01:32 — Snooki hires a babysitter for her fake baby Lorenzo.
Between Jionni Or Work
01:07 — Snooki hopes that she will never have to decide between being with Jionni or following her dreams.
Jionni's Interrogation
00:55 — JWOWW explains how Jionni's interrogation went down and how she feels about his relationship with Snooki.
We Got What We Wanted
01:18 — Snooki and JWOWW discuss why they decided to move out and go back home to their boyfriends.
Always Fighting
01:06 — JWOWW admits that her relationship with Roger was very similar to her 'Jersey Shore' roommates, Ron & Sammi.
Cleaning Fight
02:04 — JWOWW and Roger fight over the apartment not being clean.
01:04 — Snooki explains that even though now she has a better understanding of Roger, she will always be on JWOWW's side.
Ep. 12 | Sneak Peek
01:01 — Nicole & Jenni try on their clown costumes in preparation for Lorenzo's birthday!
Ep. 9 | Bonus Clip
01:48 — Nicole and Jionni go line dancing while on vacation at the Dude Ranch.
Ep. 12 | Bonus Clip
03:02 — Nicole and Jenni dress up like old ladies to spy on Jionni and Roger.
Catch Up with Snooki & JWoww
04:00 — The girls are back! And this time it's Snooki and JWoww... plus the newest meatball in town, baby Lorenzo! Check in to see what they've been up to sin (more…)
Snooki & Jwoww Season 3
America's favorite girlfriends and their fianc├ęs are back. The ladies continue to grow up but some things always remain the same - like friendship, hu (more…)
Snooki & Jwoww Season 4
The final season of "Snooki & JWOWW" follows the dynamic duo as they deal with the craziest adventure of all - motherhood. Snooki and JWOWW have alwa (more…)
Time Out With The Joeys | Wedding Replay
00:41 — The Joeys discuss Nicole and Jionni's Gatsby wedding and their favorite moments from the episode.
Snooki & JWOWW (Season 4) | Ep. 12 | The Wedding Toasts
01:23 — The best man and maid of honor give toasts at the reception to honor Jionni and Nicole.
Snooki & JWOWW (Season 4) | Best Friends Forever
00:55 — Take a look at our favorite BFFs over the years!
Snooki & JWOWW (Season 4) | Ep. 12 | Gatsby Wedding
00:46 — MTV invites you to the wedding of the YEAR! Don't miss the grand series finale Wednesday at 10/9c!
Snooki & JWOWW (Season 4) | Ep. 12 | Wedding Prank
01:10 — Jionni plays a little pre-wedding prank on his bride-to-be.
Snooki & JWOWW (Season 4) | Ep. 11 | Drunk Spa Day
02:02 — The girls head to a spa while plastered and Drunk Jenni struggles to stay upright.
Snooki & JWOWW (Season 4) | Ep. 12 | Proud Dad
01:19 — Snooki's Dad tells her how proud he is of her on their way to her wedding.
Snooki & JWOWW (Season 4) | Ep. 11 | Drunk Jenni
01:22 — As the girls kick off Nicole's bachelorette weekend, JWOWW worries that 'Drunk Jenni' might make an appearance.
Snooki & JWOWW (Season 4) | Ep. 11 | Roger & Jionni Reflect
00:59 — Roger & Jionni reflect on how their lives have changed in the past 5 years. Episodes for the final season air Wednesdays at 10/9c!
Snooki & JWOWW (Season 4) | Ep. 10 | Broken Desk
01:27 — Jionni has a mishap when setting up Nicole's office.
Snooki & JWOWW (Season 4) | Ep. 10 | Lorenzo Meets Giovanna
01:41 — Lorenzo meets his baby sister for the first time!
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