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So You Think You Can Dance Episode: "Top 8 Perform"

Season 4, Episode 18
Episode Synopsis: The final eight dancers perform.
Original Air Date: Jul 23, 2008

The Top Eight Perform Season 4, Episode 18

I can't believe we're only two weeks from the finale! Can you believe it? It's been a very exciting season so far. A few unexpected twists but that makes it more fun. And before I say anything else, I must mention the fact that the legendary Toni Basil is a guest judge on the show tonight. I only know of her from her Mickey days, but she's gone on to do some very impressive things. Right now she's working with Bette Midler and very soon she'll be working with Tina Turner. And it seems as though she's been nominated for almost every award known to man. I'm sold. We start with the night with Will and Courtney performing a Samba choreographed by Jean-Marc Genereux. Nigel: It's gonna be a great night. When not thinking about technique, they're great. Chemistry is good. Congratulates them on starting the night out on a high. Mary: Thinks she's being punk'd because she sees two Samba dancers. Terrific job. Will's technique isn't quite there all the time but their chemistry is. Courtney gets a scream. Toni: For two contemporary dancers, she had so much fun. She forgot to judge. They bring life to the Samba. I didn't love it. I agree with Mary about the technique comment. There did seem to be a few times when they were concentrating too much on the steps and it weighed them down a bit. For me the best parts were the crisp movements and there was good hip action. I did think they were fun to watch but I wasn't blown away. They did what they could with it. I'll throw some love to Will by saying he partners well with everyone. Next they dance a Lyrical (or Slow) Hip-Hop piece choreographed by Tabitha and Napoleon. Nigel: Tab & Nap have done incredible stuff this season. He was emotionally affected by it. Got the feeling of being a voyeur. They are together emotionally and physically. Mary: These two are tremendous dancers. She has very high expectations and unfortunatelythey blew her expectations right out of the water. Emotion and passion were exploding. Made her feel great. Toni: Street wasn't considered an art form when she got started. Great art makes you feel something. America will never feel the same about dance again after this show. This piece didn't quite live up to my expectations. I didn't think they were synchronized as much as the judges seemed to think they were. In fact, it's very rare to see any dancers perform in perfect synchronicity. I just don't think these two did. The emotional connection was great though and overall I really enjoyed the piece. Twitch and Katee's first piece is a Contemporary routine choreographed by Mia Michaels. Nigel: Wow. Performance was fantastic but hard to critique dancing. You've gotta wonder what goes through Mia's head. Danced it brilliantly. Wonderful characters. Entertaining. Mary: Knock, knock. Who's there? Two. Two what? Two of the best dancers we've seen on this stage. It was so much fun. She loved it. Brilliant. Congratulations. Toni: Aren't they lucky to be choreographed by the reigning queen of contemporary? Thinks this is Katee's dance. Loved it. I feel compelled to bring up the kiss Dom and his partner (what's her name? help me out) had to share last year during one of their performances. Whereas their kiss seemed awkward, this kiss wasn't bad. I wasn't feeling it, but I didn't feel embarrassed for the dancers. And now I'll talk about the dancing. I really enjoyed it. I think these two are hot together and hot tonight. We saw some great technique and a really great performance. They had great characters to play and made it really fun to watch. I think they did an outstanding job. Twitch and Katee's next performance is a Broadway piece choreographed by Tyce DiOrio. Nigel: Loved the routine. This is a Broadway routine you can see the dancers doing on Broadway. Twitch has risen to every single challenge they've given him. Nigel enjoys his performances. There isn't one minute this season Nigel hasn't enjoyed Katee's performances, which is the highest compliment he can give her. Mary: Terrific. Really pulled it off. Well matched in movement, entertainment. Didn't look like work. Amazing. Toni: Twitch brings much more reality to the choreography; dances from the inside out. Katee is a beautiful dancer but she wanted to see a deep, rough approach that more matched the vocals of the song. But they both did wonderfully. I really enjoyed it. When Broadway is performed like this, I think it can be enjoyed by all. I liked their characters and I thought they danced and performed it well. It was fun to watch and I always like it when the choreographers make sure to put a little of the dancers' own style into the piece although I don't want them to go overboard. Great job. Mark and Comfort start off their night with a Hip-Hop routine choreographed by Tab and Nap. Nigel: Surprised by how much better Comfort dances hip-hop when she's choreographed. He's also surprised by how good Mark was. Loved the pick-up into somersault lift. Well done. Mary: Great job. Liked the use of the desk, synchronization. Comfort is hitting it; great dancer. She wasn't expecting what she got from Mark. They nailed it. Toni: Loves the routine. She knows how difficult Tab and Nap's stuff can be. Great. They're rooted in the music, rooted in the beat. Brought it all together. We got some great attitude from Comfort in this piece. Although I do think Comfort was hitting it harder, Mark did a great job of keeping up with her. We know he can do this kind of dancing (as evidenced by his lyrical hip-hop piece with Chelsie earlier in the season) so I'm glad to reaffirmed for us that he's not a one-hit wonder in this genre. I really enjoyed it. Mark and Comfort finish their night with a Fox Trot choreographed by Jean-Marc Genereux. Nigel: Lady luck walked out of the room. No chemistry. Thinking so hard it was slightly amateurish. Mary: Agrees with Nigel. Felt the choreography. Nothing melting together, transitions were rough. Toni: Bad turn set the tone. Mark's jazz parts were really good. Power and technique behind it is extremely difficult. Didn't pull it off. I have to admit I didn't hate it. Was it passable? In my eyes, yes. I didn't