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So You Think You Can Dance Episode: "Top 14 Perform"

Season 4, Episode 12
Episode Synopsis: The Top 14 dancers perform.
Original Air Date: Jul 2, 2008

The Top Fourteen Dancers Perform Season 4, Episode 12

For like a millisecond I thought SYTYCD was taking a break this week. I think they did it last year and with Independence Day just around the corner, I thought that might be the case this week. Aren't you glad this is on my season pass? Well, I don't have TiVo but it's on the equivalent of my season pass. And I'm also glad each pair got to dance two styles tonight. I always like it when they start mixing it up. But before we get to our lovely couples, can I make some comments about Cat's dress? You know I love her. Her hair: Gorgeous. Her makeup: Loved it. Her dress: boo. Actually, I take that back. It would have been perfect if those strange little bowties had been ripped off. Cat's stylist, are you listening? And now I'm ready to talk about the dancing: Jessica and Will First dance: The Jive choreographed by Tony Meredith & Melanie LaPatin Tabitha & Napoleon (hereafter known as T&N): Great way to kick off tonight's show. Feels the fight. From the 2nd lift on, they are bringing it to the next level. Mary: There are some missed connections. Will gets the technique and action although Jessica isn't quite there. Nigel: Will has great bounce. Jessica's weight is in the wrong place. Good opening. I think these two have great energy. As always, Will is always there for his partner. The first lift isn't pretty but as they continue dancing their connection gets much better. Overall I enjoy it. I still think Jessica is holding Will back. Second dance: Lyrical Jazz choreographed by Mandy Moore T&N: Some interesting (and appreciated comments) about Will's physique from Tabitha. They think the choreography is clever. Will is amazing. Jessica is holding him down. Wasn't there emotionally. Mary: Talent is flame, genius is fire. That was fire. They are both showing passion. Outstanding. They are on the train. Nigel: Fabulous. Tremendous. Jessica still needs to stop worrying and just dance. Everyone will be picking up the phone for them. This is the stronger of their two pieces. I think the use of the shirt as a prop is clever and interesting. I feel the passion as they're dancing. Will, as always, is amazing. I think Jessica brings up her game for this piece but she still needs to step it up further. Comfort and Thayne First dance: Broadway choreographed by Andy Blankenbuehler (thanks angelus45) T&N: A good match. Feeling the chemistry. Flirty-ness from Comfort is good. Likes it that Thayne is playing it cool. Mary: Enjoys it. She's so proud of Comfort. It could have been bigger but Comfort looks beautiful and Thayne is good. Nigel: Praised it as being real legitimate Broadway choreography. Thinks aggression and passion isn't there. Isn't good enough. They would have been booed off the Broadway stage. I'm going to have to agree with Nigel here. Although I enjoyed the piece I also wanted to see more energy, especially from Comfort. I didn't see any big movements or exaggerated motions and that's ok, I guess, for this style of dance. I was excited to see how these two would dance together after losing their partners last week and so far I'm a bit underwhelmed. Nigel warned them that they'd have to go big tonight or they'd be going home. Second dance: Smooth Waltz choreographed by Edward Simon T&N: Really enjoying it; sees a nice partnership. Napoleon isn't crazy about Thayne. Mary: Loves it. Could have more power, but wow. Comfort goes from a caterpillar to a butterfly tonight. Thayne is still hanging tough. Nigel: Very pleased. Tremendous. Kept it smooth. Not being anything close to an expert in this field, I rely on Mary. I did think this was a better dance for them. Their lines looked good. It was nice and smooth. That being said, I was just a bit bored. Sometimes ballroom is very hard on the dancers because if the audience doesn't get it, they're screwed. It's not nearly as exciting as contemporary or hip-hop can be. I think they did a good job. I'm not blown away. Kourtni and Matt First dance: Hip-Hop choreographed by Olisa and Cecily T&N: Good job. This isn't an easy style of hip-hop. Matt surprises Tabitha but Napoleon thinks it isn't good enough. Mary: She just liked it. Isn't feeling it. Nigel: He didn't know if it was the style, the choreography, or the dancers. He feels like