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So You Think You Can Dance Episode: "Top 12 Perform"

Season 4, Episode 14
Episode Synopsis: The Top 12 dancers perform.
Original Air Date: Jul 9, 2008

The Top 12 Perform Season 4, Episode 14

Things got very interesting tonight. Personally, I like when the judges are more critical. If the dancers have made it this far, we know they're good. I think it's important for the judges to let us know where they feel the dancers are lacking. Even if I don't necessarily agree with what the judges say, I want to hear the bad with the good. Mark and Chelsie start the night with a Salsa choreographed by Alex Da Silva. Nigel: Great routine. Terrific opening. He thinks Mark's upper body is a little tight. Chelsie is tremendous. Mary: Another rocket fast number and it works for her. Also wants Mark looser through the top but thinks he danced with power and strength and was there for Chelsie. Thinks Chelsie is beautiful dynamite. Mia: Wants to stab Chelsie because she's so gorgeous. Danced well. She finds something awkward with Mark in this routine. I think these two are hot. The dance is hot and they're hot. This performance is so much better than Kourtni and Matt's Latin number from last week. This is how it's supposed to be done. I enjoyed the side-by-side dancing but think Mark looks more like he's working than having fun and just dancing. Mark and Chelsie's second dance is a Broadway piece choreographed by Tyce DiOrio. Nigel: Hot. Well danced. They bring the audience to life. Mary: Sultry, sexy, bluesy. Thinks Chelsie is committed and Mark is there for her. Mia: Works. A success. She thinks the piece shows Mark's lack of training and technique. Thinks Chelsie is hot, sexy, and great but wanted to see more movement. Hot. I actually enjoyed this Broadway routine. I think it may have been because of the blues influence but I can't rule out that it's also Mark and Chelsie who did it for me. As always, they commit fully to their characters and that definitely heightens my enjoyment. Comfort and Thayne perform Hip-Hop choreographed by Tabitha and Napoleon. Nigel: They didn't play off each other enough. Didn't see what they added to the piece. Danced it ok. Mary: Didn't have chemistry. Cute highlight moments with a lot of little nuances. Just good. Mia: A little better than good but thinks they need to work on their connection. She's a big fan of Comfort but she's going to back off. Loves Thayne but feels his performance is a little thin. I definitely like this piece more than the judges did. I think Comfort danced it beautifully and Thayne did a pretty good job of keeping up. I don't think he really got his character and maybe that contributed to the lack of chemistry. I don't place the blame solely at his feet though. Comfort was technically great but I didn't feel her connecting with her partner. But did I find it entertaining? Yes. Next, Comfort and Thayne have a Contemporary piece by Mandy Moore. Nigel: Tough. He loves the choreography but would have liked to see another couple perform it to do it justice. Mary: Not completely believable. Talks about many movements that highlight Comfort's lack of technique. Mia: Tells Comfort she can't fake technique but if they'd had a better connection it would have worked. Thinks Thayne is brilliant and can't wait to work with him either during or after the show. I did like the connectedness of their movements and by that I mean the intricateness of their body positions and their actual physical connection. So, I guess I agree with Nigel to a certain extent. I also like the choreography. A different couple probably could have performed it better but we need to see how this couple performed it in order to judge them on it, right? Now we know that Comfort lacks finishing movements pointed toes, etc. Now we see (again) how great Thayne's technique is in his own style. Do I think the judges are too harsh on these two tonight? No. I think it's definitely time for Comfort to go home. And I think she may take Thayne down with her. Jessica and Will perform a Contemporary routine by Tyce DiOrio. Nigel: Extraordinary, stunning piece. Will has incredible lines, technique, and extension. Jessica is keeping up. They add something to the choreography. Beautifully done. Mary: Wow. One of the most amazing pieces she's ever seen on the show. Jessica steps up once again. Mia: Amazing. They go to a totally different place. It's perfect moving human body art. Will reminds her of Desmond Richardson and Jessica really embraces the piece. This is a strange and beautiful piece. I loved both their lines. I did want Jessica's lines in the opening lift to be just a bit cleaner but she absolutely steps up. I think for the first time in this competition she is showing us what's she's made of. If she'd been showing us this from the beginning I don't think anyone would think Will is carrying her. Really, really great. Beautiful. Will and Jessica perform the Quick Step next, choreographed by Tony Meredith and Melanie LaPatin. Nigel: Likes every part of their routine except the Quick Step portion. Mary: Will's jacket didn't do him any favors and Jessica was losing her shape. They dance heavy instead of skimming across the stage. Mia: Jessica reverts to a stiff, disconnected, insecure place. Thinks Will looks tired from carrying her. Will proves what a gentleman he is by defending his partner, but I'm going to have to agree with Mia. I don't think I would have phrased it so harshly, but Will is the stronger dancer and constantly proves it. I think there were moments of fun and they managed to get the crowd going but I didn't love it. I think there is a very good chance they'll be in the bottom three. This dance really may have been the kiss of death for them. Courtney and Gev's first dance is the Cha Cha choreographed by Pasha and Anya. Nigel: He gets the message. Wow. Courtney is sexy. Gev is brilliant. They aren't technically brilliant but they are fun to watch. Great connection. They suit each other. Mary: Magic. Hot. Great number. They're drawing us in and they're on the hot tamale train tonight. Mia: Fabulosity. They aren't the best dancers in the competition but their dance quality is amazing. They're getting better every week. First, I don't think their music selection is the most appropriate music for this style of dance. Sometimes things like a poor song choice can really