notice Comfort's horrible hand position on her turn so it didn't bother me. I think it's very interesting that these two dancers ended up performing together. The pairing may have saved them if this piece was as good as their first. I said, may have. Although I believe they were both trying their best, I don't think it was enough to make people pick up the phone for them. Joshua and Chelsie's first dance is the Argentine Tango choreographed by Dmitri. Nigel: They picked the most technical routine so far. Chelsie's legs are fast, snappy. Loved choreography. Used Joshua's strength. Chemistry worked for the routine. Mary: It all translated in just the right way. She finds Joshua believable. Chelsie is so much sexier in this Tango. Pulled it off. Still on the hot tamale train. Toni: This is the most street of the ballroom partner dances. Need to feel it's spontaneous and torrid. They accomplish that. The dance came together. Quite an accomplishment. Enjoyed it. Chelsie's footwork is amazing, and it had better be considering this is her style. I liked their pairing. They put on a nice performance and where one had technique, the other had strength. The lifts were great and together they are really hot. Although Joshua's technique wasn't quite there, he did a pretty good job of keeping up with Chelsie. Joshua and Chelsie end the night with a Disco routine choreographed by Dorianna Sanchez. Nigel: Superman lift is fantastic. Chelsie has to have the courage to do the lifts. Both carried if off really well. Mary: Really good. Lifts were so tough. Dorianna trusted Joshua to nail the lifts. Chelsie made the landings work. Out of sight. Toni: Joshua pulls together the spirit of Disco although his lines aren't as long (and he wasn't born yet). Chelsie has the lines. Really pulled it off. This was a fun piece to the end the night on. More than anything, I think their great energy really made this work. Joshua was like a workhorse during this routine he was mostly there for the lifts and he did a great job. He did stumble at the top of the number when he didn't come out of his turn correctly and couldn't complete a jump. But otherwise, he was pretty amazing. Chelsie was great too. Some of those lifts looked scary and although I'd like to think I would have trusted Joshua, part of me knows that's not true. Great job and great way to end the evening. Overall, all the partner routines went very well. I was very pleased that almost everyone brought the level of their games up. Solos: Comfort: This may be the best solo we've seen her do. Now, it's possible that I want her to go home so much I'm imagining things but I don't think I am. When she was actually dancing instead of walking/skipping/prancing across the stage it was interesting. I think we're ready for her to go home. Her hip-hop routine won't save her this week. Will: this James Brown-inspired piece was really fun. He got the crowd going and you could tell he was having so much fun. He had a lot of great tricks and managed to show us quite a bit of technique. His energy was amazing. Katee: You know I love her but did her solo this week seem very similar to last week's? I could be imagining things but I did get a slight sense of déjà vu. That being said, she still danced it beautifully. I felt the joy. She has great technique and nice emotionality. I also love the way she throws herself into her routines. Mark: I don't think I've enjoyed his solos since his crazy and quirky solo from Vegas. I just don't feel like there's enough technique there. Or if there is, I'm distracted by the odd little quirky things he does. I just didn't love it. Chelsie: Sigh. I don't get ballroom solos. From where I was sitting, it looked fine. I wasn't thrilled with it and I didn't hate it. I wish I could say more good things because we know Chelsie is great in her own style. I guess I'll leave it at that. Joshua: He is always so much fun to watch. His movements are incredibly precise and he hits it hard. I'd love to see him do Krump next week. Very enjoyable. Courtney: This may be the best we've seen her do her solo. I really enjoyed it. The emotion was great and I liked all her technical elements. Very good job. Twitch: It's also a pleasure to watch his solos. He made great use of the entire stage and had fun choreography. Loved it. My favorite couple of the night is Katee and Twitch. I really enjoyed both of their pieces and while Katee is outstanding every week, I feel like Twitch proved again why he's here after a rough go of it last week. My two favorite performers for the season remain Katee and Will (even though I was a little down on his partnered pieces). They'd both better make it to the finale. Who's in the bottom? Definitely Comfort and Mark. Even though their hip-hop routine was fun and well danced, they were in the bottom last week and they are the logical choices to be sent packing. Who else deserves to be in the bottom? I'm not sure anyone else deserves to be there, but I think Courtney will find herself there and so will Twitch. I just don't think they're as popular as the other dancers, although they both did great jobs tonight. We'll see. I didn't really mention how each dancer got started on their paths, but you can discuss that below if you'd like. Do you agree with my predictions? Who deserves to stay and why? Who needs to go? Did you vote? I'll see you back here tomorrow night for the results. show less
I cant believe were only two weeks from the finale Can you believe it Its been a very exciting season so far A few unexpected twists but that makes it more fun And before I say anything else I must mention the fact that the legendary Toni Basil is a guest judge on the show tonight I only know of her from her Mickey days but shes gone on to do some very impressive things Right now shes working with Bette Midler and very soon shell be working with Tina Turner And it seems as though shes been nominated for almost every award known to man Im soldWe start with the night with Will and Courtney performing a Samba choreographed by Jean-Marc GenereuxNigel Its gonna be a great night When not thinking about technique theyre great Chemistry is good Congratulates them on starting the night out on a highMary Thinks shes being punkd because she sees two Samba dancers Terrific job Wills technique is read more

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