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So You Think You Can Dance Episode: "Top 10 Perform"

Season 4, Episode 16
Episode Synopsis: The Top 10 dancers perform.
Original Air Date: Jul 16, 2008

Our Top Ten Dancers Perform Season 4, Episode 16

Cat is looking delicious and delovely in her gold dress. I'm liking this hair way better then the (fake) hair from last Thursday. That hair went to Mary Murphy this week. Come on we know your hair ain't that long Mary. I still love ya though. So in addition to seeing the new partners dance two styles we'll also see a solo. I think adding the solo is a pretty smart way to get some dancers to stick around longer than they would otherwise. If a good dancer picks two dances they're not familiar with (or particularly good at) they can all but save themselves with their solo. They're making our jobs hard. Our first new couple of the night is Courtney and Joshua. They get a Hip-Hop number choreographed by Dave Scott. Lil'C: Great choreography. Enjoys the comedy. Joshua kills it. Courtney did good. They made the routine their own and added character. Mary: They have chemistry. Joshua blew it up while Courtney is respectable. Nigel: Joshua's dancing is terrific. Courtney plays a great character. Didn't flow. Courtney needs to bring her level of dancing up to Joshua's. I didn't care for it that much. I think Joshua is amazing, as he should be, in his own style. I like his character and he has a lot of fun with it. Courtney is barely keeping up. She has a few good moments but overall this just isn't her style. She did much better in her Hip-Hop routine with Gev a few weeks ago. I just didn't love it. Courtney and Joshua's second dance is a Rumba choreographed by Jean-Marc Genereux. Lil'C: He might need his asthma pump. They have sensual innocence. Joshua is so confident. Courtney is eloquent. He loves their lines and extension. They nail it. Mary: This piece is so difficult. Joshua is stroking the floor like a paintbrush. The routine is filled with nuances and subtle sexiness. Lifts went fairly good. Fantastic. Nigel: This piece fits their bodies beautifully. These too are hot together. It's sexy and their movement is really nice to watch. Courtney goes a long way in redeeming herself for me. I think the transition into their last lift left a little something to be desired but overall this is one of my favorite performances of the night. Kherington and Mark follow with a new genre on the show. They get the Two-Step choreographed by Ronnie DeBenedetta and Brandie Tobias. Lil'C: Fun routine. He can tell they tried to attack it but they may have approached it from the wrong direction. Great character. Didn't nail it for him. Mary: This is one tough number. Arm connections, fast spinning, tunneling. It was tough for Mark to handle Kherington but she gives him kudos. It wasn't smooth and easy. Nigel: Kherington is leading. This style requires the partners to trust each other, which they didn't have. They didn't let the routine defeat them even though they were both out of sorts with the routine and their partner. I really didn't care for this routine. I don't think it's the dancing or choreography because the little glimpses we got of Ronnie and Brandie performing it looked great. Kherington and Mark just don't look comfortable. They have a problem right off the bat with what looks like a missed turn. The lifts are ponderous the turns aren't fast enough. I was bored. For me this is the worst performance of the night. Kherington and Mark follow their Two-Step with a Jazz piece choreographed by Tyce DiOrio. Lil'C: Good routine. Could show off the dance. Kherington is nailing her turns. The lifts look too choreographed. Mary: She's not jumping out of her chair. The piece didn't make her feel anything; she wanted more. She wanted to be fired up. Mark looks lost without a character to play. Nigel: He feels it was a little like a driving test. They could check off the elements but there is no heart, no passion. I didn't think there was enough energy in this piece. The joy we tend to see from Kherington when she dances wasn't there for either her or Mark. I feel like both of these dancers are so much better than what we've seen from them tonight. I'm very disappointed. Comfort and Twitch start of the night with a Smooth Jazz routine choreographed by Hunter Johnson. Lil'C: Enjoyed it but they weren't flowy enough. Twitch is there for Comfort. Mary: It lacks so much power. Rise and fall isn't there, clunky. They didn't come together and quality of movement isn't there. Nigel: Their performance isn't strong enough for a top 10 dancer although the lift at the end is majestic. They've gotten over this hurdle. I think they did a respectable job for them. Yes, I'm putting a qualifier in there but it doesn't make up for the fact that they didn't do very well with this. I'm totally with the judges. It was ok to watch, nothing spectacular. I didn't dislike it as much as some of the other performances we saw tonight but it was by no means good. If Jessica had danced this piece with Will she definitely would have brought a lot more to it than Comfort is able to. Comfort and Twitch draw Hip-Hop for their next dance. The piece is choreographed by Dave Scott. Lil'C: Kinda buck. Buck = internal artistry meets physical expression. Twitch is the spitting image of Dave Scott in this routine. Hard