they are dancing their routine on sleeping pills and they aren't always together when they need to be. I'm in total agreement. This is another couple that was warned last week. They aren't showing me anything so far that will keep them out of the bottom three. They aren't together enough and I feel like Kourtni especially is just going through the motions. Has she already given up? I'm sure it's hard to be in the bottom every week, but that should make this couple fight even harder. And although Matt wasn't exactly hitting it hard, he also surprises me tonight. He does better than I expect him to. Second dance: Mambo choreographed by Alex Da Silva T&N: Hot and cold on it. Movements aren't big enough. Matt needs to get down into it. Wanted to see smoke. Mary: Kourtni is smoking but they aren't smoking together. Didn't believe the chemistry. Also wants to see Matt get down into it more. Nigel: They aren't dancing fast enough. Matt isn't butch or macho enough but they danced it well. I think this is a bit of a disaster. They aren't keeping up with the music and their movements aren't crisp enough or defined enough for me. Yes, Alex's choreography is extremely intricate and difficult but we've seen other couples dance his pieces well. To me it looks like they're dancing in slow motion. I just didn't love it. Chelsie and Mark First dance: Jazz choreographed by Mandy Moore T&N: They're able to tell a story as a couple. They have chemistry and perform well. Mary: Loves it. This couple hasn't taken a wrong turn. Chelsie is excelling and Mark gets a "wow." Nigel: It just works. The first couple to dance tonight that has a connection. I love these two so much. I think their performance was a little Girls Just Want to Have Fun, and I mean that in the best possible way. Their connection is palpable. It's a fun piece with great lifts. Big thumbs up from me. I enjoy their character pieces more, but I still think this is quite strong. Second dance: Foxtrot choreographed by Edward Simon T&N: They are a pleasure to watch. They look like they love to dance. Mary: They pull it off. Elegant. Technique is good. Nigel: Feels like Mark is a little uncomfortable. Wants to see Mark use his feet better. Chelsie is absolutely fabulous. I again defer to Mary. In general, I like it. I think they both looked strong. I didn't notice anything wrong with Mark's footwork or carriage so he looked good to me. I didn't love Chelsie's dress I would have preferred something a little more flowy (like what Comfort wore for her 2nd dance) as all those feathers are a bit distracting. Overall, another strong performance from these two. Twitch and Kherington First dance: Paso Doble choreographed by Tony & Melanie T&N: The matador in Twitch comes out after a slow build. Thinks Kherington commands the cape. Mary: Full of passion. Loves the beginning. Is entertained but thinks it's just ok. Nigel: Accuses Mary of coping out, which she admits to. Great choreography. Is also very entertained. Likes Kherington's mean face although he's not sure Twitch gives it his all. I didn't love it. The dismount from the opening lift seems awkward. I didn't love the side-by-side cape action. I think once Twitch got into his character it did become stronger but I just wasn't feeling it. I've liked other Paso Doble's from seasons past better. I also felt like there should be a bit more footwork. Second dance: Contemporary choreographed by Mia Michaels T&N: Awesome times six. Twitch redeems himself. So many amazing moments. Mary: Mia outdid herself. Powerful. Dynamic. Believable. Loves it. Nigel: Believes it. Couldn't stop watching them. They are in his top three couples. Mia amazes him; anyone who gets to work with her is lucky. Is it ok if I call Mia a goddess? The use of the bed is kind of ingenious. The flowers were a bit much for me, but completely work for this piece. There is great emotion and pretty amazing technique from both of them. Loved, loved, loved it. This more than makes up for a somewhat lacking first performance (for me). Katee and Joshua First dance: Contemporary choreographed by Mia T&N: Oh my God. Ridiculous. Loves it. They command the stage and own it. They've just got it. To echo Joshua's words, it was so much more than dancing. Mary: Makes her feel something. Katee is amazing. Nigel: It takes complete faith in your partner to do what Katee does and concentration and strength to do what Joshua does. This proves that they are one of the couples who will make this