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Sep 14, 2014 Season 13 Episode 12 watch on (Paid)

A troubled small-town teen moves to Las Vegas in search of adventure, but Sin City gives her much more than she bargained for. Is she guilty of a gruesome murder, or an innocent victim of circumstance?

Snapped: Killer Couples: Tabitha Messina & Carlos Christophe...

Oct 01, 2004 Season 1 Episode 10

An argument over a borrowed cell phone links teenage lovers to a double homicide.
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Snapped: Killer Couples: Nicole Kasinskas & Billy Sullivan

Sep 24, 2004 Season 1 Episode 9

Teenage lovers become so obsessed with one another, they go to deadly ends to make sure they can stay together forever.
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Snapped: Killer Couples: Donna Moonda & Damian Bradford

Sep 17, 2004 Season 1 Episode 8

A shocking affair between a wealthy doctor's wife and a much younger bad boy ends in violence.
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Snapped: Killer Couples: Elizabeth Turpin & Karen Brown

Sep 10, 2004 Season 1 Episode 7

A blood soaked scene leaves police to wonder if there's more than meets the eye between a young newlywed and her openly gay co-worker.
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Snapped: Killer Couples: Laura Hall & Colton Pitonyak

Sep 03, 2004 Season 1 Episode 6

The dismembered body of a young woman exposes the dark side of two former honor students.
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Snapped: Killer Couples: Tylar Witt & Steven Colver

Aug 27, 2004 Season 1 Episode 5

This couple was the Romeo and Juliet of their time, but in order to spend eternity together they had to eliminate the person that stood in their way.
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Snapped: Killer Couples: Tina Leja & Darnell Smith

Aug 20, 2004 Season 1 Episode 4

A homecoming queen turned prison guard falls in love with an inmate and finds herself willing to do anything to make him happy.
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Snapped: Killer Couples: Sarah Edmondson & Ben Darras

Aug 13, 2004 Season 1 Episode 3

A teenaged girl from a prominent political family falls for a boy with a sordid past, and the young lovers embark on a psychedelic road trip inspired by their favorite movie: Natural Born Killers.
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Snapped: Killer Couples: Jennifer Henderson & Skylar DeLeon

Aug 06, 2004 Season 1 Episode 2

A devout evangelical housewife and a former child star devise a scandalous murder plot that ends with a bizarre attempt at a sex change operation.
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Snapped: Killer Couples: Amanda Logue & Jason Andrews

Aug 06, 2004 Season 1 Episode 1

A housewife turned porn star teams up with her co-star to commit murder after a wild sex party.
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