does it for her tonightNigel Beautifully romantic He hopes theyre having the time of their lives They start the evening really well Congratulations read more

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