hitting. Comfort is the best he's seen her perform throughout the competition. Mary: Buck. Terrific. Dancing doesn't build character it reveals character. Comfort is a fighter; she steps up. Twitch Holy smokes. She bows to him instead of giving him her usual shriek. (I'm sure some of you are happy about that but I kind of wanted to hear it after this piece.) Nigel: It didn't look choreographed which is the highest compliment he can give a choreographer. Brilliant. Comfort keeps up with Twitch. It was like they were dancing for the joy of it. I loved it. It's hot. They were incredibly hard hitting, although in the "dance-off" Twitch wins it for me. His movements are so exact and measured. Comfort more than does a great job of keeping up but my eye kept going back to Twitch. In this case, I think there is no way Jessica could have kept up so I'm glad Comfort was his partner. This is another favorite performance of the night. Katie and Will's first dance is a Broadway routine choreographed by Tyce DiOrio. Lil'C: Wow. He applauds Tyce's versatility as a choreographer. They are explosive in character and choreography. They rocked his boat; it was buck. Mary: She's hopping on the love boat. Katie is so cute and so much fun. The talent she possesses is out of this world. Will throws his serious demeanor overboard. She applauds him. Nigel: Terrific. Even though they're contained in a small space all their movements are big. They are the most technical dancers on the show. Will is more than just a technician. Katie is a star. They are the first couple of the night who show why they're in the top 10. I thoroughly enjoy it. Katie and Will's characters are great and they play them well. Their dancing is pretty amazing and they're a genuine joy to watch. At first I wasn't too sure how much I'd like them dancing in and around the boat but they made it work. Very nice job. Katie and Will introduce us to another new genre for the show: the Pas de Deux choreographed by Dwight and Desmond Richardson (who you may remember Mia comparing Will to). Lil'C: Routine is great. They dance with so much commitment, fervor, vigor, conviction, and passion. They delivered. Mary: They are two of the most beautiful dancers she's ever seen. Exquisite. Their lines and extension are wonderful. They get her in the heart. Artistry in motion. Nigel: Praises Desmond (and calls him one of the great modern ballet / contemporary dancers alive today) and Dwight for coming on the show and for their choreography. He hasn't seen such a wonderful performance on this show this year or any year. He acknowledges their mistake but calls them absolutely brilliant. He hopes America realizes just how tough that piece was. Beautiful. I will admit I'm glad that Katie and Will are the one's introducing this style on the show. Although they made a mistake I think their performance is close to flawless. Even though I'm still upset they broke Katie and Joshua up, I don't think we could have asked for a better pairing in these two. They are now my favorite couple and I think they'll both be in it until the end. This is the last of my favorite routines of the night. Chelsie and Gev are up next with a Contemporary routine choreographed by Sonya. Lil'C: They are really committed to the piece. Gev is prepared to do this style. Mary: Amazing chemistry; she believes it. Gev look at you go. Chelsie beautiful. All the lifts are effortless. Nigel: Gev isn't completely behind it. Chelsie absolutely feels it. Good job. Loved choreography and music. I enjoyed it but I will admit to wanting to see how Chelsie and Mark would have danced it. That being said, I think these two did a great job. Chelsie was throwing her hair around a little too much for me but this was a fun piece to watch. I think they've got good, but not great, chemistry and I could absolutely feel the connection. Chelsie and Gev finish the night with a Jive routine choreographed by Jean-Marc Genereux. Lil'C: Chelsie out steps Gev and she leads the whole time. Chelsie could make a mannequin look good. Wanted Gev to step it up. Mary: Terrific job. The way to end the evening. Great partnership but Chelsie stole the show. Gev is there for his partner but he looks like he was concentrating too hard and not having fun. They pull it off. Nigel: Energy level is there. Chelsie is outstanding. Gev's bounce is sometimes there. Congratulations. Well done. It was very hard to take my eyes off Chelsie during this performance. I mean she's blond and she's hot (I know that's what you straight boys are thinking). Beyond that Chelsie really shines in her style. We can see the technique and level of performance from her. I didn't think Gev was horrible but he had a very hard time keeping up with her. I didn't really care for the turn through the legs sequence (not sure if it quite qualifies as a lift). I thought it looked sloppy. But these two did have great energy. Solos: Chelsie I think it's a little hard to evaluate ballroom solos. I love Chelsie and I'm sure to the trained eye her solo was difficult and technical. However, I don't have a trained eye so I thought it was just a bit boring. Will it affect how I vote? Absolutely not. I loved her two partner pieces so I'll be dialing her digits tonight. Gev This is the second time we've seen Gev dance his solo and although I'm impressed I liked his first solo better. He's got amazing energy