season outstanding. I loved, loved, loved it. I will admit to being just a bit nervous when the piece started. Since they weren't moving very much I was afraid the judges would come down on them about technique. But after a somewhat quiet opening it was explosive and passionate. They have great chemistry and the lifts and use of the stage were pretty amazing. Although I feel like Joshua wasn't quite keeping up with Katee, he is still impressive. Second dance: West Coast Swing choreographed by Benji Schwimmer T&N: Katie's on fire. It's a fun number. Enjoys it. Loves character. So happy they put Katie through in Vegas. Mary: Executes it. Great routine. Nigel: They both have the ability to adapt. Characters are different from their first piece and believable. Liked the hip bump. I'm not sure anything can measure up to their first dance, but I did think this was fun. Considering that Benji is their choreographer I think I was expecting something really big but I like what we got. I would have liked a little more energy in the piece but overall I found it enjoyable. Courtney and Gev First dance: Hip-Hop choreographed by Olisa and Cecily T&N: Gev isn't keeping up; some of the hits are too bouncy. Feeling Courtney. Mary: Feeling it 50/50. Expected a lot more from Gev and he isn't hitting it hard enough. Nigel: Fun. Funky. Didn't sit comfortably with him. Courtney isn't ghetto. I also think Courtney is the stronger dancer of the two for this piece, which surprises me. This is Gev's style although he admits to not being familiar with New York hip-hop. I still expect more from him. I think Courtney's great. You don't have to be ghetto to dance this style, Nigel. I like it but don't love it. Second dance: Broadway choreographed by Andy Blankenbuehler T&N: Believes it although they want the characters to have followed the music better. Amazing. Gev is in it this time and may have found his niche. Mary: Dynamic. Great. Strong. Believable. Nigel: These two are the underdogs; they always manage to slip in under the radar. Wants Gev to open up more and wants Courtney's round kicks to be stronger but overall it was good enough for Nigel. You guys know that sometimes I'm not a huge fan of Broadway. They did a good enough job but I didn't find their dancing to be very exciting. I think Gev is the stronger dancer for this number but I would have liked to see them dance to the music a little more as well. I enjoyed it but didn't love it. Who are my favorites? Katee & Joshua and Twitch & Kherington. I think Will & Jessica are great as well. Who is in danger? Kourtni & Matt should start practicing their solos right now but I'm not sure it will save them from getting cut this week. They are great dancers but they haven't stepped it up the way they needed to. Comfort and Thayne should also start practicing. I liked them better tonight than Kourtni and Matt but as frequent visitors to the bottom three, I need to see both of them take their dancing to the next level. They need to show us they want to be here. That third slot may go to Courtney and Gev. I'm not sure either performance tonight is strong enough for people to pick up the phone for them. What did you think? I personally loved having each couple dance twice. Yes, it's more writing for me but also much more enjoyment. And I think a few couples really redeemed themselves in their second dances so it'll be interesting to see who ends up in the bottom. As always, please share your thoughts below. I'll see you back here tomorrow night. show less
For like a millisecond I thought SYTYCD was taking a break this week I think they did it last year and with Independence Day just around the corner I thought that might be the case this week Arent you glad this is on my season pass Well I dont have TiVo but its on the equivalent of my season pass And Im also glad each pair got to dance two styles tonight I always like it when they start mixing it upBut before we get to our lovely couples can I make some comments about Cats dress You know I love her Her hair Gorgeous Her makeup Loved it Her dress boo Actually I take that back It would have been perfect if those strange little bowties had been ripped off Cats stylist are you listeningAnd now Im ready to talk about the dancingJessica and WillFirst dance The Jive choreographed by Tony Meredith Melanie LaPatinTabitha Napoleon hereafter known as TN Great way to kick off tonights show Feels the fig read more

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