throw me off. I think the choreographers are responsible for song choice so I'll wag my finger and Pasha and Anya. That being said, I did enjoy the piece. I think Gev is the better dancer in this style. He is strong and precise. I didn't notice the lip thing Nigel mentioned. Courtney is sexy and fun. I think they have a great connection here and in every routine they do. I think it's good. Courtney and Gev do a Jazz piece next, choreographed by Mandy Moore. Nigel: Fun. Felt like a bit of cotton candy; no substance to it. Mary: Rough, raw, tearing up the stage. Liked Gev from the moment he came on stage. Courtney is dynamic and playful. Pure entertainment. Mia: Great night. Both pieces are great. They are one of her top couples. I think this piece is totally fun. Where Nigel sees fluff, I see two great dancers making it look easy. There is a lot of nice technique in there. I'm not sure if Nigel even saw the same routine we did. Maybe it wasn't as technically demanding as some of the other pieces, but I think Courtney and Gev deserve a little credit for making this piece fun and frothy. Kherington and Twitch perform a Krump piece choreographed by Lil'C. Nigel: On paper, this is the equivalent of a duet between 50 Cent and Miley Cyrus. He thinks they did a great job. There is real honesty in Kherington's performance. Wants to forget the end as they weren't together and energy is down. Mary: Fantastic. Believes in the number. Twitch Whoa. Kherington complete surprise. Brilliant. Mia: Dirty, stanky, buck. It is right on. Twitch serves gangster on a platter. Kherington really does well. She'll also ignore the tiredness. They killed it. I'm not entirely sure why the judges are giving Kherington a pass on the ending. I love her but I think she's sloppy at the end. Not only is she tired, she didn't get some of the choreography right and I could tell because Twitch is still going strong. I think the majority of their piece is brilliant. I don't always love the Krunk routines but I did think this one showed a lot of energy and aggression. So, while I'm not going to give Kherington a pass here, I think they were both pretty amazing. Kherington and Twitch perform a Smooth Tango by Jean-Marc Genereux. Nigel: Didn't feel Twitch's performance was honest. He didn't look comfortable and the steps aren't quite right. Kherington has no passion. They murdered the routine, not each other. Mary: Loves the beginning and the end. The in-between didn't happen. They weren't down into the floor enough. Mia: Dance is magical and powerful because of what's underneath the steps; personality will make it brilliant. They weren't committed, there is no fight. I didn't care for this piece. I don't think Kherington and Twitch followed the crescendo of the music. Where they should have been building to the climax, they were just sort of coasting. There are parts that were strong, but overall I didn't see it as a strong piece. It didn't seem playful or fun or even passionate. These two usually have a great connection with each other and I just didn't feel it. These two go in my bottom three for tonight only. I think they're popular enough that they'll probably be safe, but I'm pretty disappointed in them. Katee and Joshua perform a Waltz choreographed by Jean-Marc Genereux. Nigel: A little too bouncy, not flowy. Katee has beautiful lines. Lifts work well. Mary: All the lifts are great. Great routine. Execution isn't quite there; needs to glide across the floor. Not quite there technically. Mia: Not fluid. Thinks Joshua is a little clumsy and Katee is meant to dance. Her journey is just beginning. I think it's merely nice. I liked the side-by-side dancing and the lifts were good. Katee's technique is definitely better here. I think Joshua did a decent job, but Katee absolutely outdances him in this style. Katee and Joshua finish the night with a Bollywood piece choreographed by Nakul Dev Mahajan. Nigel: Fantastic. Katee looks incredible. He's been trying to get this style of dance into the program for three years. Tremendous. Katee and Joshua always find a way of fusing their styles with what they're given. They give it personality. Mary: Heart + soul = stardom. They're stars tonight. People watching probably won't get the athleticism of the piece. They're back on the hot tamale train. Mia: Great fun. Awesome to have world dance on the stage. Great job. Great work. I loved it. It's so much fun to see this couple introduce a new style of dancing into the SYTYCD world. They bring energy and commitment to the piece and you can just tell how much they enjoy dancing with each other. Like Mia, I think their hand movements are great and while I like some of Joshua's movement better he just seemed more enthusiastic and a little more committed together they really bring this piece alive. An excellent way to end the evening. My two favorite pieces of the night were Jessica and Will's Contemporary piece and Katee and Joshua's Bollywood routine. I think Comfort and Thayne are going home. The other two couples in the bottom may be Courtney & Gev and Jessica & Will. I do think Kherington and Twitch deserve a spot in the bottom, but I would be surprised to see them there. Loved Cat's multi-colored dress and soft hair and makeup. I even enjoyed her trying to defend the dancers against Nigel's tirades. That's it for me tonight. Let me know your thoughts. I'll see you back here tomorrow night. show less
Things got very interesting tonight Personally I like when the judges are more critical If the dancers have made it this far we know theyre good I think its important for the judges to let us know where they feel the dancers are lacking Even if I dont necessarily agree with what the judges say I want to hear the bad with the goodMark and Chelsie start the night with a Salsa choreographed by Alex Da Silva Nigel Great routine Terrific opening He thinks Marks upper body is a little tight Chelsie is tremendousMary Another rocket fast number and it works for her Also wants Mark looser through the top but thinks he danced with power and strength and was there for Chelsie Thinks Chelsie is beautiful dynamiteMia Wants to stab Chelsie because shes so gorgeous Danced well She finds something awkward with Mark in this routine I think these two are hot The dance is hot and theyre hot This performance is so much better than Kourtni and read more

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