and does a great job of getting the audience involved. I liked the use of his shirt as a prop it was different and interesting. Courtney I like that she showed us she could nail the stunt she missed in her Hip-Hop piece. I think that was mostly for the benefit of the judges but I'll take it. Other than that I think her piece is pretty good. She didn't blow me away and I really wanted her to. Mark His solo is all about character but I fear there isn't quite enough dancing. I wanted to see a little more technique. I don't think a lot of people get his quirkiness and it will be reflected in the voting. I almost liked the dancing in his introduction at the beginning of the show better. Comfort She's always great in her own style but it would have been nice to see her hitting it a little harder. I don't think she's shown us enough to stick around for another week. Twitch I feel like we saw some new tricks from Twitch tonight. He's so much fun to watch and he really knows how to get the audience involved. Great job. Katie She's amazing. I know everyone keeps mentioning how close she came to not being included in the top 20 but let me just mention it again. I'm so glad she's in this competition because every week she shows us just how good she is. Will Amazing. He is so brilliant at choreographing his solos to fit his music, which shows me that he's on a whole different level. I'm very happy Will is showing us his personality now in addition to his amazing technical skills. Kherington I'm not sure what happened with her this week. After two disappointing partner routines I thought she'd blow us away with her solo. I'm very disappointed. Her joy seems to have gone. I expected her solo to be more like Katie's. Joshua He's another one who uses the music to great affect in his solos. He's a joy to watch and his routine really gets the crowd going. He's got some great tricks in there that I think only broaden his appeal. Yay. So who's in trouble? I'm going to pick my bottom four. My least favorite females are Comfort and Kherington. Although Comfort was amazing in her Hip-Hop routine with Twitch, she's still lacking the technique all the other dancers possess and it was reflected in her first piece. While I think Kherington started this competition off with a bang she hasn't stepped it up in the past two weeks. I was very disappointed in all three of her performances tonight. I think Comfort will leave but if Kherington doesn't get her joy back, I think she'll be out next week. My least favorite guys are Mark and Gev. I'm normally such a fan of Mark but I agree with Mary: if he doesn't have a character to play he's lost. I think it will be hard for voters to pick up their phones for him because I'm not sure anyone who isn't a dancer or judge could see his level of technique tonight. Mary told Mark he was there for his partner in the first dance, but even he seemed surprised to hear it. And although technically his dancing was good for his second routine, Mark and Kherington just didn't show us any heart. And I didn't love Mark's solo. Gev's solo, on the other hand, was very good. He did much better in his partner routines although Chelsie did outshine him. I think he's safe but he's got to give us more next week. Random thoughts: - I liked having Lil'C as a judge this week but some of his comments seemed a little too metaphysical for me. I really liked most of what he had to say but some of the things that came out of his mouth didn't make enough sense for me to even write down. I still think he's buck though. - So, what's up with a non-shrieking Mary Murphy? No one made it onto the hot tamale train tonight, which was a bit disappointing considering there were worthy contenders. And as I've grown accustomed to Mary's shriek of approval, I kind of missed it. Kind of. Ok, not really. - I almost forgot about Jessica. She looked hot in her short, tight little number when she came on stage. At the urging of her doctors she must spend the next month resting so she can go on tour. Two broken ribs and one cracked. I don't think she would have made it past this week's competition but I hope she rests up and gets better. I can't wait to hear your thoughts. Who did you love? Hate? Who needs to go home tomorrow and who should stay until the end? I'll see you back here tomorrow night for the results. I hope you voted because from now on it's up to us. show less
Cat is looking delicious and delovely in her gold dress Im liking this hair way better then the fake hair from last Thursday That hair went to Mary Murphy this week Come on we know your hair aint that long Mary I still love ya thoughSo in addition to seeing the new partners dance two styles well also see a solo I think adding the solo is a pretty smart way to get some dancers to stick around longer than they would otherwise If a good dancer picks two dances theyre not familiar with or particularly good at they can all but save themselves with their solo Theyre making our jobs hardOur first new couple of the night is Courtney and Joshua They get a Hip-Hop number choreographed by Dave ScottLilC Great choreography Enjoys the comedy Joshua kills it Courtney did good They made the routine their own and added characterMary They have chemistry Joshua blew it up while Courtney is respectableNigel Joshuas dancing is te read more

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